Best Audiobook App: TOP Full Guide 2021

Best Audiobook App

There is nothing complicated about the notion of an audiobook. It is just what you think it is. It is an audio version of a publication.

There are many services available that will make it possible for you to get audiobooks in various ways, with arrangements that mimic that which we have observed in music and internet TV over the past couple of decades.

Single leases or purchases, or subscription-based providers which provide you access to a specific number of publications.

But with increasing demand in audiobooks, we have also seen the number of services again out there. Each vies for your attention with various features and libraries.

A few dramatizing the encounter into something similar to a drama, but some shrink huge texts to little audio summaries.  Let Colorfy show you the Best Audiobook App in this guide. 

Best Audiobook App in 2021

Best Audiobook App in 2021

1. Audible

Audible remains the powerhouse, one of the best audiobooks programs, with over 470,000 titles. Audible audiobook participant provides robust playback features, chapter navigation, bookmarks, a sleeping mode, variable playback rate, and multitasking support for desktop downloading and playback.

Audible’s growing integration using Amazon’s stereo program has added additional advantages for consumers, as Kindle users may pay a small charge to update a Kindle ebook using an Audible audiobook.

Amazon’s Whispersync attribute lets users change between audiobooks and text near-seamlessly. You may also have Amazon’s Alexa pull up your audiobooks from Audible to be read through an Echo, Harness, or Echo Dot.


RB Audiobooks’ cloud-based platform is also the right choice among the very best audiobook programs for Android and iOS listeners, enabling subscribers to select from a library of over 150,000 audiobooks from each genre they could download or stream for offline listening.

The Audio Books program incorporates variable playback speed, automatic bookmarking, and a sleep timer, among other features. Furthermore, this program consists of cross-device syncing, enabling listeners to quickly transition from their smartphone, tablet computer, or pc without losing their location from the audiobook.

3. Serial Box

As opposed to splurging on a single fat publication or audiobook, listeners and readers can spring to get briefer, episodic content via literary Box, which provides bite-sized chunks of books that are excellent for your sailor breaktime.

Serial Box features a variety of genres, from drama to dream and sci-fi. The first installment is free of charge, and the following episodes cost $1.99 for both audio and text versions. A season subscription or pass options enable you to catch a narrative’s whole season at a discount.

I am having a substantial library of offerings like “The Witch Who Came In From The Cold, “Bookburners,” and “Tremontaine” along with an extremely configurable writer and audiobook player style. Serial Box is a fascinating new choice for viewers and audiobook listeners alike, particularly now that an Android version of the program is accessible.

4. LibriVox Audiobooks

LibriVox could be dubbed as the best audiobook program that can be found on the Google Play Store. It’s a relatively user-friendly interface, and also a significant number of books are offered at no cost.

Some famous titles at the Very Best free audiobooks segment include The Jungle Book, Robin Hood, Peter Pan, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, The War of the Worlds, Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein, and Great Expectations.

LibriVox also includes a paid segment, where novels are offered between a cost assortment of $6.20 to $45.00. Some famous pair names include The Maze Runner, American Sniper, The Hobbit, and IT.

To hear your favorite book, you only have to tap the thumbnail of this publication and tap on the yellow button. You can listen online or download audiobooks by your selection. It is possible to discover audiobooks for children inside the available classes, such as top pair, best free, genres, authors, and lists.

5. Scribd

Scribd is among the very user-friendly audiobook programs on the Google Play Store. Over 10 million people have downloaded Scribd. Also, it’s a 4.5 score making it the ideal audiobook program based on people’s pick.

It’s a catalog of over a thousand free audiobooks, content you’re listening to, or reading about. Scribd could be synced across multiple devices. The program’s superior quality is that users using Android 6.0 or over may also correct the narration rate of an audiobook.

It’s a vast number of names in the audiobook segment, such as American Sniper, The Subtle Art Of Not Giving A Fuck, The Alchemist, The Exorcist, and more. Scribd comes with a membership program of $8.99 a month. However, you can choose the one-month trial.

You could even download the audiobooks from the free trial to obey them offline whenever you desire. You could even find many audiobooks for children on Scribd. It is possible to cancel the subscription anytime without paying any additional charges.

6. Google Play Books

Google Play Books provides numerous free audiobooks and is among the most downloaded audiobook programs with over 1 billion downloads worldwide. Mainly because the program comes pre-loaded on several Android apparatus.

In Google Play Books, you do not need to obtain a subscription to buy or get an audiobook. There are various classes of books, such as the paid ones and ones that are outstanding. It is possible to select a book, pay the cost for this, if there’s any, and begin listening.

It is also possible to listen to this sample before purchasing an audiobook on Google Play Books. A number of the best titles available free of charge are Love Like This, Cinderella, Murder at the Manor, etc..

So far as paying audiobooks are involved, you’ll receive books that range from $2.99 to $44.99. Nevertheless, this might be a drawback since a few of the paid names may be on other rival programs at no cost or low costs; it may make the consumers jump the boat.

By Way of Example, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A Fuck audiobook version is available for $14.95 on Google Play Books. On the flip side, the same book can be found around Scribd for free beneath the free trial period, and also, the fun part is the audiobook. This is more expensive than Scribd’s monthly subscription that will be $8.95.

7. Storytel

Among the best audiobook programs on the Google Play Store, Storytel includes an extremely interactive and user-friendly interface. A fantastic thing about Storytel is it consists of a dedicated children’s mode. It’s possible to trigger the children’s manner by opening the preferences tab and preparing a pin.

The classes consist of different audiobooks for children, such as magic adventures, science publications, mythology, nursery rhymes, bedtime stories, and more. You could always deactivate the children’s manner by going to the settings tab and entering the trap.

You might even select books in various languages, such as Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu.

The subscription of this program can be obtained for a cost of $9.99. Nevertheless, it is possible to get it at no price below the 14-days trial interval provided from Storytel.


While it does not possess the most extensive catalog of books on the current market, does attempt to distinguish itself by letting you link your accounts to a local bookstore to reap some benefit for your purchase.

The notion is that Libro.FM provides the availability of internet purchases while helping keep local independent physical shops living. This might be a determining factor for listeners who would instead not give their cash to giants such as Amazon and Google.

Unfortunately for subscribers outside the USA and Canada, the regional bookstore is not likely to be included now. On the other hand, the amount of affiliated shops is expanding.

You get one charge per month as part of your subscription, which is spent on a single publication. And sadly, you can not top-up that if you want to. But, credits do not expire.

Therefore they will roll over after every month if not correctly used or gifted to family and friends. It is worth noting that the program is quite user-friendly, also.

9. Blinkist

This support is quite much geared toward the highly motivated, company, or personal growth-orientated people who wish to digest data as fast as you can. Blinkist takes long-form non-fiction functions and transforms them to 15 to 20 minutes summaries, which may be read or listened to on the move.

These notes are known as blinking. The experience is like taking notes during a lecture or speaking, and you can also send highlights directly to your Kindle or Evernote if you desire.

Once flashed, Blinkist presents unlimited access to audiobook summaries. And in other good news, there’s a free trial in addition to a no-cost standard plan that allows one to get a single arbitrary overview every day at no cost.

This isn’t a publication of your own choice, but maybe a fantastic means to get synced in the Blinkist experience and see whether it is for you.

There’s a likeminded alternative named getAbstract to consider. However, that much overlap into a business-focused content.

Blinkist is considerably more useful for person go-getters or data seekers and will be deemed to possess the better-quality summaries. You may listen via the internet, through iOS or Android programs, and function with Amazon Alexa.

10. Kobo

Kobo, or even more precisely Rakuten Kobo, is among those better-known online bookstores on the marketplace. It has its hardware, a device such as a Kindle but known as Kobo, and selling audiobooks.

Also, it supplies a wide assortment of ebooks. Through it, you can get hundreds of thousands of works from all genres, which makes it a worthy consideration.

Much like its chief competition in Audible, it merely gives the only audiobook charge per month around the foundation program.

Albeit, then you have that book forever. Luckily, you can purchase extra credits in packs of 3 for under $39, which is still much more affordable than purchasing premium novels in their whole pace. Kobo has also become the company of financing exclusive audiobooks only accessible through their shop.

There’s space for improvement, however. You can’t purchase new books straight through the program, and you have to download the books into your apparatus; as in, you cannot stream them in the cloud.

Additionally, it is somewhat anti-customer to lock extra credits into packs of 3. Maybe more annoying is that you can not listen to the publications you purchase through the site, or bizarrely Kobo eReaders.

But given the cost-benefit seen with this support, it’s easy to forget those problems. Mainly if you consume a higher quantity of audiobooks. The maximum degree program is $199.90 for a calendar year, but grants you 24 audiobook credits immediately.

This equates to only $8.33 an audiobook, making it the most economical way to digest a lot of content, one of the credit-based audiobooks providers.

So, did you discover the very best audiobook program

So, did you discover the very best audiobook program?

You can decide on an Android audiobook program from the listing above according to your needs. All of these come with a great deal of unique and one-of-a-kind features such as the timer, excellent sound quality, low-cost subscription, bookmarking, and lengthy free trial intervals.

These programs are examined, and problems together with them have been cited previously if there are no. But if you need more, you may go for additional available choices on the Google Play Store, such as Kobo. Colorfy will continue to update this listing of Android audiobook programs, so don’t forget to check back in some time.


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