Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Notes 8: Which Should You Get?

Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Notes 8

Are you considering between Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Notes 8? Then you NEED to take a look at Colorfy’s following article.

If it comes to rivalries from the technology business, few would be the clashes more ferocious than Apple and Samsung for dominance over the smartphone arena.

Over the last couple of decades, Samsung has stepped up its design attempts and today produces exquisite metal and glass apparatus that capture the attention. The newest is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8: a significant phone paired with an S Pen stylus, and it can be an exceptional feature that no other phone on the market can provide.

However, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 might have only met its match. Apple just started its new iPhone 8 Plus, showcasing an evolutionary design using a glass rear, a hugely improved processor, and fresh iOS 11 chops.

Both phones are also strong cameraphones: the Note 8 is Samsung’s first phone with a telephoto lens meant for zooming and portraits, whereas the iPhone 8 Plus further improves the Portrait Mode Apple introduced annually using all the 7 Plus.

So, which is better and which one should you get?

Comparing Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Notes 8

Comparing Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Notes 8


We could practically cut and glue the planned showdown out of our current Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs iPhone 7 Plus matchup since the iPhone 8 Plus seems a hell of a lot like its predecessor. And the one before that. Oh, and the one before that also.

That is accurate from the front, at the least. Flip it – eventually! – the iPhone 8 Plus has revived glass-backing therapy. Yes, the aluminum end is gone, in favor of glass which also unlocks wireless charging capacities. It is a slick upgrade but the iPhone 8 Plus largely feels and looks exactly the same as before. We’re growing a bit tired of this familiar appearance, in addition to the flashy iPhone X is not creating the older approach seem virtually fresher.

And we are only way more to the Galaxy Note 8’s appearance, really. The Galaxy St has almost all displays onto the front, using minimum upper and bottom bezel around the enormous curved screen. It is striking things, and unlike what any other manufacturer is putting out there at this time.


Within the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the specs are as you would expect – or rather anticipate, at its own hefty price tag. It includes 6GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, which may expandable up to 256GB through the microSD slot machine. The US version sports Snapdragon 835European and European consumers receive Samsung’s own-brand Exynos 8835 chip. Not bad.

The iPhone 8 Plus is – in theory – more than a renamed iPhone 7s Plus, a little bump in electricity on which came before. Despite its announcement in the Apple September seminar, little is known about what is powering the iPhone 8 Plus.

Apple does not disclose just how much RAM it packs into its telephones, but we do know it will run off Apple’s new A11 Bionic chipset, which includes the very first Apple-developed GPU too. This seemingly translates to 25 percent more speed in just two of its own cores, and 70 percent more on a few of these. It is a new GPU that is allegedly 30% faster than previous versions also. We will, of course, be analyzing these claims in our entire review.

Together with the new processor, Apple has included Qi wireless charging as standard combined with updating internal storage to at least 64GB. There is no microSD card slot, however, you can grab a more expensive 256GB version.

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There is a reason Apple is shifting into OLED for your iPhone X. Do not get me wrong, the 1080p LCD display about the iPhone 8 Plus is bright and quite colorful, and it supplies a large color gamut. Additionally, new True Tone technology automatically adjusts the white balance of this display to generate reading easier on the eyes at a variety of ailments.

The Super AMOLED display on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 isn’t just sharper (2960 x 1440), it leaves more of the sRGB color gamut. We are discussing the gap between 204% and 122.5% for the iPhone 8 Plus. The iPhone’s screen was more color-accurate using a Delta-E evaluation of 0.25, compared to 0.5 for its Note 8, but equally, readings are fantastic.

OLED has other benefits, too, such as deeper blacks and wider viewing angles.


Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Notes 8 Camera

We’ve got a far more in-depth camera face-off that you test out, but depending on our comparisons that it appears that the iPhone 8’s double cameras outperform the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. We discovered improved contrast and more vivid colors in the iPhone’s shots, even though some graphics appearing somewhat washed out from Note 8.

Nonetheless, the Note 8 cameras are extremely fast and very competent, shooting sharper pictures in some instances and more detail in shadows in different scenarios. Additionally, Note 8 allows you to adjust the strength of its own blur result for pictures (Samsung calls it Live Emphasis) both before and after you take. You can not do this on the iPhone 8 Plus, however, it is possible to edit its own Live Photos and add exceptional effects to them in iOS 11.

Video: iPhone 8 Plus vs Galaxy Note 8 Camera Test Comparison

Battery Life

This round is essentially a wash, as both telephones turned in endurance. About the Tom’s Guide Battery Test, which entails continuous web browsing over LTE, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 lasted an extremely good 11 hours and 11 minutes. That is only 5 minutes shorter than the iPhone 8 Plus. In reality, the two phablets made our record of longest-lasting telephones, well exceeding the 9:40 average.


We know the Note 8 is Samsung’s priciest smartphone with a cost point place at a whopping £869. Comparatively, the iPhone 8 Plus begins at £799 because of its 64GB variant.

This may create the iPhone 8 Plus look more affordable compared to Galaxy Note 8, however, there are a whole lot of differences. Not only is that the 256GB version of this iPhone 8 Plus almost £100 over the Galaxy Note 8, but Samsung’s cellphone can enlarge its storage using microSD cards which could be purchased for as little as 30 for 128GB additional distance. Insert up this along with the larger Samsung Galaxy Note 8 display and shaper screen, you get a whole lot more for your cash from the Note 8 compared to the iPhone 8 Plus.

Final Verdict

The Galaxy Note 8 is an outstanding smartphone that goes over and beyond in rehabilitating the Noce line’s picture after its ancient – and of course volatile – finish. Despite its enormous size, it manages to look sleek and refined, while providing top-of-the-line features and great camera installation. All the better to Instagram with. Although it is so amazing, the one thing you are going to want to post is the telephone itself.

The iPhone 8 Plus is not really in precisely the exact same league as the Galaxy Note 8. Concerning raw energy, the A11 Bionic could be a fantastic enough game against the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. But, its feature set does not blaze in front of this iPhone 7 enough meaningful ways for your iPhone 8 Plus for a true competitor for Samsung’s devices.

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