Best Curved Gaming Monitor 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Curved Gaming Monitor 2020 Top Brands Review

Immerse yourself into your favorite world with the very Best Curved Gaming Monitor. Physiologically, it is sensible to wrap the very best curved screen around your curved eyeballs, which is most accurate in regards to selecting a significant gaming monitor. If you are considering ditching your apartment display lifestyle, then you will find two or three things you must remember. Curved displays provide perfect viewing angles and all-encompassing visuals, most notably on an ultra-wide display.

But besides Curvature, you ought to look closely at the 3 Rs: resolution, refresh rate and answer time, all of the things that you ought to keep an eye out for when searching for an adequate screen.

A panel’s Curvature, or curve radius, is essential to a viewing experience. Most curved panels are rated over an array: approximately 4000R to 1500R. The higher the number, the greater the Curvature of the board.

The distance you sit on the screen will even play a role in picking which Curvature is excellent for you. You will generally find gaming screens across the 1800R mark, right in the sweet spot for background gaming. A more pronounced curve, seen at a larger distance, could adversely affect viewing angles and your overall experience.

In any circumstance, to take complete benefit of your fancy new screen, you must be certain you’ve got the hardware that is up to snuff. If you are considering picking up a huge ultrawide screen such as the AOC Agon AG493UCX, then be certain that you’ve got the best graphics card, which could certainly support gaming on the demanding 5120×1440 resolution in 120Hz.

Participants on a budget or even people who don’t possess the 49 inches of desk property may look at something such as the Pixio PXC273 to get a portion of the price (if it is in stock). You are going to find the rate for the aggressive games you typically play if you do not mind going bigger and dropping out on a few features.

Below you’ll find a listing of several of the most effective curved monitors for gaming that we’ve been able to receive hands-on.

Purchasing Guide:

Deciding on the proper track for your installation can be somewhat tricky. Therefore, before deciding which is the best for you, Make Certain you ask yourself the following:

No One Aspect Ratio Would You Require For gaming?

Aspect ratio is your track’s height and width. Older monitors such as the square CRT monitors have a characteristic ratio of 4:3, while most widescreen screens nowadays have an aspect ratio of 16:9. On the flip side, ultrawide monitors, just like some of them from the listing, have aspect ratios of 21:9.

Monitors using a 4:3 aspect ratio will probably appear obsolete in 2019 as screens using a 16:9 aspect ratio are known as the norm from the gaming market. Ultrawide monitors or screens with a characteristic ratio of 21:9 are rapidly gaining popularity due to the broad perspective when playing matches.

Which Resolution Is Ideal For You?

A screen with a greater resolution provides sharper images and better graphics when gaming but remember this can also be taxing for the graphics card.

This 2019, you will find three hot track resolutions you can Pick from:

-Full HD (1080p)

-2K / QuadHD (1440p)

-4K / UltraHD (2160p)

At the conclusion of the day, your choice should be determined by the sort of graphics card you’ve got and what kinds of games you want to play with. The majority of the modern graphics card can handle 1080p resolution, but just higher-end graphics cards such as the GTX 1080 Ti and GTX-series graphics card can handle 4K resolution gaming.

You may read our guide for finding the very best 4K gaming monitor.

If you love a fantastic aggressive skirmish at CSGO, then you will probably wish to accomplish a higher refresh rate above the greater resolution significance that an ultrawide curved screen might not be the ideal alternative for you. Irrespective of the form variable, you’ll be needing a minimum refresh rate of 144Hz.

When choosing the proper track, it’s crucial to understand exactly what you would like from the PC. If you like films and other entertainment on your pc whilst also delving into the game or two afterward, an ultrawide curved gaming screen may be a great addition to your own setup. You could also read our very best graphics card post to find out which graphics card is ideal for your requirements if you believe that your existing card will battle with the increased resolution.

What Screen Size Do You Require?

Monitors come in various display sizes, as you can see from that listing! They’re all tailored to deal with the unique needs and needs of one of the consumers.

Do bear in mind that a 24″ monitor isn’t a shrimp and would suit a competitive player’s needs perfectly. The greater the resolution, the harder this is going to be on your own GPU so just bear this in mind when picking.

If you’d like a complete rundown on other screen sizes, then have a look at our entire rundown of the greatest screen dimensions.

Do You Will Need A Monitor Using A Greater Refresh Rate?

Refresh speed determines the number of pictures displayed on display every second and can be expressed in Hz.

It goes without saying that a higher refresh rate provides a smoother gameplay experience. Should you mostly play FPS games, then you will need a track with a higher refresh rate (at 120Hz) to get a smoother experience. On the flip side, casual players are usually fine using a 60Hz screen.

If you’re a serious gamer, then we certainly suggest a 100 – 240Hz monitor. It is possible to take a look at our 240Hz screen recommendations here.

Do You Require Pure Performance? Better Visuals? Perhaps, equally?

A monitor’s display is known as a panel. And you will find three distinct popular panel kinds:

-TN (Twisted Nematic)

-IPS (In-panel Changing )

-VA (Vertical Alignment)

TN panels possess higher refresh rates but worse color reproduction compared to IPS panels. TN panels also have worse screening angles, but this should rarely be a problem as long as you’re sitting at your desk. IPS panels might possess surreal color reproduction and picture quality display, but they have reduced refresh prices. VA panels are kind of a jack of all trades. They’re a bit quicker than IPS panels and also somewhat nicer looking than TN panels, broadly speaking.

Should you play FPS games mostly, TN panel screens are the best way to go. However, if images matter more than functionality, IPS will provide you stellar visuals.

We compared the three distinct kinds of panels in a distinct article, and you may check out for additional info.

Can It Be Responsive Enough?

Response time means the pixel reaction time, and in summary, it decides how fast your screen responds to the input signal. Frequently the reduced the better, which is surely true with an aggressive ESports title.

5 ms is considered acceptable by many, particularly on larger screens. Higher response times tend to be avoided by competitive players as they look for the best advantage when competing. Therefore 1ms is favored.

Top Rated Best Curved Gaming Monitors Brand:

Gigabyte Aorus CV27Q

Gigabyte Aorus CV27Q

If you are following a fantastic gaming computer, you may also receive the best, and this one is brand-spanking fresh with high-end specs to prove it. Gigabyte’s Aorus CV27Q boasts a 2,560 x 1,440 VA panel to provide an exceptional contrast ratio whilst hitting a refresh rate up to 165Hz. If you are not maxing out the frame rate, you will gain from AMD FreeSync two support.

This screen’s 27-inch panel and 1440p resolution are a sweet place for gaming, where you will receive sharp visuals that could help you pick out enemies in matches while also having the capability to push top frame rates considerably simpler than with 4K. The Aorus CV27Q can be very glowing at 400 nits and vibrant with 122% protection of the sRGB color space as well as 90 percent of this DCI-P3 space.

Samsung C27HG70

Samsung C27HG70

The very best curved gaming screen that we have examined is your Samsung CHG70. It is a 1440p display that comes in 2 dimensions, a 27 inch along with a 32 inch. It’s a conventional 16:9 aspect ratio along with a rack that provides great ergonomic adjustments. It manages reflections nicely, and though the display’s brightness changes a lot based upon the scene, it is bright enough to conquer glare in most light conditions. It’s a VA panel which may produce deep blacks, but it comes at the cost of narrow viewing angles, which makes it simpler for sharing playing or content co-op games.

It’s excellent movement handling, a quick response time, a Dark Frame Insertion quality that helps reduce motion blur, and a 144Hz refresh speed that makes your gaming experience feel responsive and smooth. However, functionality is a lot worse should you play 60Hz, since the reaction time is a whole lot slower, and there is a substantial quantity of overshoot causing artifacts. Therefore it is not the ideal alternative for console gaming. It supports FreeSync natively to decrease display tearing and can be used with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC.

There is HDR support, but sadly it will not find bright enough to create highlights that stand out exactly the way they need to and lacks neighborhood dimming. There is not much feature-wise, because you just get two USB ports and also an eye-saver manner,’ that is a blue light filter to decrease eye pressure. Last, if you are bothered by backlight flickering, you ought to be aware that the 27-inch version has a flicker-free backlight, although not the 32 inches. In general, although it isn’t a very feature-rich track, its excellent performance should meet most players.

Acer Predator X34

Acer Predator X34P

Acer makes great tracks. Therefore, it’s not surprising that the Acer Predator X34 made it into the listing. The Predator X34 provides high brightness (such as a curved screen ) and fantastic colors on a 34-inch IPS panel using 3340×1440 resolution.

What can not be understated is your X34’s killer layout using its built-in LED lights, speakers, and thin aluminum legs. The under-glow of this monitor’s underside facing LEDs provide a wonderful ambiance to anything you are enjoying.

The 3440×1440 resolution provides you a wonderful wide field of view, particularly in shooters where enlarging the battle could provide you a tactical advantage. We have seen the X34 fall in cost (retails for $1,000 normally) over a couple of times, so this ought to be one curved screen to keep your eye.



In a bit over $900, the ASUS ROG Swift PG348Q is not economical, and therefore it will not be a feasible alternative for the majority of gamers. But in case you have an infinite budget, and you’re interested in finding among the most effective curved ultrawide monitors on the current market, the PG348Q is well worth considering.

The PG348Q is a 34″ ultra wide screen that features a rounded IPS panel, a 3440 x 1440 screen resolution, a 100Hz refresh speed, and it includes NVIDIA’s G-Sync technology. The 3440 x 1440 screen and also the higher refresh rate is likely to make games harder to operate with this system, and thus it’s vital that you get a high-end NVIDIA graphics card (G-Sync is simply compatible with NVIDIA GPUs) to conduct games at a level which will permit you to take the whole benefit of what the PG348Q has to offer you.

In the end, the PG348Q is a top-of-the-line curved gaming monitor that will give you a high-end viewing experience as you play your matches. It’s extremely costly, however, and if you do not require an ultrawide panel or you do not wish to shell out almost a thousand bucks on your screen, you may want to have a look at the Acer curved screen given below.



The world of gaming tracks has been blessed with the existence of this AOC CQ32G1 27″ Curved Frameless gaming Monitor. Its 27 inches curved screen is guaranteed to provide you with an uncompromising and immersive experience like never before. It features a 2K QHD resolution of 2560 x1440 and packs using a refresh rate of 144hz. To put it differently, this curved gaming monitor is very impressive and tasteful — regardless of what you would like to do. There aren’t any inbuilt speakers around AOC CQ32G1. However, you can link gaming headphones utilizing a 3.5millimeter jack on this screen.

To get a smooth and lag-free encounter, the gadget includes AMD FreeSync. Its big screen will provide you every little detail that you want and put you in the middle of this activity. The gadget is currently up for grabs at a really generous price. Consequently, if you’re searching for a gaming tracker that falls within your budget, then this is expected to be entirely on your own radar. Else, you could even check our purchasing guide on the best gaming track beneath 200.

BenQ EX3501R

BenQ EX3501R

The BenQ EX3501R is a track that ticks a lot of boxes and could be great not just for watching films / overall amusement, but it makes games look very lively. With this 35″ curved screen, you’re receiving an ultra broad 3440×1440 resolution that also supports HDR, making for an excellent viewing experience. The screen includes a 100Hz refresh rate, which might not be the fastest, but it’s surely a huge jump up from 60HZ and is still large enough to warrant this for gaming using all the Freesync technology.

The curve for this screen is an 1800mm radius that’s quite a gentle curve and can give you more viewing angles while also appearing better from a further distance. Even the VA panel does a fantastic job of contrasting images whilst also appearing quite clear and crisp. The anti-glare appears to work a charm, also meaning that you can pretty much match anyplace, not that we’d urge backyard gaming. The construction is beautiful from BenQ. As we’ve begun to expect along, also the thin bezel looks really slick. The rack features some tilt back and forward, height adjustment, plus a cable control hole at the trunk to help in hiding those wires.

Concerning connections with this screen, you receive 2 x HDMI 2.0 ports that are compatible with all Ultra HD Blu-ray players. You also receive a single DisplayPort 1.4 connector and a 3.5millimeter audio jack.

The ultrawide screen and its top lens picture quality make it a fantastic track for work and play. It plays perfectly directly out of the box.

LG UltraGear 34GN850-B

LG UltraGear 34GN850-B

If you are going curved, then you might too go large also. That will allow the screen to really wrap around your field of view to get additional immersion. The LG UltraGear 34GN850-B does exactly that with its 34-inch screen, and it’ll work well nicely with Nvidia graphics cards as a result of G-Sync support.

The screen itself is a powerful alternative for players that love the assembly point between visual quality and functionality, as it features a sharp 3,440 x 1,440 resolution along with a 144Hz refresh speed. The screen’s 10-bit color depth and 440-nit summit brightness also add up to an HDR possible in games and other websites.



If you’d like a track with native G-SYNC service to benefit from your NVIDIA graphics cards, your Dell Alienware AW3420DW is a fantastic alternate. It does not support HDR, such as the LG 34GN850-B, but it is a fantastic gaming version with its fast reaction time.

The motion looks really clear when playing in its maximum refresh rate of 120Hz or 60Hz, and also the input signal lag is also quite low. Regrettably, it does not get really bright. It’s fair manifestation tackling, the contrast ratio is reduced, and also the out-of-the-box color precision is simply fine. On the upside, it’s quite wide viewing angles. Also, it’s better ergonomics than the LG, and that means that you may set it how you prefer.

In general, the finest curved gaming screen using a 21:9 aspect ratio is that of the LG, but the Dell is a superb option if you would like native G-SYNC support.

Pixio PXC273

Pixio PXC273

The Pixio PXC273 is all about as barebones as they arrive in regards to gaming monitors. This 27-inch curved 1080p panel provides frames in a good 144Hz and can also be FreeSync certified. The display itself is promoted as being anti-glare and retains up in many brightly lit surroundings –and also the thin bezel is always a plus in our book.

The largest draw to this PXC273 is the low-cost point. It is a terrific entry-level solution for people searching for a bigger display with a higher refresh rate and also does not wish to abandon completely shattered. Because it is a budget screen, you will lose out on lots of the additional features you’d see in higher-end curved paths. You may have noticed the PXC273 almost sells out each time inventory is available. You may always check back on our convenient cost widget will allow you to know if it is in stock.

Sceptre C278W

Sceptre C278W

If you want a curved screen for entry-level 1080P gaming and you are searching to find the cheapest option possible, then you may want to consider the Sceptre C278W 27″ curved screen.

The C278W is not a gaming-specific screen as it does not possess a super high refresh rate, and it does not include varying refresh rate technology (G-Sync or even FreeSync), however using a 1920 x 1080 screen along with a 75Hz refresh rate, it is going to match nicely with a budget-friendly gaming monitor to provide you a strong in-game encounter.

The bottom line, however, is that, for under $160, the Sceptre C278W 27″ screen is just one of the lowest-priced curved 1080P monitors now available. And, if you are looking to invest much less, the 24″ variant of the screen comes in at only a bit more than ~$115.

MSI Optix MAG271C

MSI Optix MAG271C

MSI Optix MAS 271C features a lot of amazing specifications that leave no rock unturned to indicate your way to success. This curved gaming screen is large thanks to 27 inches of the screen, and aluminum styling provides an excess dash of appeal. Discussing the functionality, you receive a 144hz refresh speed together with 1ms Motion Blur Reduction Technology plus a complete HD 1920 x 1080 resolution screen so that nothing could be concealed from the eyes.

Everything you have to be aware of is that there’s AMD FreeSync that averts image-tearing and supplies you with the buttery encounter which you’ve been searching for. The very best thing about this curved gaming screen is that anti-flickering technology provides every bit of relaxation to the consumers.

So, what’s stopping you? This is only one of the most effective curved screens for gaming that’s intricately designed to enhance your gaming skills and enhance your experience with endless possibilities. If you’re great with complete HD resolution, then this is a fantastic gaming monitor using a curved screen.

Alienware AW3420DW


In regards to gaming, Alienware is a renowned name. Alienware delivers magnificent product layouts with a top-notch specs sheet. To make our record even better, this can be just another curved gaming monitor out of Alienware.

It includes a gigantic 34′ WQHD 3440×1440 screen with an IPS panel, which appears just magnificent although gaming. The 1900R Curvature is a good curve, not too competitive, and not overly lenient. You may delight in the immersive gameplay using this curved screen. Moving deep into the screen, we discovered that a 120hz Refresh speed and Nvidia G-Sync compatibility considerably improve the gameplay by removing any type of filtering or display tearing. To offer smooth gameplay, a 2ms response time is great enough.

Aside from that, you may observe businesses’ best track layout with AlienFX RGB lighting, which seems elegant and provides a gamer’s character. For connectivity, you get HDMI, DisplayPort, USB, 3.5millimeter headphone jack.

There are just a few interfaces at the front of this screen that provides easy access, and also, you do not have to bother your own sitting for either connecting or disconnecting any gadget. In case you have sufficient funds to get a gaming computer, this really is the finest curved gaming monitor, it is possible to consider for your gaming desk.

Gigabyte G34WQC

Gigabyte G34WQC

The Gigabyte G34WQC is supplying a great deal for its cost. It just costs $400, but you are getting a chunky, 34-inch screen with a 3,440 x 1,440 resolution stretched out within a 21:9 aspect ratio, which can help fill your field of view. This screen will drive cinematic house content and provide your matches that extra bit of immersion because it bends on your desk.

The VA panel becomes bright enough with this screen to get VESA’s DisplayHDR 400 certificate, which combined with a 3,000:1 contrast ratio must result in some good screening. When you are gaming, it is going to become much better thanks to some 144Hz refresh speed paired using FreeSync Premium service and G-Sync compatibility.

Alienware AW3418DW

Dell Alienware AW3418DW

The impressive yet expensive Alienware 34 curved screen is a stunning and quick ultrawide screen. While it does not have exactly the exact same LED light display as the Acer Predator X34, you may assert the Alienware AW3418DW’s trendy design does not require it. Adhering to the space-ship aesthetic they are famous for, and it is an excellent looking curved screen.

What we enjoy the most is that the game-type specific screen mode that will crank the brightness up in FPS style, oversaturate colors in RTS style, and also an RPG mode that will reveal deeper, richer blacks without too much fuss. This curved screen reproduces a profound 127.2 color on the sRGB color gamut, which can be among the greatest we have seen come to the workplace.

The AW3418DW is just one of the very best premium ultrawide screens you can purchase, and its general performance marginally borders past the Acer Predator X34. Ultimately, that’s fundamentally the same as the 3418DW, but it’s a 2ms response time rather than 4ms, which can be dumb fast for a display of this size and resolution.



Regardless of whether you would like to binge-watch your favorite films over the weekend or even performing work from your home or fighting it out with enemies, then Viotek’s 32 inches curved gaming screen ensures clear and crisp pictures. For people who are unwilling to splurge countless dollars, this apparatus should be in your watch outside listing.

The super-fast 144 Hz Refresh Rate supplies an ideal and effortless experience by providing a few great graphics. Liberal from all kinds of technical glitches, this curved gaming monitor includes 1500R Curvature, which may add value to an own space while offering the very best viewing angles. Combining the anti-glare display with blue lighting filter technologies moves easily on the eyes and prevents them from becoming fatigued.

With a resolution of 2560×1440, you may be sure about the picture quality, video conferencing, and much better about your gaming session. Multiple connectivity options would be just another thing to anticipate. This is just another very best 144hz curved gaming monitor you can purchase in your financial plan.

You could also check our purchasing guide on the best gaming monitor below $300, at which we’ve added a number of the very best and very affordable gaming screens only for you. We’ve got the best gaming track purchasing guides, which you could test from our Monitor segment on the very top.


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