Apple Watch 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Your Choice?

Apple Watch 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Keep reading Colorfy’s article to make a better decision between Apple Watch 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3!

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 might be the long-awaited successor to one of our favorite wearables, the first Galaxy Watch, and we are enjoying all of the new perks and features. But how does this stack up to the marketplace top competition, the Apple Watch 5?

While the two watches sit on each side of the operating system split – the Apple Watch 5 functions seamlessly using iPhones, whereas the Galaxy Watch 3 incorporates Android telephones better than an iOS device – thus picking between the two may come back to that ecosystem serves you better. Apple Watches merely links into iPhones, whereas the Samsung Watch 3 will not Have the Ability to respond to messages or move much health information unless connected to Android phones.

That apart from that, the two are all-around watches that could fit your style and fitness needs, which is to be anticipated with their high costs relative to new smartwatches. All these are the top-tier apparatus in their area, and you would be hard-pressed to discover wearables that outperform them.

The Apple Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 3 fluctuate considerably in features, Displays, programs, and performance,… but it isn’t easy to outline their allure. Instead, we have broken them down section-by-section, so keep reading for our profound glimpse into how they compare with class.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3

If there was a smartwatch to rival the Apple Watch, the newest Galaxy Watch 3 is it. The fashionable device involves all the features you’d want in a smartwatch with gym purposes, with additional customization choices, drop detection, LTE connectivity, and trendy new color choices along with two dimensions. It is the Watch to select for Android consumers if you’re trying to find a wristwatch replacement, which can also provide notifications and enable you to monitor workouts.


  • Built-in GPS
  • Stylish wristwatch layout
  • Pairs with TV for workouts
  • Two size Choices
  • LTE alternative


  • Short battery life
  • More smartwatch than fitness
  • Expensive

Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch 5

For iPhone owners, the Apple Watch Series 5 stays the most logical choice. It provides easy integration with your smartphone, with lots of strong fitness and wellness and health features, from sports and exercise monitoring to drop detection and sound level alarms.

And it is unmatched in regards to the capacity to obtain and accessibility programs and also the ample 32GB of storage. It is the ideal match for an iPhone that provides rich features to coincide with its traditional appearance.


  • Built-in GPS
  • Always-on screen
  • Two size Choices
  • LTE alternative
  • Seamless iPhone integration


  • Short battery life
  • Expensive
  • Just for iPhone owners
  • Not a significant upgrade from Series 4

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 Apple Watch 5 Comparison

Specs compared

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 vs. Apple Watch 5 - Specs compared

Look and feel

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 3 features top-notch steel and glass construct closely resembling a conventional luxury watch. It is not the thinnest smartwatch on the market, but it is far out of thick in about 11mm in thickness. It seems light also; our 41mm inspection unit weighs just over 48 g. The real leather wristband on the Galaxy Watch 3 also feels sturdy and higher finish, and its typical watch ring locking mechanism firmly has it match around even the tiniest of wrists.

The Galaxy Watch 3 comes in 3 colors – Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, and Mystic Bronze. Its accessible sizes to select from are 45mm or 41mm. Additionally, it comes in 2 connectivity variations – one with only Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS, and a more costly one that adds LTE connectivity.

It’s a rotating bezel for interacting with all the Watch, and it will be a pleasure to use, along with the buttons onto its best side. These are a “Back” button and a “Power / / Home” button. Its screen is also a touchscreen display.

The Apple Watch also sports a superior glass and (poisonous) aluminum build. It is also available in stainless steel, ceramic and ceramic assemblies. It will not go for the appearances of a typical watch, as it is square-shaped. Its default rubberized wristband is a lot clunkier to wear than a more customary wristband on the Galaxy Watch 3. Also, it expectedly seems and feels significantly less superior. There are, though, a massive assortment of original and third-party wristbands that you can substitute the default with (at extra cost).

The tiny crown on the ideal side of this Apple Watch can be a button equates to the rotating bezel on the Galaxy Watch 3. It also mostly manages scrolling via the interface, though. The screen can also be a touch screen. The crown on the Apple Watch is a little more simple to utilize than Galaxy Watch 3’s rotating bezel and using one finger. Additionally, the Apple Watch also has another side button just beneath the crown, which may be used for viewing your recently used programs or tripping an SOS emergency telephone.


The Galaxy Watch 3’s OLED display is around, pleasant and vibrant, and the Gorilla Glass in addition to it does nicely to hide fingerprints. When viewed up close, it seems slightly less sharp than the Apple Watch’s screen, though that’s a nitpick most consumers probably won’t see or care about.

The Galaxy Watch 3 supports the always-on screen, but it is disabled by default. I switched on; the screen will only dim a bit rather than shutting off if not needed. This requires a toll on the Galaxy Watch 3’s already unimpressive battery life.

The Apple Watch Series 5 matches an OLED Retina display, and the always-on screen is always on. Again, the show will dim when not required, maintaining your Watch face observable at all times. The smartwatch will also utilize light screen refresh speed to save on battery lifetime, wherever potential. It also is coated with glass and does not show fingerprints. Such as the Galaxy Watch 3’s screen, it is brilliant and can become bright, so it is nice to work with even in sunshine.


One reason that the Apple Watch 5 is your finest Apple Watch right now is its always-on screen. Nonetheless, it’s neither the first nor the sole smartwatch that allows you to find time at a glance. The Samsung Galaxy Watches 3’s display is always-on, also.

Another screen similarity between the Galaxy Watch 3 along with Apple Watch 5 is ambient light detectors. These discover how bright your surroundings are and fix the screen so it is never too dim or too bright.

Both watches game beautiful OLED touchscreen screens, which are easily viewable even in direct sunlight while outdoors. The Apple Watch’s display is somewhat higher-res (448 x 368) than the Galaxy Watch 3’s (360 x 360). However, the difference will not be noticeable.

Programs and audio storage

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Apple Watch 5 have program shops installing and browsing programs that help customize your wearable. Some are extensions of smartphone programs, while some are unique to a smartwatch’s skillset. Samsung includes a more restricted library of third-party choices, however.

Nonetheless, a couple of big names encourage the Galaxy Watch’s Tizen OS, such as Spotify. With the Galaxy Watch 3’s 8GB of audio storage, you can save music for offline play with a Spotify Premium subscription.

You can not save Spotify music onto the Apple Watch, but you may download and stream playlists there if you sign up for Apple Music. You will also get double the storage, 16GB.

Battery and performance

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 packs the Exynos 9110 chipset, the same as in the first Galaxy Watch and the Galaxy Watch Lively 2. It’s a horizontal 1GB of RAM and 8GB of storage for both programs and media.

The Galaxy Watch 3 runs on Samsung’s Tizen wearable OS 5.5, which is the organization’s proprietary wearable OS it uses rather than Wear OS. This enables Samsung to fine-tune the rotating dial functions inside the port, but it also possibly means fewer programs that must launch another version for your OS.

The Apple Watch 5 has been powered with the Apple S5 portable chipset, allegedly not much changed from the predecessor’s silicon. However, it possesses a magnetometer (for its compass) and much better power efficiency. Everyone appears to have been siphoned from the always-on screen, meaning that the battery life is fundamentally the same as the Apple Watch 4. The brand new smartwatch does double its storage into a whopping 32GB for several of the program and media you would want to shop locally.

Apple Watch 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 - Battery and performance

Apple Watch 5 runs watchOS 6 from the box, which mainly includes its App Store for consumers to navigate and download programs on the Watch itself without needing to track through a connected telephone. The OS also provides voice memos and first variations of iOS programs (such as the calculator) and ambient sound monitoring.

Battery life is where these smartwatches badly disagree. The Apple Watch 5 asserts 18 hours away from its 296mAh of power, making daily recharging a requirement – because, well, it can not even last a whole day. We have not thoroughly analyzed the Galaxy Watch 3, but its predecessor was able to last more than three times. Even to the fifth day of the event, we are excited to learn how long it will continue without recharging.

However, the disparity in power between the larger and smaller versions of this opinion (247mAh and 340mAh, respectively) leads us to believe it will be two times this time.

Fitness and Health Features

The wearables should be on equal footing for heart health tracking, as they offer electrocardiogram (ECG) programs. In an announcement to PCMag, Samsung verified the ECG program would be on the Watch in America.

“We’re thrilled to share which we recently obtained FDA clearance to your Samsung ECG monitor program,” the firm told PCMag within an email. “We look forward to sharing more information shortly”.

The Watch3 also includes a blood pressure tracking program, but it hasn’t yet been certified in the USA. “The Blood Pressure Monitor App won’t be available in the US unless FDA authorization is allowed,” Samsung said.

Concerning advanced health and physical fitness programs, Samsung says it intends to launch a software upgrade that enables on-demand VO2 maximum and SpO2 readings before the end of next month. The Series 5 may record your VO2 maximum (the maximum quantity of oxygen that your body can utilize during extreme exercise) if you monitor an outside walk or run for 20 or more minutes with constant heart rate tracking. Apple’s newest wearable doesn’t monitor SpO2, a measure of your blood oxygen saturation level; however, rumor has it that the next model will.

For security, the Series 5 and Watch3 provide a fall-detection attribute, although Samsung calls its model excursion detection. In case the Watch’s Pi finds a hard tumble outside or in your house, the Watch will inquire if you would like to send a habit SOS message into emergency contacts. Apple’s variant has proven to be lifesaving.

If it comes to sleeping monitoring, the Watch3 probably has the upper hand. Apple eventually intends to present a sleep-tracking attribute as part of watchOS 7 that autumn; however, the Series 5’s short battery life means you will need to get some time to control it throughout the day and perhaps forfeit some action monitoring, should you wear it.

The Watch’s supposed two-day battery life makes it more convenient as a sleeping tracker. If you wear Samsung’s Watch to bed, it will monitor your breathing, sleep length, quality, and consistency. It will provide you a sleeping quality score in the early hours and might offer strategies for improving your closed eye.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 and Apple Watch 5 have the same starting price of $399.99. This makes you the 41mm version of this stainless steel Galaxy Watch 3 or even the 40mm version of this aluminum Apple Watch 5. For your 44mm Apple Watch or bigger, 45mm Galaxy Watch 3, you will shell out $429.

Where you are going to encounter a substantial cost gap is LTE connectivity. Samsung asks for an extra $50 in addition to this Galaxy Watch 3’s low cost to work independently on the cell phone. Apple, meanwhile, now sells its LTE versions at a $100 premium.

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Should You Get the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 or the Apple Watch Series 5?

If you are now using an iPhone or even a Samsung phone, you are already 1 step nearer to this obvious better choice on your own. The Apple Watch does not work on Android phones, along with also the Samsung Galaxy Watches 3’s performance on iPhones is constrained.

If you’d like the excellent iPhone companion who runs easily and everything on it’s pleasant and fluid, you should go with the Apple Watch. It is minimalist in style and instantly recognizable as a status symbol. Its battery life can be reasonably stronger than it’s on Samsung’s smartwatch.

But if you would like an excellent smartwatch for your Android cellphone, mainly if it’s a Samsung one – you might choose to decide on this Galaxy Watch 3. Its conventional luxury watch layout is extremely appealing, along with the rotating bezel onto it’s an excellent way to browse through its menus.

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