Android Vs BlackBerry: Which Is The Best Smartphone?

Android Vs BlackBerry

Are you considering Between Android Vs BlackBerry? Colorfy‘s post below provides you useful information on these Smartphones that help you decide easier.

Just as bring your own device (BYOD) infiltrates SMBs’ IT plans, Google’s Android operating system (OS) is now becoming more popular on the job. You will find productivity advantages in its broad assortment of programs, so it’s fast becoming an alternative for companies that don’t wish to spend a lot of money on cellular devices.

The very low price of Android smartphones compared to people running different OSs like BlackBerry’s is 1 attraction, and their lead from the consumer marketplace guarantees that they are familiar to a lot of users.

However, BlackBerry remains most prominent in the office due to the fact that many CEOs are concerned about integrating Android in their companies due to concerns it is insecure. With 99 percent of malware made for your OS, it is significant that when Android is embraced, a clear inner strategy is set up.

Android Vs BlackBerry


Google’s Android operating platform is the most widely deployed system on smartphones and tablets presently, using a significant number of vendors providing their own customized versions. Adding easily with lots of Google services, Android is quickly evolving with the most recent variant (the really nicely reviewed Ice Cream Sandwich) offering a ton of new features.

Unfortunately, when it comes to safety, Android has quite a ways to go. The massive delay in releasing fixes for security problems is problematic as it takes another release for every provider, manufacturer, and model. Because of this, many Android apparatus is stuck with insecure and old versions of their operating system.


In regards to software, the principal supply of software is your Android Market, which comprises tens of thousands of programs, the majority of them free. These programs are uploaded by programmers and undergo no inspection prior to being printed, allowing rapid turnaround, but leaving the door open for malicious programs to linger before Google strikes the remote kill button to eliminate them out of apparatus (as has happened a lot of times).

Alternately, curated markets like the Amazon Appstore show promise for preventing malicious programs from getting in-nevertheless they also have attracted complaints to its slow rollout of program upgrades.

As it utilizes an extremely flexible model for software, Android programs may do things that can’t be performed on different platforms. An individual is advised that an application is going to be permitted to perform at install time and can opt to put in it or not. Once set up, third party programs can (if approved at setup time) send and read messages, create and receive calls, access the world wide web, and turn the camera or mic off and on.

Since users aren’t too good at reading or comprehending the consequences of those permissions, Android programs are captured sending and receiving premium rate calls and messages, even recording users’ keystrokes or noises, monitoring user places, or perhaps comprising botnet-style malware as may be located on a desktop computer. There are a number of third party alternatives available that purport to safeguard your device, however, their efficacy is in several instances under question.

The flexibility of Android makes it a fantastic selection for an extremely capable user, but it might require quite a lot of knowledge to maintain security from the long term-often this may require that users origin on the device and set up their own custom made upgrades directly if the provider doesn’t provide them. Clearly, not to the specialized newcomer!

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While Android is currently taking the biggest bite out of the consumer marketplace, Blackberry has been very much the gem of the company world. Together with its own users being likened to drug addicts because of their addiction to the apparatus, RIM’s blackberry apparatus have made the designation Crackberry. Even President Obama could not part with his apparatus, allegedly much to the aggravation of the Secret Service and pleasure of Research in Motion.

Safety and management are a few of the most important selling factors of Blackberry, together with the capacity to completely encrypt information, closely control what’s done with the apparatus, limit what individual programs can and cannot do, need tunneling of all online traffic through the organization’s servers, command programs and a lot more. The drawback is that control comes at a price, and the simplicity of management to maintain your device protected can be time-consuming to get a non-enterprise user.


Blackberry App World, the origin for third party software, offers a level of inspection overall submissions. However, source code isn’t assessed by RIM, and only so much could be known of program behavior. While Blackberry has not been targeted by the exact same quantity of malware or spyware since Android, there are cases of nefarious software and spyware-trojaned provider upgrades.

The ability to lock and secure Blackberry devices is definitely a plus, but as a lot of it had been created with ventures in your mind it can find a bit complicated for a typical user unless they’re attentive. The launch of consumer-oriented apparatus depending upon Blackberry 10 shows promise, however as it’s unreleased at current, this one needs to remain on hold for individual users for the time being.

Blackberry vs android Final Verdict

Regardless of the constraints of the cellular platforms, Android and BlackBerry are still strong and exceptionally convenient operating systems. The consumer experience on each platform may vary in plenty of ways however, both pretty much provide similar functionalities.

While Android includes a broader appeal, BlackBerry largely has its own charms towards corporate customers and business professionals. Platform loyalty and individual sentiments aside, both operating systems have a whole lot to offer to people who choose them.

Are you currently on Android or on BlackBerry? And, why?

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