Apple Maps and Google Maps: Which’s The Best Maps?

Apple Maps and Google Maps

Apple Maps and Google Maps are two of their very well-known sat nav programs, and lots of folks will have placed the navigation abilities of both of these into the test.

Neither is ideal, nor like the best sat as we have tested, but they are free and come as standard on Android telephones or iPhones, are incredibly common.

If you are purchasing a smartphone and the built-in mapping is a significant consideration, it is worth understanding that although Google Maps is available as a download to get iPhones, Apple Maps can only be employed within an iPhone. Both have their features, so keep reading Colorfy’s following article to discover which sounds appropriate for you.

What are a few of the features of Google Maps?

It’s possible to change your departure time. If you are arranging a trip through Chicago and are taking a look at your map at 10 p.m., it will reveal to you the present traffic. But if you are considering departing at 7:30 a.m., this traffic will seem much different.

Let Google make hints on the best way to proceed. This is just another one that’s useful when traveling. Or if attempting to reply that never-ending debate of the place to go for supper.

Utilize the “Commute” tab that will assist you with your daily commute.

Want to use a map, and you are not positive whether you have mobile service in a specific location? Download it until you want it.

Add stops for your excursion. This can be super useful on road trips.

Locate parking in your destination.

Permit Google Maps tells you how busy your train is.

Reserve an Uber or even Lyft ride.

Check to see how busy your favorite restaurant is.

Got turned about while you’re walking? No worries. Google may use your camera along with augmented reality to reveal to you the ideal thing to do.

What are a few of the features of Apple Maps?

Like Google, it is possible to alter passing times. However, Apple will tell you whether the bus or train you want to take will be delayed or explain to you where it’s. It is also going to show you outages.

Send your ETA to friends or family. As soon as you send it, they will even be advised if there’s a traffic delay.

Get notifications on your flight status, gate location, and adjustments or cancellations.

Seeing a brand new mall? Utilize the indoor map.

Do you not like the robotic aisle of your map program? Siri currently uses “Natural Language Advice” to provide you simpler to comprehend directions.

Utilize Flyover in over 350 cities to do precisely that-fly.

If Street View has been a deal-breaker for you, Apple currently has its very own edition.

Apple Maps and Google Maps Comparison

Apple Maps and Google Maps Comparison


Both Google and Apple have their own privacy policies. Apple has privacy policies to restrict the data collection, and the company intends to improve privacy with iOS 14 further.

Google also has controls and customization to improve privacy, for example, Incognito style, which keeps searches and location confidential. On the other hand, Apple has several features that make it hard for programs to accumulate data and not list your search history or moves.


The port for Apple Maps and Google Maps is very similar. You can look for certain places on Apple Maps with the search bar at the bottom of the display and change preferences such as satellite, map, or transit by simply hitting the data button, which takes you to another display to make alterations.

Google Maps also has a search box and various view modes and many more choices to control your maps, such as satellite, transit, driving, researching, terrain, biking, and visitors. The “Current Location” button on display on both map programs. Additionally, Apple’s’Look Around’ attribute relies on Google’s Street View feature, which lets you look around like you’re walking down the road.

If it has to do with the true navigation display, the two programs are rather similar. Google Map’s satellite perspective has a more realistic appearance, although the satellite perspective Apple Maps includes a more photographic look because it uses vector graphics. If you zoom into Google Maps, it poses a direct sidebar with information regarding neighboring places, while zooming into Apple Maps, you may see more places pop up on the road.

The two map software base birth estimate on traffic requirements at the moment. Both Apple and Google use different colors to indicate that the traffic amount on the street. Also, you see alarms from street closures to mishaps.

Google Maps also enables several users to record an accident or traffic jam in a specific spot. Google provides users a much better idea regarding how visitors will affect a sail. Google also provides more choices on the primary display, while added choices on Apple Maps might need to be dragged up in the display’s bottom area.

Supported devices: Google Maps can be obtained on iOS and Android and online through any web browser. The Apple Maps online version isn’t published yet; neither is the only for Android. Therefore Apple Maps is just on the macOS and iOS apparatus.

Data precision: In the past couple of decades, Apple has spent a good deal in improving the standard of its maps, either by prioritizing it and purchasing other location-centric startups outright. Gone will be the days when Apple could mislabel buildings lead folks to incorrect destinations.

Local research: When it comes to navigating your city, the two Apple Maps and Google Maps instructions will rarely let you down. Information about and reviews of local companies also tend to be put on because Google has been collecting its data for more than ten years and Apple Maps decided to rely on professionally trusted sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Navigation: Running anywhere new sounds almost impossible today with no navigation feature at a few of the mapping programs turned on. How can we get it before? Regardless, now both Apple Maps and Google Maps thankfully supply you with turn-by-turn directions, where you may have to go. Design-wise, Apple includes a little ahead by revealing the map in 3D, making it a lot easier to obtain the proper address, and telling you that lane on the street you need to remain on not to miss your departure.

Data use One of the wonderful things about a sat nav program is the ease of using it on the move – ideal if you choose a wrong turn or meet an unexpected diversion. Nevertheless, this may affect your mobile data utilization. Our evaluations have shown remarkable differences in how much information different programs utilize, together with the worst with a whopping 5MB along with also the best with just a couple of kilobytes.


If you are a normal driver, the advice’s caliber will be the essential element. However, you will also need to have a program with traffic information to assist you in traffic jams. Both Google and Apple sat nav apps screen traffic information at no cost. However, you’ll require a constant mobile data link in your smartphone to take advantage of it.

Price & availability

The fantastic thing is that both programs are free. Apple Maps comes preloaded on all iPhones and iPads, even though it’s possible to download Google Maps in the App Store. (Apple Maps will stay the default map support, and iOS will probably continually by taste load an address because of the program. But tons of third-party programs don’t create this assumption and will ask that you would prefer).

As a preinstalled program, Apple Maps is subject to updates when a new variant of iOS comes out: public-transport instructions were inserted as a member of this iOS 9 upgrade in 2015, for example, while iOS 12 introduced an entirely revamped support.

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Apple Maps has come a long way since its origin in 2012. The majority of Apple’s first struggles are overcome with iOS 12 and iOS 13, although the forthcoming iOS 14 will improve Apple Maps.

But, Apple Maps is still playing catch up to Google Maps. Concerning ease of use and interface, Google Maps’ decade and a half expertise give it a definite advantage over its iOS competition. It’s worth noting, however, that both map programs are free and provide fundamental mapping features. We believe “solitude” is the only place in which Apple has the edge over Google Maps.

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