Best Cash Advance Apps: TOP Full Guide 2021

Best Cash Advance Apps

Colorfy understands there have been instances when you needed quick cash to pay an unexpected expense or return to the next paycheck.

We frequently consider payday loans since the place to turn to for fast money. But, that is not necessarily the smartest choice. In reality, payday loans come with exceptionally high-interest prices; also, it’s easy to become trapped in a devastating cycle of debt.

Imagine if you can access money fast, without the hassle of these loans? Because of advanced technology, it is possible to. Let Colorfy show you the Best Cash Advance Apps in this guide. 

What’s a Cash Advance App, and can it be legal?

The Best Cash Advance. Cash progress, or payroll advance because we sometimes call them, are perfectly legal in most states in the United States. They allow one to access funds you’ve already earned the last payday.

They use a similar notion as payday loans, but they do not charge exorbitant charges and triple-digit interest prices, unlike cash loans.

For example, Alabama lawfully defines a Cash Advance as “The quantity of money or its equivalent that the debtor receives or is compensated at his leadership or on his behalf.”

If the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states is not anything to go by, almost 70 percent of American employees get paid bi-weekly monthly, or semi-monthly.

Together with your earnings taking that long, you might run out of money before the next paycheck. The situation may also worsen if you make a low salary not to find anything to put aside as an emergency fund.

But using a payday advance program linked to a bank account, you can find an improvement of up to pay modest expenses beforehand of payday.

Ordinarily, these programs charge a minimal fee, frequently generating earnings by a system that is tipping. Hence, they are relatively cheap in comparison to other short-term charge choices. All you have to do is get your favorite cash advance program to begin.

Best Cash Advance Apps in 2021

1. Dave

For a cost of $1.00 payable each month, Dave allows you to borrow around $100. There’s not any attention; nevertheless, it is possible to leave a hint to support the program.

When several requirements have to be fulfilled to qualify, they don’t conduct credit checks. This will make it a viable alternative if your credit rating is reduced, and you are having some issues meeting your financial obligations ahead of your paycheck.

It may take up to 3 business days to obtain the funds. If it looks too long, then you can decide on the Express payment alternative. However, this comes at a fee.

Employing the state choice, you can get your money advance at the same moment. Do make sure the fee is significantly lower than any penalties incurred for any overdue payments for which you are borrowing the cash.

Dave App Features:

  • Automated budgeting
  • Rent payments coverage
  • Side hustles that match your schedule


  • No charges
  • Helps you build your credit rating
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  • It may take up to 3 business days to get funds.
  • The maximum advance amount is set at $100


2. MoneyLion

Together with MoneyLion, you can get cash advances of up to $250. They also provide a fast turnaround, which may see you receive the cash as ancient as that same moment.

MoneyLion doesn’t run any credit checks. However, there are a few criteria you want to fulfill to qualify. Even though there’s no APR on cash advances, there’s a membership fee that has to be paid each month. This costs $19.99.

For the payable fee, you get a couple of extra services that could enable you to improve your credit rating and internet banking features. There is an investment attribute (that functions very similar to an investment account), also.

The program promises first paychecks, no hidden charges, and debit card benefits, among other features. You also receive cost protection, where you will find a refund of around $250 if you discover a lower price for a thing you purchased within 90 days.

MoneyLion Notable Features:

  • Credit Builder loans
  • Assessing account
  • FDIC guaranteed
  • Zero-fee managed investment


  • No fee payday loan
  • Loan payments reported to credit bureaus
  • Permits You to transfer cash from a savings account to some portfolio of ETFs.


  • $19.99 monthly membership fee
  • Mandatory MoneyLion checking accounts


3. Earning App

Earnin, previously Active Hours, supplies a fast method to obtain an advance on your next cover, devoid of paperwork or pricey fees. You may draw up to $100 in one day; however, the amount can grow up to $500 based on the per-pay-period.

The program was downloaded over 10 million times and had an outstanding score of 4.7 out of 5 stars at the end of 2019. Most cash advance program users advocate Earnin since it charges interest nor charges. You, though, can provide a hint of around $14 as a thank you to your ceremony.

The tipping is discretionary, even though you’ve got to frequently suggest if you use it to enjoy all of the program’s unique features.

Typically, Earning funds hit your bank account within a day of request on a weekday, but should you join a debit card into the program, you trigger the Earnin Lightning Rate, which ensures you get the money in minutes of your petition.

For people who often tip the program, you start up its Balance Shield attribute, which automatically dismisses $100 if your bank balance drops under $100 to protect you from lender fees.

Sometimes, Earnin integrates with all the company’s time monitoring systems. By Way of Example, it unites with Brink, Deputy, Nimble Program, Tsheets, Uber, matted, WebPunchClock, and once-work programs.

Earnings Prerequisites:

Has to be used.

Must provide a physical place of work or provide an electronic time management system.

Has to be paid through direct deposit.

Has to have a checking account in a bank to allow Earnin to debit the sum of money that you cashed.


  • No charges
  • No curiosity
  • Automatic withdrawals make payments fast and Effortless.


  • Low daily limitation ($100)
  • It’s biased against you if You do not tip.
  • You Have to be employed.

4. Brigit App 

Over a million people use the Brigit program to get interested in free immediate cash advance to $250. The provider doesn’t conduct credit checks. To use the program, you will need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $9.99.

The monthly subscription isn’t in vain, since it includes many perks. You may track your spending habits and keep tabs on your upcoming invoices by automating cash advances with absolutely free instant movies.

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In any case, it gives free extensions for those who will need a bit more time to settle precisely what you’ve cashed out.

You qualify regardless of your credit standing, but users need to:

  • Recurring income from one source
  • Connect a single checking account that’s 60 days old.
  • Get direct deposits into the connected account.

Brigit program monitors your expenses and forecasts if your balance will pay for the future costs or not and notify you. With its Car Advances, you do not suffer bank overdrafts since it ensures your credit before the due date.


  • Predicts overdrafts and informs you if at risk of enduring overdraft fees.
  • You get automobile improvements once your balance is reduced to prevent you from having an overdraft charge.
  • It permits you to stretch the repayment update to three occasions.


  • No live calls or chat for client service. You reach them through email, but it might take them up to 2 business days to respond.
  • You cover the $9.99 monthly membership fee, even though you do not use a cash advance from the month.
  • Does not support joint consideration.

Brigit App 

5. Vola

Vola provides cash advances up to $300. Typically, you need to be able to obtain the cash within 24 business hours.

It’s well worth mentioning that there’s a vital membership fee to utilize any of those solutions Vola offers.

Available programs begin at $4.99 a month. For the cost you pay, you receive a couple of features that will help you handle your finances.

Finding an improvement through the Vola program is super simple and can be completed in 3 easy steps.

The program also features a proprietary algorithm that breaks down your spending habits in this manner that it lets you be smarter with your cash.

The program also includes something called a Vola Score. The rating may vary from 0 to 100, climbs to provide you reduced subscription fees, and more extensive improvements.

Vola Extra Features:

  • Vola Plaid to safely connect into your bank accounts
  • Helps you avoid overdraft charges
  • Smart alarms


  • You do not have to work Normal hours.
  • Low balance alarms


  • Membership fees are related.
  • You Have to maintain an average account balance of $150

How to Pick out a Cash Advance App

Not one cash advance matches all. It depends on your circumstance; however, there are a couple of pertinent elements to all people. Here are a few of the critical factors that you need to consider:

  • Cash advance limit
  • The Price of borrowing
  • Processing period
  • Repayment period
  • Flexibility of repayment
  • Penalty fees, if any.

Closing word

Closing word

Even as the DFS has the analysis from the payroll advance solutions, many individuals would agree that money advance programs are beneficial. They provide a temporary fiscal reprieve to assist people that you sort impending statements that could incur interests and, in the majority of cases, help you include the bank overdraft charges.

Creating a habit of using these is, however, detrimental to overall financial wellbeing. They’re a one-off item, just used when you have to since the fees, which appear minimal, do complete substantially in the long term.

An easy way to check at them is like a rich uncle or a friend who comes to your help when you’re in a rush. It is possible to turn to them in a while, but you can not make it a habit each month. Colorfy hopes that our guide can help you know more about these apps.


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