Arlo Pro 2 Vs Arlo Pro 3 Differences: Top FULL Guide 2020

Arlo Pro 2 Vs Arlo Pro 3 Differences

Keep reading Colorfy’s article to make a better decision between Arlo Pro 2 Vs Arlo Pro 3!

When the first Arlo wire-free has been declared, it generated quite the buzz. The Netgear alternative to home security cameras captured fast. Further updates made the Arlo Pro two a powerhouse in the area and a worthy rival to other cameras. The Arlo Ultra planned to topple the current market, but many owners discovered it to be a lot.

The most recent launch, the Arlo Pro 3, takes the Ultra a measure back to accommodate more customers and their needs. Are your Pro 3 values going on in the Arlo Pro 2? The brief answer is yes. Keep Reading to Discover why.

Arlo Pro 2

Arlo Pro 2

The Arlo Pro 2 might be a couple of years old at this time, but it nevertheless provides the majority of everything you will probably need or desire in a house security camera system.


  • Can save up to 2TB locally through the heart
  • IP65 weather-resistance
  • Night vision
  • Records in 1080p
  • Seven days of free cloud storage
  • Works using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant


  • Reduced resolution compared to Pro 3
  • Smaller viewing angles compared to Pr

Arlo Pro 3

Arlo Pro 3

The Arlo Pro 3 is far better than the Pro two in a few vital areas such as video resolution and night viewing, but these updates come at a steep price which might not be well worth it for everybody.


  • 2TB of local storage through the heart
  • IP65 weather-resistance
  • Color night vision with incorporated spotlight
  • Records in 2K HDR
  • A three-month trial of Arlo Smart cloud Support
  • Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant compatibility


  • More expensive compared to Pro 2
  • Less generous free cloud storage choices compared to Arlo Pro 2

The Differences between Arlo Pro 2 Vs Arlo Pro 3

The Differences between Arlo Pro 2 and 3

After Arlo set out to create a much better version of this Ultra, the Pro 3 has been the last outcome. Can it be better than the hottest Arlo, the Pro 2? Maybe, but it’s different. This is the way.

Free Cloud Storage

The Pro-2 Has a free subscription to the Cloud Storage, using a 7-day rollover. The greater resolution of this Arlo 3 does not allow to your free storage choice.

As I just mentioned, the Pro 3 includes a greater resolution (2k) versus the 1080p HD of this Pro 2.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

HDR permits the Pro 3 to produce moving pictures that more clear rather than regretting, smokey, and without even bleeding colors.

The Pro 3 includes a spotlight over the lens the Pro 2 does not have.

Siren location

Both versions have a siren, but the Pro two siren is situated in the bottom heart. Pro 3’s siren is at the camera .

Arlo 3 utilizes the Exact Same SmartHub since the Ultra. It includes more features than the normal hub the Arlo Pro 2 uses. Including the usage of Z-wave and ZigBee devices.

Camera performance

The most critical differences you’ll see involving the Pro-2 and Pro 3 center around the camera functionality. The Pro 3 includes a 2K HDR sensor capable of recording 1440p, which is a lot superior than the 1080p HD caliber of this Pro 2. The Pro-2 needed a good field of view at 130 degrees, but the Pro 3 extends that to 160 degrees so that it could see more of your lawn, drive, or living area. While both cameras have night vision abilities, the Pro 3 may catch and capture at night in full color, and it’s an integrated spotlight too.


Apart from the physical differences, these cameras also change quite a bit in regards to the amount of possession. Regardless, of that bundle of cameras and hub you select (I decided to compare the two-camera installation ), the Pro 3 is priced considerably greater compared to Pro 2. Actually, at every bundle amount, the cost difference could be anywhere from $180 (for your two-camera installation ) to $500 (for your six-camera installation ). That is a number of Benjamins to part with.

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Which Arlo camera is better?

The Arlo Pro 3 includes remarkable features, but the Arlo Pro 2 is still a fantastic selection.

The Arlo Pro 3 is certainly an upgrade over the Arlo Pro two. You receive improved video quality, better built-in features (such as a spotlight along with a siren), and also a broader field of vision.

However, Arlo Pro 2 remains one of our preferred outdoor safety cameras. It is a good choice if you would like a wire-free, high-definition camera that will not eat up your entire budget.

Features: The Arlo Pro 3 has better features than the Pro two, no wonder. You get greater resolution, a broader perspective, a built-in safety lighting, and also a built-in siren to frighten away intruders.

Pricing: The Arlo Pro 2 costs about half as far as the Arlo Pro 3. If you do not need to cover those fancy-schmancy features, then the Arlo Pro two will make more money in your pocket.

Home automation: both these cameras have the specific same house automation integrations. They work with smart helper faves such as Amazon Alexa.

Setup: You will stick to the exact same installation process for each camera. The toughest part is establishing the base channel. Mounting is pretty simple with these wire-free cams because you don’t need to string power strings.

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