Avg Secure Vpn: Top Full Guide 2021

Avg Secure Vpn Review

AVG Secure VPN protects your traffic from snoopers eager to profit from (or steal) your info. It’s a varied selection of host places, covering speed test scores that are robust, and regions ignored by rivals. That is tempered with a hefty up-front price, few privacy tools when compared with the VPNs. Let Colorfy show you all details of this service. 

What is a VPN?

It generates an encrypted tunnel between your personal computer and a host when you turn on a VPN. Your ISP will not have the ability to find out what you are up to (or market your anonymized user information ). Anyone snooping around your network will not have the ability to intercept your internet traffic.

A VPN obscures your IP address, making it more difficult for snoops and advertisers to monitor your moves online. You might use a VPN to spoof your place by choosing a remote server.

VPNs are sturdy instruments, but they do not protect against every sickness. We recommend using antivirus software on your computer, saving and creating unique and intricate passwords using a password manager, also empowering two-factor authentication–where it is accessible.

AVG Secure VPN Overview


Safe VPN is your by-product of all AVG Technologies, founded in 1991 as a provider, developed by Avast VPN in 2016. It’s a privacy application that strikes on some and overlooks some. In the event you get it? Is AVG Secure VPN worthwhile?

Well, it utilizes 256-bit-AES hosts and encryption 50 servers in 36 countries. At precisely the same time, it provides consumers a 7-day complimentary trial (no credit card required), a 30-day money-back guarantee, and programs for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS (together with five simultaneous connections).

When it comes to quality and performance, much doesn’t impress. It stores its own Windows program, and link and session logs have a virus. Gladly, it will succeed at unblocking streaming applications such as Netflix US (albeit inconsistently).


  • Diverse server choice
  • Transparent privacy policy
  • Speed test results that are Fantastic


  • Practices can be improved.
  • Inflexible pricing
  • Servers privacy tools and places
  • No public audit

Where is AVG Secure VPN Based?

AVG Secure VPN has its headquarters. Like many EU nations, the place has net limitations.

This works in favor of the provider since the nation is lenient on people who get into the BitTorrent network. VPNs aren’t prohibited in the country, and the legislation provides for freedom of media and speech.

The government respects the rights of citizens, besides”hate speech” cases that deny communist-era offenses and the Holocaust. The government prohibits arbitrary interference.

There was some outrage on an invoice of Minister of Finance Andrej Babiš. It centered on”net deanonymization” based on which every user had to have a “net passport” to get the electronic world.

It was not passed, on account of the disapproval from netizens. Therefore, citizens like an open web in the nation, with cubes only imposed on webpages promoting pedophilia, child trafficking, child prostitution, and pornography.

AVG Secure VPN prices and Features

VPN businesses provide monthly subscription programs and longer-term subscriptions at a discounted rate but a higher up-front price. AVG does not go this way. Its cheapest subscription is one year, which begins at $89.99. Two-year plan prices $179.99 plus also a three-year plan will put you back $269.99. Be aware that these programs have discounts.

The average monthly price of a VPN comes out to $10.18, although the yearly cost is about $73.41. While the reductions employed to AVG Secure VPN bring its price, it is a product in value.

Many VPNs are the first to figure out how to come in below the market average. TunnelBear, for example, costs only $9.99 a month. Some offer more features such as Mullvad, which boasts cutting-edge engineering and a superb method for protecting user privacy. That service costs only $5 per month ($5.80 in the time of writing).

Nothing is much cheaper than free, and there are a couple of free VPNs that are worth your consideration. TunnelBear and Hotspot Shield both provide subscription tiers that are free, but put restrictions. Hotspot allows 500MB every day, whereas TunnelBear limits you to 500MB a month.

ProtonVPN, on the other hand, places no limitation on the quantity of information its free readers can use, which makes it the best free alternative we have yet seen.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, some providers cost considerably higher than the ordinary cost but more than justify the price. NordPVN, for example, costs $11.95 a month, however, packs superb host protection, a well-designed program, and many added privacy features. NordVPN is one.

Additionally, it provides a multihop VPN, a tool that routes your traffic through another VPN server for extra protection. AVG Secure VPN does not have some of them, nor does it offer split tunneling, a feature that permits you to specify which programs to send their data via the VPN tunnel and which do not.

A subscription with AVG Secure VPN will permit you to use up to five devices concurrently, which can be dead to the market average. But that may be changing. Several services are currently offering over the ordinary number of relations, and a few have done away with this restriction altogether.

Avira Phantom VPN, Encrypt.me VPN, Ghostery Midnight, IPVanish VPN, Surf Shark VPN, and Windscribe VPN put no limitation on the number of devices you can use concurrently. (Encrypt.me and IPVanish are possessed by j2 Global, the parent firm of PCMag’s writer, Ziff Davis.)

A few VPN providers offer you extra-cost add-ons, such as additional simultaneous links, or static IP addresses. AVG does not offer any such spells, but it is no actual loss

AVG VPN program payment Approach

The payment programs available are to get a subscription. There’s not any monthly or quarterly supply.

Regrettably, payment procedures are simply offered by AVG Secure VPN. You may pay through debit and credit card, or PayPal. Your equilibrium is not taken by the PayPal method but asks for the card connected to the accounts.

Though limited, the costs offered are very sensible and are on par with the rest of the significant title VPN providers.

Their Refund Policy

AVG Secure VPN delivers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You paid for a subscription and want to opt-out if requesting a refund within the time is done. To begin with, you require a refund and can get in touch with their sales service. They will go through the process of inquiring why you are canceling your payment.

VPN Protocols

To make its VPN link, AVG VPN employs the OpenVPN protocol using its Windows and Android programs. On iOS and macOS, it operates precisely the contract. Both are a technology that is protected and contemporary, although OpenVPN is preferred by me since it is open-source and has been chosen for any vulnerabilities.

AVG VPN does not support the WireGuard protocol. This is a technology and has seen adoption in a couple of places. Mullvad and nordVPN, by way of instance, have invested in it.

In my experience, I discovered WireGuard for a game-changer concerning speed, and it is the heir apparent to OpenVPN since the open-source go-to pick for VPNs. The lack of service of AVG is not an issue, but it’ll be.

Privacy Protection

AVG asserts that while utilizing AVG Secure VPN, users’ actions will be encrypted, and their solitude and actual place will stay concealed. Folks should have no worries about their activity as the program uses three protocols: OpenVPN and UDP for both Windows and IPSec for Mac.

Also, it uses an AES 256-bit encryption, even a bank-grade amount of encryption for reliable protection that comes along with Open SSL and certificate authentication too. Helpfully, AVG clarifies how to affirm while utilizing a VPN on its FAQ 24, that the place is not being displayed.

Considering AVG privacy policy, clients will realize AVG gathers information when people use the VPN. AVG stores the number of details in addition to the consumer’s IP address when connecting and disconnecting to the VPN.

The business explains the rationale for collecting this information is for fraud avoidance and support quality evaluation, and it is going to be saved for 30 days. Therefore, the report doesn’t include any information or sites, so customers won’t need to fret about the business.

VPN Network

AVG Secure VPN has servers in 35 nations, which range from commonly available places like the U.S., UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan but also less familiar areas like South Africa and Russia. In total, the program provides 56 servers all over the globe.

That amount might be somewhat lower compared to other rivals in the current market. However, this may be readily forgiven as the application has servers especially designated for P2P and streaming via its data center locations. This is only one of the most powerful aspects of the use.

Regarding connection rates, the Secure VPN of AVG does go beyond expectations. We did a few speed tests with three distinct places Japan, Canada, and Spain every. It was predictable that Spain would demonstrate much better outcomes than Canada and Japan, but they represented a 35% rate drop compared to no active VPN connection. Results vary based on the space in the site and the VPN place.

In general, these amounts are very similar to those obtained with different VPNs and thus don’t differentiate AVG’s VPN support from the crowded sector.

OS, Device Support

Like VPN providers, AVG Secure VPN may be used across different devices. The paid version of this program permits users to protect up to five devices simultaneously, whereas the program may be used on devices supporting Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

If it comes to those around the Windows operating systems, it’s officially available for Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or later. Nevertheless, people using old versions like Windows Vista or Windows XP may also use the applications as AVG gives a choice to download older installation documents.

Beware, however, that these early versions aren’t encouraged by AVG anymore and are not subject to any sort of upgrades.

To get macOS, on the flip side, AVG Secure VPN may be installed on servers running Apple macOS 10.10.x Yosemite or newer. When it comes to cellular, the program can be found on devices that operate using Android 4.0 or later and iOS 9.0 or later. To simplify the consumer’s expertise, the program works precisely the identical way on all platforms, and its layout stays the same.

With a selection of products so broad, it would be simple for AVG to neglect to deliver a fantastic VPN solution throughout the board. It’s quite common for businesses with such an extensive reaching portfolio to launch half-baked products to get a fast cash grab.

However, the total simplicity of use of the program makes it crystal clear it is a well-thought alternative. It had been a clear objective to produce the application as straightforward as it might be while still keeping the most crucial options of a VPN program.

Customer Service

In accord with the top-quality support AVG provides through its applications, the business has spent fantastic customer support. If customers have some type of concerns when installing the claims, with the VPN, or perhaps billing queries, then the customer care staff has prepared a thorough segment of the FAQ on its site only for this.

Tutorials will also be available for many more technical issues like installing or uninstalling a product, the way to trigger this, and so on.

In addition to this, AVG’s customer service can be attained through numerous approaches and may be contacted 24/7 through email, telephone, and live chat, besides via a forum or Facebook.

However, what distinguishes AVG’s customer support is that it also provides remote desktop service, allowing for immediate assistance via your desktop especially for the ones which aren’t so technically proficient.

Speed and Performance

If you use a VPN, you will lose some speed from the process. To have a feeling of the effect each VPN makes on functionality, we evaluate results together and with no VPN active and detect a percentage change. (Ookla is possessed by j2 Global, the parent firm of PCMag’s writer, Ziff Davis.) Watch its limitations, and the aptly called How We Test VPNs for much more about VPN testing.

It is not surprising that their outcomes monitor quite closely to one another Since AVG VPN and Avast SecureLine share the very same servers. Simply take this as proof that my testing is not consistent between products.

Much like Avast, AVG performed in the latency and downloading tests, but fell in the evaluations that were uploaded. We discovered that AVG diminished download rate test results by 47.1 percent and download results from 75.9 percent. It increased latency outcomes by 42.2 percent.

It’s possible to observe AVG contrasts with the nine VPNs from the 40 providers we analyzed in the graph below.

Chart showing outcomes and the two VPNs.

Our testing reveals Hotspot Shield VPN is the VPN, by having the smallest effect on latency and downloading evaluation outcomes. Surfshark had astonishing evaluation results, and isn’t far behind, however. Against picking a VPN on pace, 12, I caution readers.

My results will certainly not signify yours and may change in a minute. It’s far better to concentrate on privacy and value protections.

Number AVG Secure VPN on Platforms

VPN programs are offered by AVG. Though it can be possible to configure your computer, there doesn’t seem to be support for Linux. I don’t suggest this approach, though, since it’s hard to keep, and also, you won’t receive access to all of the features you’re paying for.

Providers attempt to get programs on each platform from flowing boxes into video game consoles. Many others and tortured provide routers pre-configured using their VPN services.

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Avg Secure Vpn FAQs

Can AVG Secure VPN keep logs?

AVG VPN records use logs you visited. This is a red flag for any provider since it defies the purpose of working with a VPN in the first location. Should you sign up for that shop’s logs?

Can AVG have a free VPN?

No, AVG will not offer you a VPN product. However, they do provide users the capability to leverage a 7-day complimentary trial, without needing to provide your credit card information. You have a 30-day refund accessible.

Can I utilize my AVG Secure VPN?

Yes, users are offered the capability to link simultaneously by AVG Secure VPN. You iOS apparatus and may use it on Windows Android.

Can AVG slow your PC down?

The VPN itself includes a very user-friendly and extremely”light” interface. It is safe to state that AVG won’t slow down your pc.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Proceed to the AVG site and log in with your credentials.

Click the “My Products” tab towards the top of the page.

Pick the AVG VPN product to keep cancellation.

Click on “Cancel Subscription” to confirm!

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