Ark: Survival Evolved: Ultimate Tips For Beginners

Ark: Survival Evolved is considered pretty new in the gaming community since it was released on 29 August 2017 on Linux, Windows, macOS, PS4, and Xbox One. It is an action-adventure survival videogame that has both single-player and multiplayer options.
In this game, players must try to survive on an island that is constantly attacked by natural hazards and filled with dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. And to survive, players must build a base, with fire and weapons and other additional activities. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? But as a beginner, you may not know where to start and not sure about what you should do first. Here are some tips that will help you have a good start


Choose Your Starting Location Wisely

This seems not that big of a deal when you start playing. Technically, you can start everywhere you want. But not every place is ideal to begin your journey. Since this is a survival game, you will have to deal with a harsh environment and deadly creatures. Some places are definitely more dangerous than others. So if you don’t want to die repeatedly in the first few hours, the south coast is where you should start. The resources are plentiful and the predators are not the most worth-concerning thing that you have to worry about.

Look Around Where You Are Standing And Start Collecting

Do not underestimate the materials around you. Everything can turn out to be useful at one point or another in this game. Let’s start by picking up rocks and sticks off the ground. Sounds weird but in case you don’t know, rocks are everything in ARK. Almost anything you need to make requires a certain amount of rocks, things like basic weapons, tools, etc. So pick them up whenever you have a chance. Plants are also something that you shouldn’t ignore. You might think that they are useless but actually, they are the things that allow you to harvest fiber, an ingredient that is used to craft a lot of items that help you survive in the game.

Know Your Food Sources

Food is essential, not only in real life but also in Ark: Survival Evolved. So finding a good food source is a must. Luckily, this is not too hard to do. There are some ways you can get the food and risk becoming the food of the predators.

– Aim at the Dodo birds. These are one of the very few things in the game that won’t attack you in any circumstance. Therefore they are your perfect supply. Their meat will save you from starvation and give you hide for clothes.


– If you are not a meat person, fish is a perfect dish to balance your diet. Killing fish is one of the best ways to get a lot of food, so keep that in mind whenever you see some fish swimming in the water. You might want to kill them.

– Another food source is the berry plants. Even though plucking those tiny berries can be a daunting job but it is still better than starving.

Taming The Dinosaurs

If you are living on an island that is filled with dinosaurs, then you definitely want to have one of those. So taming becomes a necessary task, but it is never an easy thing to do. This can take you hours and hours, so to make things a little bit easier for you, here is a tip for you. Like every other living creature, the dinosaurs need food. As the consequence, they can be tamed a lot faster with their preferred food. Just give them some of their preferred food while they are rendered unconscious.

Riding Your Dinosaur

You have tamed your dinosaur, now you need to put it in a saddle to ride and use it for different tasks. Remember that different types of dinosaurs fit different tasks. Some stronger, some faster, some good at collecting berries, and some great for harvesting meal. Know what their strength is to use them efficiently.

Join A Tribe

The thing that keeps you survive in a dangerous world like this is having allies. You can’t have a safe life if you are all alone. In this game, you have a lot of enemies that are the thread to your existing. So joining a tribe that will be able to support you is a smart idea. Not only it will offer you the protection you need to fight other players and deadly dinosaurs, but you will level up much faster thanks to the bonus XP that are shared between the tribe’s members when doing activities with one another.

Make Yourself A Bed

Another tip that you should follow is to try to craft a bed as soon as possible to have a place that you can spawn from in case you die. After that, you should try to build a storage box next to your bed and put some spears with other weapons in there. This is going to be extremely useful if you die near some dangerous enemies, you can defeat them to get your items back.

Bonus Tip: Save Your Energy

Running get you to places faster. But just because you are in a game doesn’t mean you won’t get tired. And when you get tired you will need to eat. This means the more you run, the more food you use. So try not to run when it is not really necessary. Wait until you have a good food source. Save your stamina if you need to run away from an enemy instead.


Even though ARK is a pretty new game but it has attracted many gamers in the world and has become quite successful in the video game industry. Within a month of its early release on Steam, Ark: Survival Evolved had sold over one million copies. So if you decided to try this game out, here are the tips that will help you have a successful adventure. And remember that gaming is not just about playing, it is about the tactics to survive.

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