Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor 2020 Top Brands Review

Competitive gaming is all about speed, and in case you feel like your normal gaming monitor is not cutting the cheese, everything you’ll need is a best 240Hz gaming monitor. These exceptionally fast refresh rate monitors are all about permitting you to find the action unfold with smooth animations, and also every individual frame is totally clear and crisp. Obviously, you will require a beefy graphics card to maintain, but fortunately, there are a few really potent and affordable GPUs to select from, such as the Nvidia RTX 3070 and AMD Radeon RX 6800.

The times of each display being the exact same 24.5-inch TN panel have been long gone. Nowadays, you’ll discover 240Hz gaming screens in many different sizes, resolutions, as well as a few Ultrawide choices. What is more, we are seeing a growing amount of IPS displays offering excellent color precision, viewing angles, and HDR service also.

There are a whole lot of different versions to select from, but Colorfy has reviewed and noticed the very best ones that you need to purchase. We have also got you covered on video game revenue for Black Friday using the finest Amazon and Walmart deals. If you are surfing in the united kingdom, click here to learn where you can to locate the very best 240Hz gaming screens.

Buying Guide

If you’re trying to find the most responsive Screen for gaming, then a 240Hz screen is a wise investment, but you need to check if a graphics card is up to scratch. You do not require the most recent expensive cards to benefit from 240Hz. However, a decent GPU that may provide you greater frames on rough matches is a fantastic beginning. An Nvidia GTX 970 or the AMD equivalent and above are the lowest you should go to get 240Hz, but keep in mind; a rather recent CPU would likewise be a valuable element when purchasing a 240Hz track to stop bottlenecking.

If you’re not certain about the general price and if your existing system would be well worth the update to 240Hz, then consider a 144Hz screen. A 144Hz screen has a massive screen difference if you’re utilized to 60Hz, and it’s a good deal more affordable than the 240Hz counterparts. That is having been said, if you are able to manage to obtain a 240Hz monitor and your PC is a good enough spec, then go for this since it’s only going to help you more.

So there you’ve got the very best 240Hz gaming screens. Have you been considering an update, or do you own one of them? We’d really like to hear what your experiences were similar to, therefore comment down under or above in the WPC community.

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Top Rated Best 240Hz Gaming Monitor Brand:

1. BenQ ZOWIE XL 2740

BenQ ZOWIE XL 2740

In our view, BenQ’s ZOWIE XL2540 provides among the greatest choices for players that want to buy either a G-Sync or Flexible Sync compatible 240Hz screen. The XL2540 is a 27″ screen using a 240Hz refresh speed that provides both G-Sync and Flexible Sync compatibility.

It will include a TN panel and, as such, can produce a 1ms response time. But that’s standard among 240Hz screens. What sets the XL2740 besides a number of the alternatives on this listing is its bigger screen size.

The XL2740 also includes removable”protects” that sit outside of the Screen to help minimize distractions as you pay. And BenQ also produces a 25-inch variant of the Screen, the XL2540, to get only under ~$400.

In the end, if you’re trying to find a 240Hz screen that will provide you the choice to utilize both an NVIDIA graphics card or an AMD graphics card, the more XL2740 is an alternative worth considering.

2. Alienware 25

Alienware 25

Alienware has exactly what you want if you would like a rate that does not sacrifice on additional superior features. The Alienware 25 Gambling Monitors (AW2521HFL) provides an ultra-smooth 240Hz refresh speed that will make it difficult to look back. It does this on a 24.5-inch screen using a 1080p resolution, providing you a good degree of cushioning to go together with the smooth movement.

And, where after TN and VA panels reigned within the speedier conclusion of this current market, this king one of the monitors really utilizes a speedy IPS panel. That will provide you great colors and viewing angles, and Alienware even compels it in glowing land with a 400-nit peak brightness. This adds up to a track that is likely to make it simple to see your competitors and get the drop on them.

3. Samsung LC32G75TQSNXZA

Samsung LC32G75TQSNXZA

The very best 240Hz gaming monitor we have examined is your Samsung Odyssey G7. This really is a 1440p version that comes in 2 dimensions, a 27 inch plus a 32 inch, and the two dimensions provide lots of display space for an immersive gaming experience. Its VA panel features a higher contrast ratio, which enables it to produce deep blacks, which makes it a fantastic selection for dim rooms.

It manages reflections nicely and has glowing enough to overcome warmth, which means you should not have some visibility problems in brightly-lit configurations. Regrettably, it is not the smartest choice for co-op gambling as a result of the moderate viewing angles, which is asked of all VA panels.

Its movement handling is exceptional due to its exceptionally quick response time. Motion blur is minimal at fast-moving scenes, and there is an optional Black Frame Insertion attribute to improve precision further. Nevertheless, you need to select between using BFI or varying refresh rates because they can not be used concurrently. In terms of its own VRR, it supports FreeSync natively and can be G-SYNC compatible. There is an HDR service. Nonetheless, the encounter is merely fine since it doesn’t get bright enough to create highlights that stand out, and also, the edge-lit neighborhood dimming is awful.

You will find two USB 3.0 interfaces on the trunk, which you may use for charging, and a few features unique to gambling, like the capability to put in a digital crosshair along with a frame rate counter. There is a Picture-by-Picture mode, which allows you to display signs from two inputs at the same time, which may be useful for streamers with another pc to flow. In general, this is a great gaming model that should please many people, and it is your very best 240Hz monitor we have tested.

4. Acer XF252Q

Acer XF252Q

The Acer XF250Q has easily become the most inexpensive 240Hz gaming monitor; nonetheless, it provides all you will need to get a buttery-smooth competitive fast-paced gambling experience.

Much like most 240Hz monitors, the Acer XF250Q relies on a TN (Twisted Nematic) panel, which delivers an extremely quick 1ms GtG pixel reaction time rate for nominal motion blur and observable trailing behind fast-moving items.

But, TN panels also have poor picture quality and viewing angles in comparison to IPS and VA panels.

VA panel screens have the slowest reaction time rate, which induces observable smearing in fast-paced matches. Therefore we do not suggest them for aggressive first-person shooters (excluding a number of the more recent high-end versions ).

Some IPS screens are equally as quickly as TNs — and they have excellent colors and wide viewing angles — however, they’re more costly. Thus, if you’re searching for something under $300, the Acer XF250Q is the very best option for FPS games.

It’s a peak brightness of 400-nits, which will guarantee a bright image even in well-lit rooms. Other specs include a 1,000:1 contrast ratio, dithered 8-bit color depth, and 1080p resolution — every one which can be standard at this budget.

5. LG Ultra Gear 27GN750

LG Ultra Gear 27GN750

Unveil the area of entertainment for this large, ultra-wide, and high-performance gambling notebook. The 27 inches IPS Screen with an FHD Resolution of 1920×1080 will provide you with the sharpest graphics and crisp visuals at the best detail.

This type of 240 Hz gaming monitor that’s intended to give you the smoothest gameplay. Consequently, in case you’ve been feeling awful about your previous gambling computer aggressively, this might be the best choice. This gadget is NVIDIA’S G-sync compatible with the immersive experience.

What is new to this gadget is that you get 99 percent sRGB of color precision and fantastic angles for excellent gambling sessions. On the front, the system appears really attractive. The 3-side borderless layout is eye-catching and attractive. The display may be adjusted, tilted in accordance with viewing angles. All things considered, this system delivers an ideal balance of all — layout, functionality, features, and pricing. If pricing is the concern, here would be the ideal gaming screens under 300.

6. AOC Agon AG271FZ2

AOC Agon AG271FZ2

If you are thinking about getting an AMD graphics card and you desire a 240Hz track with FreeSync compatibility, then the AOC Agon AG271FZ2 may be the choice for you. At only under ~$380, the AG271FZ2 does cost over both FreeSync-compatible choices below. But, it will include a bigger 27-inch display (in comparison with their 25-inch screens ).

Thus, if you would like to get a bigger screen, then the AG271FZ2 is presently one of just a couple of 27-inch monitors that include a 240Hz refresh speed.

The AG271FZ2 also will come with a TN panel, which has a 1ms response time, an ergonomic stand, along with a 4-year dead pixel warranty, a 4-year advanced replacement guarantee, and also a 1-year accidental damage guarantee.

In general, if you’re trying to find a bigger 240Hz monitor to match your AMD graphics card, then the AOC Agon AG271FZ2 is probably the best alternative for you.

7. Viotek GFT27CXB

Viotek GFT27CXB

For the ones that care about rate over anything else, the Viotek GFT27CXB is prepared to allow you to spot the smallest movements of your competitors using its 240Hz refresh speed, but it will not cost up to the competition. Viotek regularly lays out a number of very persuasive value alternatives, which is just another fantastic example.

Beyond the easy rate attained with a TN panel, this Screen additionally has FreeSync and G-Sync compatibility. That will keep the image clear if it’s still just a complete HD picture. On the other hand, you will enjoy a greater brightness level from this Screen than you would usually find on funding choices.



If you wish to save a little cash and do not obey a 1080p resolution, check out the ASUS VG279QM. Such as the Samsung Odyssey G7, it’s a native refresh rate of 240Hz. But this Screen lets you overclock it up to 280Hz, providing much smoother gameplay. Additionally, it has native FreeSync support and accredited G-SYNC compatibility to decrease screen tearing.

Its response time is at least as great, and also, unlike the Samsung, it’s a Dark Frame Insertion, which you may use in precisely the exact same period as VRR, making quick motion look unbelievably sharp. It’s excellent ergonomics and an IPS panel with wide viewing angles, which makes it an exceptional option for sharing articles. Regrettably, its HDR support does not add much, as it can not exhibit a broad color gamut and does not find it bright enough. It’s one USB 3.0 interface for charging and also a set of integrated speakers.

In general, the Samsung is a much better option for most people since it’s a high resolution and has more features. But if you are buying a smaller budget and do not mind compromising about the settlement, the ASUS is a great gaming monitor.

9. ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q


The Rog Swift is another generation of Asus monitors! It sports a sizable 24.5″ display, full HD resolution, along an ergonomic stand. Additionally, it is ideal for hardcore players as a result of this 240hz refresh speed and quick 1ms response time.

Like to find the maximum bang for your dollar? The 24.5″ Rog Swift also features incorporated applications like Asus Eye Care, Smart Air Vent, G-Sync, and much more. An exceptional purchase.

10. ViewSonic ELITE XG270

ViewSonic ELITE XG270

ViewSonic Elite Gambling Monitors feature a complete HD 1080p resolution using a 240Hz refresh speed. In reality, this gambling monitor contains everything you’d want to possess in a gaming computer.

On the design front, the gadget appears persuasive, plus it features a frameless layout. The design is certainly not a turndown. The ergonomic rack offers you excellent seeing angles to add more to your relaxation. The system provides multiple connectivity choices. You can connect your laptops, PCs, Macsconsoles.

Integrated with a 1ms response time and HDR 10, the detail about the display will probably come to life. Great viewing angles, vibrant picture, the crisp and very clear quality can allow you to banish your enemies very quickly. For your stutter-free and lag-free expertise, this gambling monitor includes G-Sync accredited by NVIDIA.

On the backside, there are 3W Speakers that do the work nicely. The Screen is currently Blur Busters Approved, which improves motion quality.


Is A 240Hz Monitor Worth It?


Best 240Hz gaming monitor to buy


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