Arlo Pro 2 Vs Arlo Pro 3 Reiews: Top FULL Guide 2021

Arlo Pro 2 Vs Arlo Pro 3 Differences

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When the first Arlo wire-free has been declared, it generated quite the buzz. The Netgear alternative to home security cameras captured fast. Further updates made the Arlo Pro two a powerhouse in the area and a worthy rival to other cameras. The Arlo Ultra planned to topple the current market, but many owners discovered it to be a lot.

The most recent launch, the Arlo Pro 3, takes the Ultra a measure back to accommodate more customers and their needs. Are your Pro 3 values going on in the Arlo Pro 2? The brief answer is yes. Keep reading to discover why.

Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2

The Arlo Pro 2 might be a couple of years old at this time. Still, it nevertheless provides the majority of everything you will probably need or desire in a home security system.


  • Can save up to 2TB locally through the heart
  • IP65 weather-resistance
  • Night vision
  • Records in 1080p
  • Seven days of free cloud storage
  • Works using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Reduced resolution compared to Pro 3
  • Smaller viewing angles compared to Pr

Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3

The Arlo Pro 3 is far better than the Pro two in a few vital areas such as video resolution and night viewing, but these updates come at a steep price, which might not be well worth it for everybody.


  • 2TB of local storage through the heart
  • IP65 weather-resistance
  • Color night vision with the incorporated spotlight
  • Records in 2K HDR
  • A three-month trial of Arlo Smart cloud Support
  • Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant compatibility


  • More expensive compared to Pro 2
  • Less generous free cloud storage choices compared to Arlo Pro 2

The Comparison between Arlo Pro 2 Vs. Arlo Pro 3

The Differences between Arlo Pro 2 Vs Arlo Pro 3

After Arlo set out to create a much better version of this Ultra, the Pro 3 has been the last outcome. Can it be better than the hottest Arlo, the Pro 2? Maybe, but it’s different. This is the way.

Free Cloud Storage

The Pro-2 Has a free subscription to Cloud Storage, using a 7-day rollover. The greater resolution of this Arlo 3 does not allow your free storage choice.

As I just mentioned, the Pro 3 includes a greater resolution (2k) versus the 1080p HD of this Pro 2.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

HDR permits the Pro 3 to produce moving pictures that more clear rather than regretting, smokey, and without even bleeding colors.

The Pro 3 includes a spotlight over the lens the Pro 2 does not have.

Night Vision, Lighting and Sirens

Night vision for the two cameras is touted as full-color, but a good deal of this will be dependent on the light level across the camera. Better lighting will create the entire picture color but do not be shocked if you see infrared shadows or even the graphics blinks to white and black regularly.

The Pro 3 tackle this matter with stronger LED infrared bulbs and spotlight. The Pro 2 does not have a spotlight. You can trigger the light or put it to come on whenever there is motion detection. The Pro 3 will also supply you with the ability to earn the spotlight strobe red, signaling a recording camera to your own would-be intruder to take note of.

With the Pro-2 and Pro 3, you may even use the cell program to empower two-way communications. You can speak to the individual in light of the camera via the program, and your voice will come in the camera speakers. Together with the built-in mic, you’ll have the ability to listen to the answers.

In the end, there are sirens. The Pro 2 includes a siren in the heart, a 100dB, the piercing siren that will surely capture your attention, and that of your neighbors if they’re near enough. The Pro 3 goes the siren into the camera and from the heart.

It’s nevertheless 100dB and pierces the atmosphere using a shrill sound. You can activate the sirens manually or place up them to be triggered with movement detection.

Camera performance

The most critical differences you’ll see involving the Pro-2 and Pro 3 center around the camera functionality. The Pro 3 includes a 2K HDR sensor capable of recording 1440p, which is a lot superior to the 1080p HD caliber of this Pro 2. The Pro-2 needed a good field of view at 130 degrees, but the Pro 3 extends that to 160 degrees so that it could see more of your lawn, drive, or living area. While both cameras have night vision abilities, the Pro 3 may catch and capture at night in full color, and it’s an integrated spotlight too.

Power Source

The Arlo Pro 3 and Pro 2 may either have energy provided via a cable or battery. Each has its benefits, like the wireless being aesthetic rather than being constrained to being close to a mains outlet. But going wired does have some beneficial advantages because it unlocks more features which energy-constrained battery-powered variant can not do.

These features include continuous video recording, Foresight, and Task Zones. We talk about continuous video recording in the future within this article since it includes additional cloud storage charges.

Foresight catches a couple of seconds before a movement triggered event to reveal what occurred in the minutes establishing up into it. Activity zones are habit motion zones that could dismiss false alarms from different regions on the camera area. These could be set via the Arlo program.

App & Smart Home

All these WiFi connectable cameras operate through the Arlo program. Here is the point at which the consumer can get lots of the camera characteristics, for example, live view, two-way conversation, and movies stored on the cloud.

When you are busy with life, you do not have enough time to fret about what is going on in your home. Fortunately, both cameras include Amazon Alexa or the Google Assistant, which you’ll be able to connect to your smartphone.

The wise helper will send prompt notifications to your telephone when something occurs. You could even personalize Arlo to install geofencing, in addition to other customized settings, all from the cell phone.

Hub Storage

Local storage is vital, which means that you may keep video footage of any problems that occur. This is meant to be a backup for when the net goes down along with cloud storage fails. Both cameras include up to 2 TB storage capability from the heart, but the Pro 3 includes a Smart Hub, but the Pro-2 includes a normal center.

What is the distinction? A normal hub (or foundation) utilizes a typical USB for storage and may save your data locally. A Smart Hub, nevertheless, has the updated option of storing it into the cloud, in addition to having a Micro SD card.


Apart from the physical differences, these cameras also change quite a bit regarding the amount of possession. Regardless of that bundle of cameras and hub you select (I decided to compare the two-camera installation), the Pro 3 is priced considerably greater than Pro 2. Actually, at every bundle amount, the cost difference could be anywhere from $180 (for your two-camera installation) to $500 (for your six-camera installation). That is several Benjamins to part with.

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Which Arlo camera is better?

The Arlo Pro 3 includes remarkable features, but Arlo Pro 2 is still a fantastic selection.

The Arlo Pro 3 is certainly an upgrade over the Arlo Pro two. You receive improved video quality, better built-in features (such as a spotlight and a siren), and a broader field of vision.

However, Arlo Pro 2 remains one of our preferred outdoor safety cameras. It is a good choice if you would like a wire-free, high-definition camera that will not eat up your entire budget.

Features: The Arlo Pro 3 has better features than the Pro two, no wonder. You get greater resolution, a broader perspective, a built-in safety lighting, and a built-in siren to frighten away intruders.

Pricing: The Arlo Pro 2 costs about half as far as the Arlo Pro 3. If you do not need to cover those fancy-schmancy features, then the Arlo Pro two will make more money in your pocket.

Home automation: both these cameras have the specific same house automation integrations. They work with smart helper faves such as Amazon Alexa.

Setup: You will stick to the same installation process for each camera. The toughest part is establishing the base channel. Mounting is pretty simple with these wireless cams because you don’t need to string power strings.

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