Best 1440P Gaming Monitor 2021: Top Brands Review

Best 1440P Gaming Monitor 2020 Top Brands Review

Buying one of the best 1440p gaming monitor is a lot, like entering into a long-term relationship. A relationship that will likely last throughout many different iterations of your gaming PC, gear, and peripherals—perhaps even new versions of Windows (is that even a thing anymore?) Anyway: It’s always worth spending all you can afford on the best gaming monitor because it’s going to be on your desk for a while, and you’re going to be staring at it a whole lot.

Purchasing Guide:


If you are in this finest of guides, Colorfy could hazard a guess that you’re searching for a 1440p track — but we ought to find a fantastic grip on which 1440p is until you opt to spring for the extra money on a 1440p gambling screen. Simply speaking, 1440p is similar to the abandoned middle sibling between Total HD and 4K.

All resolutions are measured in pixels. The 1440p structure, for example, is often interpreted as 2560 x 1440, which translates to 1920 vertical crossover and 1440 horizontal sidewalks. Breaking it down more exactly, it comes out to about four megapixels. All told, that puts it in nearly double the camera count of Total HD and nearly half of the camera count of 4K.

There’s a noticeable gap between those settlements, but that will be different based on how big your screen is. And while 4K can definitely alter your TV viewing experience, it may not even be evident than 1440p on a more modestly sized screen.

And considering that the minor cost differentiation between 1080p and 1440p monitors vs. the exact striking jump between the purchase price of 1440p and 4K screens, it simply makes sense to put money into 1440p tracks if you would like the very best functionality within budgetary reason. When funding is a variable, we recommend taking a look at our high $200 gaming screens.

Refresh Rate

While searching for new gambling monitors, refresh rate and resolution ought to be your double north celebrities. The former helps you find the best gaming images possible out of the graphics card, while the refresh speed makes it possible to find the best gaming functionality. A 1440p 144Hz refresh speed monitor is obviously likely to be the best choice around. However, you won’t have the ability to hit 1440p 144Hz simultaneously unless you’ve got a graphics card that could keep pace. While looking for the ideal 1440p track, you do not need to scale your expectations outside of your PC’s hardware specs.

A 144Hz gaming monitor needs to be sufficient to satisfy most players. We normally consider a 60 Hz refresh rate for many non-gaming actions, but as soon as you begin to move into aggressive gameplay, acquiring a high refresh speed gets crucial. A greater refresh rate means you could respond quickly to what is on the monitor. The step-up from 60 Hz to 144Hz refresh speeds is a fairly striking one as much as gambling is concerned.

You might have noticed that a few of the greatest gaming monitor versions we have evaluated promise a high refresh rate, which goes past 144Hz. In several cases, this high refresh rate is a symptom of overclocking: a process that allows you to move beyond the standards specified by the manufacturer. This will definitely get you the very best gaming experience by providing you with an increase of approximately 10 to 20%.

A more recent development is the high-resolution speed of 240 Hz. We suggest adhering to the very best 1440p 144Hz screen you can manage for now, as you’ll only seldom find a gambling screen that supports 1440p and 240Hz simultaneously, without paying too.

Screen Size

We spoke previously about just how much of an effective screen size could have on the standard of your gaming expertise, and the way acquiring 1440p 144Hz gaming screens really can help you. But if your display is not big enough, 1440p 144Hz gaming functionality will not even be detected. The very best gaming experience on a TV is certain to differ from the best gaming experience on a screen due to how players sit facing every screen when gambling.

A track that is too large can really be a liability. Boasts such as 1440p, 144Hz, and 1ms response times will not matter much in the event that you can not find the entirety of this screen. Also, there are loads of genres that need full-screen awareness. The vast majority of the ideal gaming screens will be 27 inches — that will be the perfect size for both gambling and also for 1440p resolution.

  • You May Be interested in getting yourself a Fantastic gaming desk
  • Thinking about a double screen setup? Watch our finest dual monitor rack reviews
  • Be certain that you’re comfortable with the ideal gaming seat for those long periods!

That does not imply that you can not go bigger. There are loads of great curved gambling monitors also, and they are among the best options for gambling since they give you more property without sacrificing the usage of your peripherals or forcing one to sit halfway through the room.

Panel Type:

There are three distinct forms of screen panel you may choose when deciding upon the ideal 1440p 144Hz game screen, but it does not mean there is just a one-panel kind that is the very best. Rather, each screen panel has a few edges — and a few disadvantages — which make them appropriate for several kinds of gaming.

  • A Vertical Alignment (VA) panel does a fantastic job of preventing light from passing through the filter. What that means in practice is the darkest days are darker, and the lights are somewhat milder. The comparison ratio here is outstanding, but the images and functionality can not reach the scale of an IPS and TN panel. A VA panel would be your center of the road alternative for gambling concerning crucial gaming features and pricing.
  • An In-Plane Switching (IPS) panel is about great color reproduction and graphic functionality. Games only look better in an IPS panel, which makes them among those obvious options for single-player gambling. And because they seem fantastic from wide viewing angles, they are the very best gaming monitor for multiplayer.
  • If you desire the best gaming computer for internet multiplayer, the ideal situation is to get TN panels. A TN panel highlights responsiveness, and also the very best models don’t have any problem reaching concurrent 1440p 144Hz functionality. Despite those immediate benefits of a TN panel, in addition, it appears to be the least expensive panel kind around. The one drawback is a TN panel is so poor at almost everything else. Color reproduction, maximum brightness, and viewing angles are somewhat poorer than those provided by means of an IPS or VA panel.
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Response time is the next significant element in determining a track’s performance. Whereas a 1440p refresh speed tells you how often each display will reload, this metric indicates that the time that it requires the screen to change from grey to white and back again. Quicker times allow you to see your competition more quickly. It is essential in online gambling, but it is likely to be important if you generally want more slow-paced or single-player games.

For single-player players, instances of 5 milliseconds are more than sufficient. But smaller amounts are always better for competitive players. 1 to 2 milliseconds must satisfy the requirements of the majority of players; however, the top versions can actually respond at a half millisecond.

Input Lag

Input lag is not always as clearly recorded as other variables like reaction time or resolution. It lets you know just how long it requires for the screen to comprehend the sign if you press a button on a computer keyboard, mouse, mouse, or control. The most devoted gamers might want to evaluate input, but it is not likely to be a critical problem for the majority of gamers. And normally, input lag is proportional to the refresh speed and response time anyhow.


As a rough guideline, HDMI cables are perfect for console gaming, even whereas DisplayPort wires are far better for PC gaming. The former is merely an issue of convenience. Contemporary generation consoles simply include an HDMI interface. However, in the event that you’re able to handle it, generations of DisplayPort technology really perform better at each of the vital metrics.


A refresh rate of 144Hz is frequently more than a match will require, and that is what makes flexible sync this kind of cool technology. It will produce a variable refresh rate that changes alongside the requirements of the game you are playing and generates smoother images and a more seamless experience consequently.

There are two big kinds of elastic sync: NVIDIA G-Sync and AMD FreeSync. Everything you want to remember is that using G-Sync usually takes a pc with an NVIDIA processor and a screen that is explicitly G-Sync compatible. In the same way, a harmonious screen along with an AMD processor is required to operate FreeSync.

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Best 1440P Gaming Monitors Brand:

SaleBestseller No. 1
Bestseller No. 3
LG 27GL83A-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor, Black
LG 27GL83A-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor, Black
27 inch QHD (2560 X 1440) IPS display; IPS 1ms response time & 144Hz refresh rate; NVIDIA G-SYNC Compatible
$379.99 Amazon Prime
Bestseller No. 5
ASUS TUF Gaming VG27WQ1B 27” Curved Monitor, 1440P WQHD (2560 x 1440), 165Hz (Supports 144Hz), 1ms, Adaptive-sync/FreeSync Premium, Extreme Low Motion Blur, Eye Care, HDMI DisplayPort, HDR10
ASUS TUF Gaming VG27WQ1B 27” Curved Monitor, 1440P WQHD (2560 x 1440), 165Hz (Supports 144Hz), 1ms, Adaptive-sync/FreeSync Premium, Extreme Low Motion Blur, Eye Care, HDMI DisplayPort, HDR10
Robust connectivity with HDMI(v2.0) x2 and DisplayPort 1.2; Support HDR10 to enhance bright and dark area, delivers lifelike gaming experience
$340.99 Amazon Prime

1. ViewSonic Elite XG270QG

The ViewSonic Elite XG270QG is your very best 1440p gaming monitor with the native G-SYNC service that we have analyzed. It is a 27-inch display that matches an IPS panel with wide viewing angles, so pictures stay true when seen from the side, which is very good for co-op games. It manages reflections nicely, and it becomes bright enough to conquer warmth in many rooms. Build ergonomics and quality are equally good, and except for the RGB lighting strip around the trunk, the total layout does not look strange in a work environment.

Viewsonic Elite XG270

It’s outstanding motion managing, which is principal because of its exceptionally quick reaction time and 165Hz refresh speed. Fast-moving scenes appear clear, and there is a Dark Frame Insertion (BFI) characteristic too to decrease motion blur. Nevertheless, the BFI attribute is not usable when G-SYNC is empowered. And talking of varying refresh rate, it’s FreeSync compatibility along with its own native G-SYNC support.

Regrettably, there are a couple of drawbacks. The contrast ratio is black and low uniformity is bad on our apparatus. Therefore it is not perfect for gaming in the dark. Additionally, its out-of-the-box color precision is rather poor, and it does not support HDR. On the other hand, it’s a generous variety of USB 3.0 vents plus a set of integrated speakers. In general, it is a superb gaming monitor that should satisfy serious and casual players alike.



The very best 1440p 144Hz monitor we have examined is your ASUS TUF VG27AQ. It is a versatile version with a rack that provides excellent ergonomics and delivers exceptional gaming performance. Its native 144Hz refresh speed may also be overclocked to 165Hz.

It’s everything most serious players need. It’s native FreeSync support, and it is certified by NVIDIA to become G-SYNC compatible. The input is very reduced, and its reaction time is the maximum refresh rate of 165Hz is excellent, leading to smooth motion. But, its reaction time in 60Hz is somewhat slower, leading to some motion blur, but fortunately, it’s a Dark Frame Insertion attribute to improve the look of movement. Picture quality is great as it’s adequate out-of-the-box color precision, it becomes bright enough to fight the glare, it’s excellent grey uniformity, and using its IPS panel, it’s wide viewing angles.

Regrettably, it’s a very low contrast ratio, which is requested in an IPS panel, and though it supports HDR10, it does not exhibit a broad color gamut. Therefore HDR content does not seem all that different from SDR. On the upside, it’s built-in speakers, which means you don’t need to purchase an external setup in case you don’t need to. Overall, this really is the very best 1440p 144Hz monitor we have analyzed.

Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ 27” Monitor, 1440P WQHD (2560 x 1440), IPS, 165Hz (Supports 144Hz), G-SYNC Compatible, 1ms, Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync, Eye Care, DisplayPort HDMI
4,980 Reviews
Asus TUF Gaming VG27AQ 27” Monitor, 1440P WQHD (2560 x 1440), IPS, 165Hz (Supports 144Hz), G-SYNC Compatible, 1ms, Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync, Eye Care, DisplayPort HDMI
  • 27 inch WQHD (2560x1440) IPS gaming monitor with 1ms (MPRT) response time 165Hz refresh rate (supports 144Hz) and G-SYNC compatibility for a tear-free experience
  • ASUS Extreme Low Motion Blur Sync (ELMB SYNC) Technology enables a 1ms response time (MPRT) together with Adaptive-Sync eliminating ghosting and tearing for sharp gaming visuals with high frame rates

3. Dell S3220DGF

Dell S3220DGF

The Dell S3220DGF is your best gaming monitor for many. For starters, it boasts a fast refresh rate, very low reaction time and also FreeSync two HDR for combating display tearing with both regular and HDR content. In addition to this, this 32-inch screen features lots of vertical screen real estate with no need for scrolling and 1440p resolution, the present sweet spot between picture quality and gaming functionality. Its 1800R curve also brings well to immersion, and along with gambling, we discovered that in addition, this is an excellent track for overall productivity and whatever in between.

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Our testing proved that the screen has low input lag and speedy panel response to competitive players, and we got G-Sync Compatibility to operate on it, even despite it not being certified to do so. This really is an excellent monitor for anyone who has mid to high-budget gambling PCs.

4. LG 27GN950-B

LG 27GN950-B

4K gambling is a superior undertaking. You want a massive quantity of producing power to reach good frame rates at this high resolution. But if you are rocking a top-shelf graphics card, such as the newest RTX 3080.

This LG UltraGear is your initial 4K Nano IPS 1ms gaming screen that will properly flaunt your next-gen GPU. This 4K 27-inch HDR screen has a 144Hz refresh speed and 1ms answer time, which is kind of crazy to get a 4K screen. What’s most striking about this LG is your Nano IPS technology that provides a wider color gamut and leading viewing angles.

The LG UltraGear 27GN950-B luggage you a great panel with beautiful IPS picture quality and, regardless of the lower HDR capacities, beautiful colors, contrasts, and depths to match also. G-Sync is present to provide stable images and smoothness in matches, along with the rapid refresh speed and response times back up this also.

LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Nano IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor
5,614 Reviews
LG 27GL850-B 27 Inch Ultragear QHD Nano IPS 1ms NVIDIA G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor
  • 27 inches QHD (2560 X 1440) Nano IPS display
  • World’s first Nano IPS with 1MS response time (tested by UL (Underwriters Laboratories) on May 2019)

5. Alienware NEW Curved 34″ WQHD Ultrawide

Alienware NEW Curved 34″ WQHD Ultrawide

Alienware is not messing about with their newest high-end gaming computer. A huge portion of this asking price here clearly comes down to the magnitude of the curved 1440p ultrawide screen, using a 3440×1440 resolution, but it’s a couple of tricks up its sleeve too. The reaction time of 2 milliseconds is native rather than bulked up by artificial movement blur technologies.

The operation here is fairly sound, but this really is a track that is about sumptuous visuals over all else. It may offer nearly full coverage of this DCI-P3 color gamut, which is a fairly impressive hit even for a comparatively high-priced gaming screen.

6. BenQ GL2706PQ

BenQ GL2706PQ

The GL2706PQ is Ben Q’s flagship aggressive gambling monitor. Therefore, tons of gambling technology is built to this particular monitor, such as Zeroflicker, Low Blue Light, a 1ms response time, a 60Hz refresh rate, and much more. In addition, the chassis is slick and features VESA wall mounts for additional flexibility. In terms of the display? It is intended to leave over 16.7 million colors at precisely the exact same moment.

This is genuinely a gaming-grade screen that provides cutting-edge functionality for even the toughest games– all at an ultra-affordable cost.

7. Acer Nitro XV340CK

Acer Nitro XV340CK

The very best 1440p gaming monitor in the ultrawide class we have examined is your Acer Nitro XV340CK. It is a 34-inch model using a 21:9 aspect ratio, which provides more horizontal screen space for an immersive gaming experience. It’s decent build quality, and amazingly excellent design for an ultrawide since the rack allows for a whole 360-degree swivel, which is very good for sharing articles. It’s adequate viewing angles and decent manifestation handling, but sadly, it does not get quite bright and may not have the capacity to overcome the heat. It is not perfect for dark rooms, as it’s a low contrast ratio, which makes blacks appear grayish.

Should you play fast-paced games, then you will love its movement handling. Its 144Hz refresh speed and fast response time lead to clear and smooth movement from fast-moving scenes, and there is barely any overshoot, which could result in artifacts. It’s an optional Black Frame Insertion attribute to further improve endurance, but you can not use it at precisely the exact same time as a variable refresh rate. And talking of its VRR, it supports FreeSync natively and works with NVIDIA’s G-SYNC.

There is HDR service, but HDR content does not seem much from SDR as it can not exhibit a broad color gamut and does not find it bright enough to create highlights that stand out exactly the way they need to. It’s a set of speakers if you do not have committed ones, along with two USB 3.0 interfaces that you may use to control your mobile devices. There is also a blue light filter to decrease eye pressure. In general, it is a fantastic gaming monitor that should satisfy most folks.

Acer Nitro XV273 Xbmiiprzx 27' Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS AMD Radeon FreeSync & G-SYNC Compatible Gaming Monitor,240Hz,VESA Certified DisplayHDR400,Up to 0.1ms Response Time (1xDP, 2xHDMI&4 x3.0 Ports)
64 Reviews

8. Samsung C32HG70

Samsung C32HG70

The Samsung C32HG70 is your very best 1440p 144Hz monitor offered at a 32-inch size we have analyzed. This massive version is well-equipped to provide an immersive gaming experience with its display dimensions and its own QHD resolution. It provides images with excellent detail and clarity, excellent for an immersive gaming experience.

It’s a VA panel which may produce deep blacks, which makes it a fantastic selection for dim rooms, and it may display colors with remarkable precision. It’s excellent movement handling, though it ought to be mentioned that the reaction time is considerably worse should you perform at 60Hz, which might be unsatisfactory for console players. It’s a Dark Frame Insertion attribute to decrease motion blur, so it supports FreeSync, and its own input is very low, even if VRR is empowered. Additionally, it may deliver a fairly good HDR encounter, better than a TV.

Regrettably, it’s awful black uniformity, and the chief disadvantage with it is its own viewing angles. You immediately drop picture accuracy when viewing on the other side, which is not perfect for co-op gaming. On the other hand, the rack has great ergonomics, which means that you can easily adjust it to the best viewing position. Overall, this is among the very best 1440p 144Hz gaming screens we have tested.

SAMSUNG LC49RG90SSNXZA 49-Inch CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor, Black
1,577 Reviews
SAMSUNG LC49RG90SSNXZA 49-Inch CRG9 Curved Gaming Monitor, Black
  • 49 inch super ultrawide dual QHD curved gaming monitor is the equivalent of dual 27-inch QHD displays side by side, providing the enhanced productivity.
  • 120 hertz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync 2 technology for crisp HDR content display, reduced input latency and low framerate compensation

9. AORUS FI27Q 27″ Frameless

AORUS FI27Q 27″ Frameless

The bezel – or lack thereof – at the AORUS FI27Q generates the impression that you are staring into a different planet. This can be an IPS panel. To put it differently, color reproduction is a lot more significant than functionality here. It can deliver 95 percent of this DCI-P3 color spectrum. Additionally, it suggests it looks good even when seen from wider angles.

The on-screen display is significant enough to make a title: OSD Sidekick. It is simple enough for novices to use but provides an entire wealth of customization options, which are built especially with the requirements of track gambling in mind.

AOC C27G1 27' Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor FHD 1080p, 1800R VA panel, 1ms 144Hz, FreeSync, DP/HDMI/VGA, Height adjustable, VESA, 3-Year Zero Dead Pixels,Black
16,186 Reviews
AOC C27G1 27" Curved Frameless Gaming Monitor FHD 1080p, 1800R VA panel, 1ms 144Hz, FreeSync, DP/HDMI/VGA, Height adjustable, VESA, 3-Year Zero Dead Pixels,Black
  • 27" AOC immersive gaming monitor with 1920 x 1080 Full HD resolution
  • 1800R curved monitor (VA panel) wrapping around you for an immersive gaming experience


What is 1440p?

How many pixels in 1440p?


The best 1440p gaming monitor to buy for home is based on what we think are the best 1440p gaming monitors currently available. They’re adapted to be valid for most people. Rating is based on our review, factoring in price, and feedback from our visitors.


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