Benefits of Google Cloud GPU

The landscape of modern business operations has changed drastically over the last decade. This is
majorly due to the influence of artificial intelligence and machine learning. To keep up with this change,
many organizations need GPUs.
As an added advantage, these processing units are used on Google Cloud. Therefore, in this article, we’ll
reveal the benefits of Google Cloud GPUs and why you need them in your business. But before we go
into that, let’s explain what online GPU is.

Cloud GPU Explained

GPU is an abbreviation for Graphics Processing Unit. It is different from CPU which stands for Central
Processing Unit. GPUs are designed to render images on the screen of a computer.
These electronic circuits are more or less known for their functions in 3D images and videos that are
usually graphic intensive. However, they are also valuable for engineers and programmers who want to
organize their workloads through machine learning. Furthermore, data scientists benefit from these
units as they provide faster performance compared to CPUs. This is very important during AI deep
learning training of neural networks.
The parallel structure of a graphic processing unit makes it more efficient when compared to central
processing units. In other words, GPUs can break down a large processing task into several small tasks.
This is why modern graphic processing units are designed with processor cores of hundreds or
thousands. As such their ability to process complex tasks is usually faster compared to central processing
With the advantages of physical GPUs, those used in online platforms have more benefits. Online
graphics processing units are computer instances that are designed to function in the cloud. These
processing units are designed to handle AI and deep learning. As they are online based, these GPUs
don’t have to be physically present in your device.

The Workings of Cloud Computation

In this section, we’ll quickly reveal the workings of cloud computation to give us a better understanding
of online GPUs. With cloud computation, the need for physical hardware as well as technology
infrastructure is eliminated. This type of online computation falls into the following category:
 Private: This is solely owned by an organization, and they alone can access it. Its architecture is
usually customized, and its resource management is quite extensive. To ensure that data are
protected, the security is highly advanced.
 Public: As the name implies, it is open to the public to manage and store their data. As a result,
organizations need to pay for the resources. They’ll also have to pay more when they want to
scale their access, storage, and features.
 Hybrid: This combines public and private models. Therefore, organizations can store their
confidential data privately. They can then access the data via public online applications.
As we said, with online computation, you get to eliminate the need for excess hardware. Therefore,
physical workstations in the office space can be reduced. Furthermore, it leads to the simplification of

Google Cloud GPU Benefits

So far, we’ve talked about GPU, cloud, and its computation, but we’ve not mentioned Google Cloud.
Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and the third largest provider in the world. You can visit to find out the top
10 biggest cloud providers in the world in 2023. Therefore, using your GPU on this platform can benefit
your organization in so many ways.
Companies that need computing with high performance can take advantage of GCP. Even if your
company doesn’t have many resources, you can still find solutions that will meet your processing needs.
Below are some benefits of the GCP GPU:

Frees Space on Your Computers

Since you’re not running the GPU locally, it allows your computer to have free space. This, in turn,
enables your computer systems to function better and faster. If you run a complex rendering task or a
machine learning model on your computer, it might affect the computer’s ability to function. This is a
major advantage for small businesses that cannot afford high-end computer systems.

Saves Time

The faster the rendering time, the faster the workflow. When you use the GCP, you can reduce the
hours you’d have spent on running machine learning models to a few minutes. You can read this article
to learn more about machine learning models. With this spare time, your engineers can produce better
results and carry out other tasks.

Reduces Costs

What many folks don’t know is that the cost of a physical GPU is more than getting one on GCP. In fact,
on GCP, you can rent a GPU server per hour and the rate is affordable. So, if you are thinking of getting a
physical GPU, the alternative is better money-wise.

Easy Scalability

Physical GPUs usually have a fixed scale that can manage a particular limit of workload. This is not the
case when you take advantage of GCP. You can increase your graphics processing unit scale and reduce
it whenever you want depending on your workload.


Taking advantage of Google Cloud GPU has many benefits your business operation can take advantage
of. In this article, we’ve revealed 4 of these benefits. We hope you make the right choice and switch to
the future of graphics processing units.

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