Best Apps to Manage Your Debt

Best Apps Manage Debt

Managing finances in the current age are very easy and cost-effective. Some years ago, people used to hire accountants and spent thousands of dollars on their salaries. Also, there were some major issues related to integrity, transparency, accuracy, security and issues like data manipulation as well. Also, there was a problem keeping everything in files as these sources of preserving data can cost a lot of money and time if you want to go through a long list of clients, account heads that can make things complicated at times. Here are the best apps to manage your debt:-

Keeping that in mind, some brilliant minds in the world utilized their knowledge and skill and gave us different apps that can help people in debt to get rid of their debt or manage it systematically. These apps not only help them manage their debt but help them in other aspects of financial management as well. 

You can download these apps from Google Play or iOS using the internet. Spectrum has the best internet and Cable TV services and you can find many Spectrum Silver channels provided to you at a very affordable price. Let’s have a look at the different applications that can help you manage your debt and manage your accounts.


This is one of the best tools that can help you keep a track of almost everything that is part of your accounts. You can link up your accounts and get an overview of your assets, transactions and debts and your monthly budget as well. You can find all this information consolidated so that you don’t have to roam about in the applications to check your accounts and keep things within your reach. 


For people who want to manage their debt, the app links all financial accounts including your investments, car loans, credit cards, bank accounts, mortgages, etc. You can import all the information and keeps a track of the amount of money you have as debt. There are different goal settings and features so that you can plan for your financial goals or pay off a loan you have.

You Need a Budget or YNAB

This is one of the budgeting software that can help you track things other than your budget. It can help you with your debt by keeping a track of your accounts and the amount you spend. All the accounts can get linked directly and you can even input the information by yourself. 

You can check your loan balances just by keeping things in one place including your credit cards or any other types of lending instruments and every purchase you make using your credit card and the balance increases in real-time. You can create a payment plan and you can track your spend and you can avoid spending too much money on things apart from the debt that you have to pay. 

Debt Free – Pay Off Your Debt

This is one of the most recommended applications that can help you manage your debt and save money for your rainy days. It has a very simple user interface and can help you track all your loans and keep them in a central place. You can generate reports that show different types of debts you have and helps you know your progress toward paying all your debts. The app can also be used to track down payments and their due dates and get notifications about each debt’s due date and lets you know how well you are doing with your debt payments. 

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This is one of the best credit-tracking apps that can help you to monitor the debt as well. The app can help you see how old your accounts are and how many inquiries are there on the report and many other aspects of accounting information, your available funds and the amount you have spent. 

Prism Money

The app is one of the bill tracking apps that can help you know when you have a payment that is due. You can find the due date for your bills and the amount that you owe to your creditors. When you set an account, all your accounts get linked to Prism and you get informed about the total amount of the bill and the due date for it. You can also get information on the accounts used to make the payment. This way you can schedule your payments without getting to log into the biller or lender’s system making things easy to avoid and getting charged with too many fees.

Saving money and managing your debt is one of the most essential parts of your business and as an individual as well. Living a life with dues and payments that are still unpaid can get you financially unstable and a bad record will not be healthy for your credit score. This will not be helpful for you if you look forward to getting any more loans. So use these apps and live a debt-free life. 

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