Apple TV Vs Roku: Which Streaming Device Is Better?

Apple TV Vs Roku

Are you considering Apple TV Vs Roku? Colorfy‘s post below provides you useful information on these versions that help you decide easier.

Apple TV and Roku are a couple of the highest streaming media players created to flow pictures, movies, and audio content in the net and locally saved documents on computers, telephones, and tablet computers. They support 4K HDR movie and Dolby Atmos Audio but have fundamental differences in feature, layout, performance, and pricing,…

What’s Roku? Summary of Roku Devices

If it comes to the loading device, Roku signifies choice, affordability, and availability. Roku offers a large selection of alternatives that are affordable to the majority of people. In reality, Roku Ultra and Streaming Stick+ would be the most inexpensive way of accessing the 4K-compatible streaming devices. As a result of the flexibility, Roku has nearly 40 million consumers in the USA, as of ancient 2021.

What's RokuWhat's Roku

Roku can attain such broad appeal due to its simplicity of style and prosperity of accessibility. Roku does not have a paid subscription-based streaming service, making it impartial. It does not exclude some other popular streaming platform for a competitor or attempt to drive its content to the consumer. What’s more, Roku also includes a free program known as the Roku Channel for people who wish to get ad-driven content without paying.

Since its beginning, there were more than eight generations of Roku apparatus, but there are now four active Roku apparatus – Roku Express, Roku Premiere, Roku Streaming Stick+, and Roku Ultra.

Roku Express

Roku Express is your entry-level streaming device with no 4K HDR content or an innovative voice controller and intelligent remote controller features. You receive a max of 1080p playback with this particular gadget.

Roku Premiere

Roku Premiere is precisely the same as Express in most respects except one – that the movie quality. Roku Premiere provides 4K Ultra HD content and HDR support, making it among the sharpest and clearest video streaming devices.

Roku Streaming Stick+

Roku Streaming Stick+ includes Ultra HD and HDR support, but besides, it consists of an innovative remote outfitted with voice control and TV controls.

Roku Ultra

Roku Ultra is the most up-to-date and most innovative Roku device. Along with 4K HDR service, it’s a much more innovative remote, complete with customizable shortcut switches, a built-in remote socket, and complementary JBL headphones for personal listening.


  • More internet content Choices
  • Ergonomic distant goodness
  • An integrated 3.5Millimeter headphone jack
  • 4K compatibility for significantly less


  • Perhaps not the speediest streamer about
  • Inadequate selection of screensavers

Apple TV

Apple TV is a streaming media player designed to play music, videogames, and other kinds of apps. It typically includes an easy three-button distance and links to a home wireless system to allow you to watch streaming solutions on the web for your TV. It’s also compatible with PCs and Macs, and even your private media collection in the iTunes library. In general, it’s a great device to better your HDTV experience.

Apple TV


The Apple TV 4K is a stunning and intuitive streaming device ideal when you’ve got a home dominated by Apple products. It includes a much better processor and more RAM, making it quicker than the prior Apple TVs. Additionally, it provides a much better experience using its user-friendly interface and effortless installation. Not only that, but it has added support for Dolby Vision, making it a much better option for home-theater lovers.

The plan of the Apple TV 4K is thick, but it includes a tiny footprint. It appears modern and lovely with glistening, black vinyl construction, and comes with an HDMI output and an Ethernet interface to get local websites. Additionally, it will come with a slick and stylish remote control that lets you sweep through menus like you would your smartphone. Besides, the interface is smooth and fast with all the 64-bit A10X Fusion processors.

If it comes to features, the Apple TV 4K lives up to its cost. It ties nicely to the Apple ecosystem, letting you get content from iTunes, Apple Music, Apple Arcade, and the newest Apple TV+. The included remote also includes Siri’s voice management capabilities. Furthermore, the streaming media player provides a couple of tiny touches like a pop-up computer keyboard and the capacity to share live picture effects via AirPlay.

The Apple TV 4K may function as the HomeKit hub to your smart home devices. It is possible to control your thermostat locks and lighting. You might even utilize HomePod to flip on the TV and pause, jump, or fast-forward media. Last, it is possible to link Bluetooth headphones on it and listen individually easily.

Apple TV 4K has some compelling points. The remote controller might be challenging to use because of its dimensions, but it’s well-built and as reactive as the iPhone. The interface can be magnificent, in addition to the consistency that is remarkable. All in all, the streaming media apparatus includes improved features, voice command, and HDR formats.


  • Better processor, more RAM
  • Speedier
  • Overall, better expertise.


  • Siri distant will examine your last nerve.
  • Cost

Apple TV Vs. Roku Comparison

Apple TV Vs Roku Comparison


The Apple TV 4K is a sophisticated video streamer along with 2019. What Hi-Fi? Award-winner to boot. Among its big-selling things and differentiators into the Roku is the remarkable library of 4K HDR leasing films. On top of that, most could be bought for the same cost as the HD models.

As you’d expect, Apple’s user interface is sleek, elegant, and free of ads. Within the iOS-style app shop, you will come across each significant video streaming app such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Apple TV+, Today TV, and YouTube TV. US-only programs include Vudu, Showtime, HBO, Sling TV, and AT& T TV.

The Roku Streaming Stick+ may not have the ability to compete with Apple’s vast 4K HDR movie library, but it provides access to many more programs (of varying quality). Besides each of the significant programs listed above, as encouraged by the Apple TV 4K, Roku provides a plethora of lesser-known streaming apps. There is also a free, ad-supported Roku TV streaming station that promises 10,000 films and TV episodes.

The Roku is a far more streamlined, stick-like device that plugs into your TV’s HDMI port. It is also USB-powered so that you don’t need to plug it into a power outlet, which makes it arguably more suitable than the chunkier Apple TV 4K box. None of those streamers includes a USB port for connecting an external hard disk, but the Apple TV 4K includes on-board storage (32GB or 64GB).

Both devices provide voice hunt, which works nicely, but Apple TV 4K sets itself apart with an extremely nice Siri distant complete with a glass-touch surface. You may opt to control it through Lightning cable, whereas the Roku remote requires AAA batteries. Additionally, you may ask Siri any query, whereas the voice merely works to hunt the Roku information.

Roku’s smart feature is your Personal Listening Mode, which lets you play audio through the Roku smartphone program: helpful when you’ve housemates or would like to keep the sound down.

In terms of gambling, Roku functions up more than a hundred games to download. They are relatively easy compared to the richer gaming choices provided by Apple, in which you will find names like Grand Theft Auto 3.

So, which apparatus offers the very best bundle of features? The Roku is thought to provide you with the most significant number of official streaming apps on almost any device. And it backs up that with voice hunt and by being simple to adapt.

For quality more than quantity, however, go to your Apple TV 4K… if you can afford it. It serves more superior features, including improved voice hunt, more complex casting (from the Mac, iPad, or iPhone for your Apple TV), high-quality gambling along with the best variety of cheap 4K HDR articles anywhere.


If it comes to style, the Apple TV 4K along with the Roku Ultra are equally similar to black boxes that sit in your TV rack or entertainment center, but if you compare them side-by-side, you will see a few essential visual differences. The Apple TV 4K, as an instance, is thicker than the Roku Ultra, but it also includes a more compact footprint. It seems a bit nicer also – we enjoy the glistening plastic used for the Apple TV 4K a lot more than the marginally cheap-looking plastic used on the Roku Ultra.

Nevertheless, the Roku Ultra is a bit more flexible in design. Though the Apple TV 4K has an HDMI output and an Ethernet interface, the Roku Ultra adds a USB interface for accessing local press and a microSD card slot for inserting into its storage. We do not believe many will feel that they need to improve this Apple TV’s storage – although the simple fact that the Roku Ultra permits for this is still a beautiful touch.

There is also the plan of this remote, and they are somewhat different. The Apple TV 4K’s remote is slick and stylish, offering a touch-sensitive panel on top, allowing you to swipe menus just like you would on a telephone. Under this touch-panel, which doubles as a choice button, you will discover playback options and a button to trigger Siri voice controllers. The Roku Ultra remote might not look as slick, but it includes additional controls — you will receive quick-access switches for services such as Netflix and Sling and a headset jack, which may seriously be convenient.

In the end, it is a difference of appealing layout versus performance. The Apple TV 4K seems a lot better than the Roku Ultra, but the Roku Ultra adds additional buttons and ports. You might not need those chips and ports – but it is still something to notice.

Finally, the layout of this program, and again, there are some substantial differences. Apple has placed a great deal of work to develop a slick, simple to use operating system, and tvOS is straightforward and well-designed. Roku’s OS, on the other hand, seems to be made to get the work finished. You could also encounter some advertisements on the way, but you will continue to have the ability to navigate the content you wish to without too many troubles. No, it is not quite as simple as using tvOS – but it will get the work done.


The setup process for the two of these devices is relatively simple. You will plug in the boxes, and you’ll be prompted to register into an account or make a brand new one. Most will be able to quickly sign into their Apple accounts on the Apple TV 4K – although some might have to create fresh Roku accounts for your Roku Ultra.

About the Roku Ultra, you will have to decide on the channels you would like, while on the Apple TV 4K, you will have the ability to download programs for your favorite streaming solutions. It is rather simple to add stations and programs, so most will probably have the ability to install a device with no difficulties rapidly.


Both the Roku and Apple devices encourage 4K HDR movies and Dolby Atmos surround audio, but. In contrast, the Apple TV 4K supports both the HDR10 and Dolby Vision tastes of HDR, the Roku Streaming Stick+ only affirms HDR10. Thus, if you are searching to see compatible titles in the likes of Netflix, Disney+, and Apple TV+ in the best way possible, the Apple TV 4K is the one for you.

After we analyzed the Roku Streaming Stick+, we praised its “crisp and comprehensive” image, which displays the gap between HD SDR along with 4K HDR images. The Apple TV 4K, nevertheless, serves a wonderful picture. The detail is different, realistic, and natural; if you have experienced 4K HDR from Netflix earlier, you are in for a genuine treat.

Directly speaking, the pricier Apple TV 4K performs at a significantly greater level. It packs Apple’s A10X processor and simultaneous dual-band Wi-Fi, meaning it is more durable than the Roku. It may upscale articles to 4K with coveted precision and skill, also.

The Roku Streaming Stick+ supplies a fantastic 4K image for the cost, but the Apple TV 4K is the apparent winner. You will almost definitely be won over with its punchy picture.


On a budget? The Roku Streaming Stick+ prices £49.99 ($49.99, AU$130). That is exceptional value for a flowing pole that supports 4K and HDR10. (It must be mentioned that we favor the Streaming Stick+ into the marginally more affordable 4K-capable Roku Premiere).

The Apple TV 4K prices more: costs start at £179 ($179, AU$210) for its 32GB version or £199 ($199, AU$280) for your 64GB unit. It is a whole lot pricier than the Roku, afterward, though the Apple box will not provide storage, even better picture-enhancing engineering, and much more complex features – as we will get onto soon.

Where to Purchase

Shoppers looking to pick up the Apple TV 4K can save $10 instantly on the set-top box using 32GB or 64GB.

Those leaning toward the Roku Ultra will purchase the brand new 2019 variation for $99.99 at Amazon or Best Buy. Last year’s 2018 version is presently on sale for $89.99.

Having a considerable cost difference between the apparatus, each unit’s price may be a determining factor when picking between the Apple TV vs. Roku. For the most recent bargains on Apple products and accessories, such as the Apple TV HD and present Apple TV 4K, make sure you see our Apple Price Comparison Guide.


What device is your more magnificent streaming box? Well, ignoring cost for a minute, the Apple TV 4K is a more competent player; also, it’s additional support for Dolby Vision makes it a much better option for home theater lovers who’ve Dolby Vision compatible TVs.

Nevertheless, the Apple TV 4K can be far more costly than the Roku Ultra. In reality, in its current sale price, the Roku Ultra is a total $100 more affordable, which quickly makes it a much better value for most buyers. Although its interface and design are somewhat less trendy and do not include Dolby Vision service, general functionality and program choice between the two devices are incredibly similar. The remote’s convenient headset jack is also an excellent feature that Apple’s distant lacks.

If service for Apple’s ecosystem and Dolby Vision are crucial for you, then the Apple TV 4K is the more exceptional streaming device from both. Many streamers who only want basic HDR playback and are not already spent on other Apple products should be happy with the more affordable Roku Ultra.

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