Best AIO Cooler 2021: Top Brands Review

Best Aio Cooler 2020 Top Brands Review

The very best AIO cooler is one that should create the ideal mix with a number of the greatest gambling CPUs. Despite gains in performance-to-TDP ratios, processors can nevertheless get mighty hot nowadays — particularly in the event that you overclock them.

If you have learned how to overclock your CPU and would like to put these abilities to the evaluation, you may have a simpler time of it with one of the very best liquid springs within an air cooler. As more and more graphically intensive games such as Metro Exodus are published, overclocking could become more prevalent.

A fantastic AIO cooler allows you overclock to crank out more functionality with less chance of slipping your CPU into a crisp.

The very best cooling makers are put to the test on the test bench, with all-in-one (AIO) liquid CPU coolers from Cooler Master, NZXT, and Corsair. However, why is it that you want to go all out to a CPU cooler? If you would like to push your processor’s clock rates to fulfill its possible, then you will need to be certain overheating is not a variable, and that is where liquid springs come in.

You may think water should not blend with electronic equipment, yet a powerful nozzle and pump combo will get heat from this CPU faster than you can say thermal throttling’. (That, and the liquid is generally a combination of water and other coolants). Obviously, they frequently contain more RGB LEDs than you can shake a stick at, so you don’t need to be concerned about color-matching with the remainder of your rig.

All-in-one liquid stoves take all of the hassles from placing the soggy stuff within your PC. You may make your own custom made loops, even taking in GPU cooling as you are at it. However, that is a lot more in-depth and also a serious construct project in its own right.

AIO coolers, though, can be installed in 30 minutes and make a concrete difference to your gaming PC.

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Buying Guide:

You can find a couple of things to consider before purchasing your all in one CPU cooler:

Your Budget

Any aftermarket cooling system is generally greater than a stock fan, but not everybody requires this excess cooling power. Typically, a stock fan is going to do the task for the ones who don’t need to overclock their CPU.

All in one, coolers are considerably more costly than their atmosphere sockets, and it is mostly down to performance reasons. Fancy liquid stoves frequently feature RGB light, and more contemporary versions have remarkable features like remote controllers through telephone programs.

For all those overlooking a strong CPU remember, you’ll need to pay a greater price for your triple-fanned 360 radiators.

What Size Cooler If You Select?

In case you’ve got a comparatively low energy CPU that does not draw TDP. Afterward, a sizable all in 1 cooler is not vital.

Needless to say, choosing the proper all in 1 cooler may return to just how much space you’ve got on your circumstance. If you’re fighting for space, an all in 1 cooler can improve the inner temps of your own body. Together with AIO coolers, you eliminate the huge heatsinks for more handily sized radiators that could be mounted in many places for many cases.

Head The CPU Socket

Your liquid all in 1 cooling system should match, right?

Despite most coolers being produced to match nearly all CPU sockets, you still need to check to determine compatibility. Cooler makers will send a variety of brackets for a variety of setups; however, a few all-in-one coolers can simply work with particular sockets.

To ascertain the kind of CPU socket that suits your CPU cooler, then assess your CPU or your motherboard specifications.

Consider The Job of The Fan And The Management Of The Air

If it comes to the lovers in one cooler, you will need to be on the watch for small arrows that will inform you of the airflow management (if this is the first installment ).

Ideally, you would like the fans to be exhausting the hot CPU atmosphere from the machine, but in cases where you have to mount the radiator onto the front of the situation, then ingestion is completely fine.

How Much Can Aesthetics Matter?

Liquid all in a single cooler acquire the aesthetic conflict, which is for certain.

Simply because these all in 1 cooling option look the very best, it does not mean that they function the very best. There are a couple of air jets that provide AIO’s a run for their money.

In spite of this, if you’re searching for RGB, powerful cooling, and/ or overclocking possible, then go to an all in 1 liquid cooler!

Top Rated Best AIO Coolers Brand:



This 280mm liquid cooler out of NZXT is our choice if you’re searching for a seriously superior all-rounder. The nearly silent fans on the radiator possess fluid-dynamic bearings, giving them a longer life span and easier performance than any other enthusiast technologies.

Obviously, there is customizable RGB light on the pump cap, so people understand you are not operating any old inventory alternative.

Together with the X63, you will observe load and idle temps in a different league to air jets. If you’re overclocking, just be certain that you’re picking up among the best gaming motherboards to coincide.


  • Water Block Dimensions(LxWxH): 80 x 80 x 55 mm
  • Substance: Block: Copper, Home: Plastic
  • Pump Motor Power & Speed: 800 — 2,800 + 300 RPM, 12V DC, 0.3A
  • Radiator Dimensions: 143 x 315 x 30mm
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Tube Length: 400mm
  • Substance: Ultra-low Evaporation Rubber using Nylon Braided Sleeve


  • Great thermal performance
  • Cheap
  • Near quiet lovers

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360

Arctic Liquid Freezer II 360


  • Compatibility: 1200, 115X, 2011-3*, 2066* Square ILM, AM4
  • VRM Fan: 40 mm, 1000 –3000 RPM (PWM controlled)
  • Pump: 800 –2000 RPM (PWM controlled)
  • Power Consumption: 0,5 W –2,7 W (Pump + VRM Fan)
  • Cold Plate: Copper, Micro-Skived-Fins
  • Thermal Paste: MX-4 (0,8 g)
  • Fan: 3x ARCTIC P12 –120 Millimeter Fan
  • Fan Rate: 200 — 1 800 RPM
  • Noise Level: 0,3 Sone
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If it comes to sustainable raw operation, the Arctic Liquid Freezer II is your ideal AIO cooler in the marketplace. It reaches a comparable functionality to rival coolers at NZXT and Corsair while still being really cheap. The 360mm alternative is just $125, although the NZXT Kraken X73 — yet another 360mm AIO — clocks in at almost $200.

The cost is much more impressive once you consider the cooler’s features. Specifically, the pump is controlled by PWM, letting it govern together with the workload as opposed to running at full speed all the time.

The Liquid Freezer II also contains a 40mm fan beside the pump, place to take a seat over your motherboard’s VRM chips. In more extreme overclocking sessions, this can improve stability.

This cooler is all about functionality and cost. It will get those two pieces directly, but not with no concessions. It does not feature any type of lighting, and the layout might not be to everybody’s tastes.

However, the Arctic Liquid Freezer II strikes a sweet spot that other coolers can not compete with. Socket support is a bit restricted, but the Liquid Freezer still supports the latest chips. On AMD, it supports AM4 CPUs, also on Intel, it supports all of the LGA115x sockets, also as 2011-3 and 2066 using a square Independent Loading Mechanism (ILM).

ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 - Multi Compatible All-in-One CPU Water Cooler, Compatible with Intel & AMD sockets, Fan Speed: 200–1800 RPM (Controlled by PWM)
481 Reviews
ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II 360 - Multi Compatible All-in-One CPU Water Cooler, Compatible with Intel & AMD sockets, Fan Speed: 200–1800 RPM (Controlled by PWM)
  • New developed PWM-controlled pump: the Liquid Freezer II features a completely new, PWM-controlled pump with a copper base, improved efficiency, a low power usage and quiet operation
  • Improved power efficiency: unlike most pumps from our competitors, which run at full load even when idle, our pump clocks down consuming less power and producing less noise If no cooling is needed, even with its additional fan for VRM cooling

NZXT Kraken Z-3

NZXT Kraken Z-3


  • Sort: Fan and heatsink
  • Compatibility: Intel Socket LGA 1151 — 2066, Intel Core i9 / Core i3 — i7, AMD Socket AM4, TR4, AMD Ryzen 3 — Ryzen Threadripper
  • Rotation frequency: 500-1,800 + 300 RPM
  • Noise quantity: 21-38dBA
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 143 x 315 x 30mm


  • Overall customization
  • Superior functionality

Whether you are trying to get the 360mm or even 280MM, the NZXT Kraken Z-3 is a superb option if you’re searching for a liquid cooling system. To start with, due to the vibrant 2.36-inch LCD screen that is capable of exhibiting 24-bit color, this fluid cooler allows complete customization so that you may fine-tune preferences in addition to display your favorite pictures and animated gifs.

More to the point, it provides impressive liquid cooling functionality and is simple to install.




  • Compatibility: LGA 2066 / 2011-v3 / 2011 / 1366 /1156 / 1155 / 1151 / 1150/sTR4 / AM4 / AM3 / AM2 / FM2 / FM1
  • Pump Dim. 40.20 mm (tall)
  • Pump Noise 20 dBA (MAX)
  • Radiator Dim. 276.00 x 122.00 x 28.00 mm (L x W x H)
  • Fan RPM 500 – 2400 RPM


  • Teflon bearings
  • 20dB max sound level
  • Moves 113.5 CFM of air

The EVGA 280mm CLC is among the most effective available. The pump is pre-filled with coolant, so even liquid cooling system novices can put in it without even worrying about planting holding tanks or tubes. The radiator features double 140mm fans that may proceed over 113 cubic feet of air per second and aluminum fins for improved heat dissipation.

If you would like to personalize your new AIO liquid cooler, then the pump casing features RGB lighting, and the lovers could be swapped out for much more customization choices.

The lovers utilize Teflon coated bearings for smoother, quieter operation and longer-lasting durability; even in complete 2200RPM performance, the lovers have a maximum sound level of just 20dB, which means that you get the maximum from your radiator without making your computer seem like a jet engine on takeoff.

Together with the added retention mounts, you may use the EVGA CLC with both Intel and AMD motherboards and CPUs, such as the most recent i9 and Threadripper versions. Together with EVGA’s Flow applications, it is possible to correct RGB lighting and colors to match your construct’s aesthetics and track temperatures and pump or fan levels for optimum cooling.

The pump and fans are rated for up to 80,000 hours of usage and are back with a five-year-old warranty so that you may have peace of mind while gambling or functioning.

EVGA CLC 240mm All-In-One RGB LED CPU Liquid Cooler, 2x FX12 120mm PWM Fans, Intel, AMD, 5 YR Warranty, 400-HY-CL24-V1
1,617 Reviews
EVGA CLC 240mm All-In-One RGB LED CPU Liquid Cooler, 2x FX12 120mm PWM Fans, Intel, AMD, 5 YR Warranty, 400-HY-CL24-V1
  • Compatible with Intel LGA2066/2011/2011-v3/1200/1150/1151/1155/1156/1366 and AMD AM2/AM3/AM4/FM1/FM2/TR4 and upcoming variants
  • 240mm Dual Fan radiator

Corsair Hydro Collection H150i Pro

Corsair Hydro Collection H150i Pro


  • Compatibility: Intel 1200, 1150, 1151, 1155, 1156, 1366, 2011, 2066
  • AMD AM4, AM3, AM2, sRX4*, sTR4*
  • *Buy bracket CW-8960054 on CORSAIR website for compatibility with AMD socket sTR4/sTRX4
  • Radiator Size: 360mm
  • Fan Speed: 1600 RPM
  • Radiator Dimensions: 396mm x 120mm x 27mm


  • Best cooling performance
  • It comes with magnetic levitation lovers (silent )
  • RGB pump
  • Great build quality/5-year guarantee

The Corsair AIO H150i is probably the ideal corsair liquid cooling system in this record, and it simplifies this accolade only to how it functions. Among the most notable things from this 360mm, the monster is the fact that the fans remain silent even if running at maximum speed.

Obviously, design-wise, it loses into the Thermaltake Floe or the Kraken x72, together with the H150i comprising a more traditional RGB block. The radiator fans are a bit plain, Jane. However, they’re Corsair’s Magnetic LEvitation lovers, which means that you can trust the sound level being reduced (maximum is 25 dBa).

So silent operation, a cold CPU, also Corsairs fancy iCUE applications to tie it all together. Though this is among the best AIO cooling options available, I’d be cautious running it in silent mode if you’re running an overclocked monster.

CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML360R RGB

CoolerMaster MasterLiquid ML360R RGB


  • Thickness: 1.1″ (2.3″ w/fans)
  • Width: 4.8″ (120.7mm)
  • Depth: 15.5″ (393.7mm)
  • Fans: (3) 120 x 25mm
  • Compatibility: Intel 2066, 2011x, 1366, 115x, 775, AMD AM2(+), AM3(+) AM4, FM1, FM2(+)
  • Warranty: two Decades


  • Fantastic cooling ability
  • Sleek layout and aesthetics
  • Lower cost than other 360 AIOs

If it comes to keeping overclocked CPU load temperatures in check, Cooler Master’s MasterLiquid ML360R RGB is your newest frightening champ. Since the 360 version of our formerly reviewed MasterLiquid ML240R RGB, the recently available MasterLiquid ML360R provides 33 percent more radiator surface space for much more cooling prowess. The outcome? It cools better than the powerful NZXT Kraken X72.

Power users, players, system builders, and overclockers on the marketplace for a brand new big CPU cooler must take note. The Cooler Master ML360R RGB is the present 360 AIO thermal performance pioneer. And while $160 is not just affordable, there are loads of competing products that cost more while providing less-impressive performance.

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R ARGB Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler, 360 Radiator, Dual Chamber Pump, AMD Ryzen/Intel LGA1200/1151
1,853 Reviews
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R ARGB Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler, 360 Radiator, Dual Chamber Pump, AMD Ryzen/Intel LGA1200/1151
  • Exclusive tech cooler master controls quality and builds on decades of innovation with 100 percent in house design and manufacturing
  • Dual dissipation our low profile dual chamber pump enhances performance and durability over our last gen single chamber pump designs; Sizable performance leaps over last gen technology

Deepcool Captain 240 RGB V2

Deepcool Captain 240 RGB V2


  • Compatibility: LGA2066/2011-v3/2011/LGA 1200/1151/1150/1155/1366/TR4/AM4/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2/FM2+/FM2/FM1
  • Internet Weight: 1573 gram
  • Fan Speed: 500~1800 RPM±10%
  • Pump Speed: 2200 RPM±10%
  • Fan Noise: ≤30 dB(A)
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Coming at a fairly low $139 cost, the Deepcool Captain 240 RGB V2 is a fantastic liquid CPU cooler that keeps up with far more costly products. It seems like another AIO cooler available in the industry also, due to some clock dial face on the pump.

While this pump layout is a fairly distinctive attribute, so is your cooler’s RGB execution at this cost. All of the lights onto the cooler and its lovers are fully addressable, which means you’re going to have the ability to take full control over the color and patterns of the lighting.




  • CPU SOCKET: LGA2066, LGA2011-v3, LGA2011, LGA1200, LGA1151, LGA 1150, LGA1155, LGA1156, LGA1366, LGA775, AM4, AM3+, AM3, AM2+, AM2, FM2+, FM2, FM1
  • DIMENSIONS (L X W X H): 277 x 119.6 x 27mm / 10.9 x 4.7 x 1.1 inch
  • FAN DIMENSIONS (L X W X H):120 x 120 x 25 mm / 4.7 x 4.7 x 1 inch
  • FAN SPEED: 650-2000 RPM (PWM) ± 10 percent
  • FAN AIRFLOW: 66.7 CFM (Max)
  • FAN AIR PRESSURE: 2.34 mmH2O (Max)


  • That low cost
  • RGB anyplace
  • 2 140mm lovers

The very best cheap AIO cooler is the Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L.

If you’re trying to find a cost-effective AIO cooler that still seems brilliant on your windowed case, then that 240mm liquid cooler by Cooler Master is a superb alternative. There is customizable RGB light on both fans and the pump cap.

At this price point, it is better than pretty much any air cooler you are likely to find — also, it looks cool, right?

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2, Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler, 240 Radiator, Dual SickleFlow 120mm, RGB Lighting, 3rd Gen Dual Chamber Pump for AMD Ryzen/Intel LGA1151
4,415 Reviews
Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML240L RGB V2, Close-Loop AIO CPU Liquid Cooler, 240 Radiator, Dual SickleFlow 120mm, RGB Lighting, 3rd Gen Dual Chamber Pump for AMD Ryzen/Intel LGA1151
  • 3rd Generation Dual Chamber Pump for overall cooling efficiency and performance
  • New SickleFlow Refreshed exterior design for improved lighting and fan blades for a quiet airflow performance




  • Radiator Dimensions: 275 x 120 x 27 mm
  • Fan Compatibility: 120 mm
  • Fan Speed Range: 550 – 2200 ± 10 percent
  • Fan Noise Level: 36,4dBA (at the maximum rate )
  • Vacuum Rate Range: 450 – 2600 RPM ± 10%

The EK-AIO’s translucent CPU block allows the LEDs to glow completely.

There are a whole lot of AIOs having an RGB ring around the pump and more with RGB fans. The EK-AIO 240 D-RGB goes off the deep end. Short of a tiny black strip in which the tubes link, the mounting block includes a translucent, somewhat diffused surface, washing the lights indoors into a gorgeous display of color.

EK is your area for a custom water heating system, and also, the EK-AIO 240 shows the reason why. If it comes to raw sustainable performance, EK defeats the Corsairs and NZXTs of the planet. It comprises two EK-Vardar S lovers that operate from 550RPM into 2,200RPM and contains support for Asus Aura Sync, Gigabyte RGB Fusion, MSI Mystic Light, and ASRock RGB Sync for its pump and fans.

Even better, EK-AIO 240 is cheap. It is $10 cheaper than the 240mm counterpart in NZXT, and it is the exact same cost as Corsair’s ever-popular H100i. Just like lots of the alternatives on this listing, it is offered in 120mm and 360mm versions, also. On Intel, the EK-AIO 240 supports LGA115x and LGA20xx, in addition to LGA1200.

On AMD, it merely contains an AM4 bracket. It’s possible to command the fans right via your motherboard, but in case you are short on areas, you can grab an EK-Loop Link controller for the following six PWM connections.

AORUS RGB AIO 280mm Liquid Cooler

AORUS RGB AIO 280mm Liquid Cooler


  • Dimensions: 315 x 143 x 30mm
  • Compatibility: Intel 2066, 2011-3, 1366, 115x, 1200 AMD sTRX4, TR4, AM4
  • Fan Speed: 2300 RPM +/-10%
  • Noise Level: 22.3~44.5 dBA


  • Threadripper accredited
  • Customizable display
  • 100 CFM

If you are constructing a high-end gaming PC or notebook, you are going to require an AIO cooler that could keep up. The Aorus Liquid Cooler is officially qualified to be used with AMD Ryzen Threadripper CPUs and functionality analyzed with Intel Core i9-10900k 10-core CPUs for quiet, efficient cooling even under heavy or overclocked loads.

The pump casing has a 60mm LCD screen, which can be put to display CPU or GPU functionality, pump and fan RPMs, CPU temperature, or custom text and images. Both pump and lovers have addressable RGB LED light that’s compatible with RGB Fusion 2.0 applications, letting you pick from 10 distinct results and countless colors to showcase your own personal style.

The double 140mm buffs have dual-ball bearings for easier operation and more durability to allow you to get the maximum from your AIO cooler for ages. Aorus designed exceptional fan blades with this cooling system for easier operation at higher RPMs and also to move around 100 cubic feet of air per second for optimum heat dissipation.

The pump casing features a metallic aluminum chassis to get a superior look and feels, along with thermal adhesive pre-applied for better CPU cooling through immediate contact. The AIO cooler is designed to fit just about any motherboard manufacturer and model, enabling it to fit into pretty much any custom PC build.

AORUS RGB AIO Liquid Cooler 240, 240mm Radiator, Dual 120mm Windforce PWM Fans, Customizable Full Color LCD Display, Advanced RGB Lighting and Control, Intel 115X/2066, AMD AM4, TR4
153 Reviews

Thermaltake Floe

Thermaltake Floe


  • COMPATIBILITY: Intel LGA 2066/2011-3/2011/1366/1200/1156/1155/1151/1150/775 AMD TR4/AM4/FM2/FM1/AM3+/AM3/AM2+/AM2 *AIO Cooler bracket adapter comes from the AMD Threadripper CPU box.
  • Fan Dimension:120 x 120 x 25 mm
  • Fan Speed:500~1400RPM
  • Noise Level:19.8 ~ 24.7 dB-A


  • Lighting Works with most motherboard headers.
  • Quiet operation
  • Unrivaled RGB light

Our choice to Corsairs H150i is your enormous Thermaltake Floe 360. This cooler features a number of the very best RGB lighting you may find on this listing and includes Thermaltake’s”Ring” fans as standard, which have three light loops.

This cooler is 360mm rad dimensions; therefore, you’ll require a case large enough for this, but it is well worth noting that the additional wires for the light include clutter.

The CPU blocks light can sync with your trio of lovers, giving you an impressive screen. The product includes Thermaltake’s fan control, letting you add extra Thermaltake Riing lovers to your situation.

The cooling performance might not be like some of the coolers on this listing, but with all the excellent aesthetics, we could allow for a couple of degrees there or here. This AIO is astonishingly quiet, though with all the lover’s maximum RPM only likely to 1400.

Even though this might not be excellent for an effective overclocked CPU, it offers good enough thermal functionality to make it on this list!

Enermax Liqtech 360 OC TR4

Enermax Liqtech 360 OC TR4


  • Thickness: 1.125″ (2.25″ w/fans)
  • Width: 4.75″ (120.65mm)
  • Depth: 15.50″ (393.7mm)
  • Fans: (3) 120 x 25mm
  • Socket Support: AMD TR4, SP3
  • Warranty: 2 years


  • Fantastic cooling performance
  • Aggressive pricing
  • Straightforward setup
  • Total coverage of Thread Ripper CPUs

From the Liqtech 360 TR4 OC, Enermax has graced the Threadripper world using a cooler which covers those massive enthusiast processors incomplete, providing functionality like habit liquid cooling together with the effortless setup and moderate price of an AIO cooler. Enermax also keeps costs down by preventing RGB lighting as well as the appropriate software integrations.

The absence of light may turn off some buyers that prefer millions of colors along with a software UI. But, Threadripper fans searching for exceptional cooling performance and who would like to install some very simple fan-cooling curves will find exactly that at the Liqtech 360 TR4 OC.


What Is The Risk When Using An AIO For CPU Cooling?


And that is the great thing about the all-in-one liquid cooler. The NZXT KRAKEN X63 is our current favorite AIO cooler, providing the choice to extend the closed-loop as a result of its regular quarter-inch connectors and refillable reservoir. It is not too pricey.

However, Corsair’s range provides some superb liquid coolers also, together with all the Pro RGB Pro capable of operating in an entirely silent, passive manner, as well as the 280mm model offering excellent chip-chilling functionality.

Then at the budget end of the current market, the Arctic Liquid Freezer is the most affordable AIO cooler yet still includes four lovers to allow a push-pull installation for additional cooling. Currently, there’s no excuse to not have liquid chill chips.

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