Apple Pencil 1 Vs Apple Pencil 2: TOP Full Guide 2021

How Are Apple Pencil 1 Vs Apple Pencil 2 Different

Are you wondering exactly what is the differences between Apple Pencil 1 Vs Apple Pencil 2? Then you have come to the ideal location. Colorfy compares the differences and also talk if you may want to take notice of both.

In October 2018, except for all-new IPads Pro with high-quality displays and screen widths, an Apple Pencil two was introduced. None of us was waiting for this, and the obvious question has emerged: is your brand new Apple Pencil 2nd generation better? Let us try to figure it out.

Difference Between Apple Pencil 1 And 2

Differences Between Apple Pencil 1 Vs Apple Pencil 2


If you’re still not in possession of an iPad and you intend to purchase one considering the gaps in the design and performance of Apple Pencil, we then proceed to record the most crucial ones.

Apple Pencil two is a little shorter than its younger sister. Its span is 166 mm, in comparison to Apple Pencil 1 175.7 mm. No gap as regards size and weight, both 8.9 mm and 20.7 g. The substances are almost identical, with the sole difference that, at the next creation accessory, we locate a matte and much more manageable vinyl. At the very first generation, we’ve glistening and much more slippery vinyl.

The layout differences are more apparent than they might appear. Apple Pencil 2nd generation is formed with one cylindrical block flattened on both sides, essential to permit induction charging, improve traction, and trigger specific gestures. Apple Pencil 1 preferably includes a conical cylinder but using a magnetic cap effective at protecting the Lightning port for charging. You might even add a custom made into the next generation device.


Let us begin with a deciding factor in picking Apple Pencil: compatible devices. Let us start by stating that the above accessories can only be used with the iPad. Therefore, if you’re considering purchasing them to draw and compose on iPhone, iPod touch, or Mac, understand that now it’s on no account possible.

Everybody always considers the Apple Pencil of this first generation as the least acting and many outdated. Still, it’s also the only one to be more harmonious with all the “more economical” iPads or, even more simply, with those equipped with Touch ID. Therefore, if you’ve got one of the next Apple pills, then your pick will be required.

  • IPad Pro 12.9″(first and second production )/ / 9.7″/10.5″
  • iPad Air (third generation)
  • IPad (seventh and sixth generation)
  • IPad miniature (fifth generation)

Very similar scenario too for Apple Pencil two, which nonetheless is compatible just with the most recent creation iPad Pro, recognizable also by the lack of their house button and substantially thinner bezels.

  • iPad Pro 12.9″ (third generation)
  • iPad Pro 11″


Apple Pencil 1 Vs Apple Pencil 2


The newest Apple Pencil is significantly more compact and bigger than the preceding one – and this is no real surprise so long as it doesn’t have a Lightning port on the other hand. Except that, the stylus obtained a tiny flat side, which might be easier to put the pen on a desk, for instance.

To believe so, the deficiency of Lightning connector at the brand new Apple Pencil is the ideal solution – linking the old stylus into an IPad looked pretty bizarre and ugly. You have a rod sticking out the pill (this type of pun!). This was very funny, odd, and even dangerous.

Coming to the physiological parameters, this is what we need for your Apple Pencil 1:

  • Length: 175.7 mm
  • Diameter: 8.9 mm
  • Weight: 20.7 g

And for your Apple Pencil two:

  • Length: 166 mm
  • Diameter: 8.9 mm
  • Weight: 20.7 g

No gap in parameters in any way; however, the visual appearance is significantly different than it had been.

The brand new Pencil charges only through the magnet connector of this new IPad Pro (really, that’s the reason you can’t use your original Pencil having a classic IPad). Additionally, magnets help attach the Pencil into an IPad – which is entirely comfortable! In a natural aesthetic feel, a brand new accessory seems far more stylish and tasteful, without worthless parts like a metal “hat” to a preceding one.

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The brand new Apple Pencil can perform simple gesture controls, that’s enormously cool! By way of instance, a double tap permits you to change to another supported tool. This is quite beneficial when you would like to switch between the eraser and a pen quickly.


Among the most popular novelties of all Apple Pencil 2nd generation, compared to the first creation, the charging system. This feeds induction, only likely to attach it to a few frames of this iPad Pro. In this manner, you could also carry it safely and efficiently, without fretting about purchasing unique covers. Apple Pencil 1 recharges rather through the Lighting enter of those related iPad. In reality, remove the cap and insert the connector into the slot of this pill. In both instances, you will find quite short charging times.


The apple pencil 1 vs 2 work through Bluetooth and don’t have any gap in latency and general performance. The trick stays the same and changes its input dependent on the procedure of usage. The tech within both devices can fully grasp just how much strain is done and what angle it’s likely to provide, going to grow the composing size and alter its nuance.

Apple Pencil 2nd generation, however, can rely on a surface capable of responding to bits. In reality, by double-tapping on the chamfered section, the instrument used (pen, eraser, color, or alternative) will be altered, together with the chance of customization for every compatible program.


Regrettably, “the next” Apple Pencil prices a whole lot more than the prior one. The difference in cost is about 1.5 times today – and you need to keep in mind this in the event you’ve got a brand new IPad, you cannot use an older Apple Pencil, update to a brand new one.

Like life, and there isn’t anything related to it – at the very least, a lot of cool new features provided in a Pencil 2 could be a cure.

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What is inside the box?

Together with Apple Pencil 1, you might find a Lightning-adapter plus a book tip. Simultaneously, the new Apple Pencil has nothing except that the attachment itself indoors. And we don’t know if it’s bad or good.

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