Android Auto Vs Apple Carplay: The Similarities And Differences

Android Auto Vs Apple Carplay

You have probably heard of Android Auto Vs Apple Carplay; the two programs permit the integration of your smartphone into your Automobile’s infotainment system. Determine which is better.

With the dawn of smartphones, many of our lives are profoundly intertwined with those gadgets, while it’s for work amusement or only as a system of contacting one another. With useful features like GPS navigation and multimedia performance, many could have envisioned incorporating their telephones into Automobile’s infotainment system.

With the coming of apple carplay vs android auto 2021 now, you can do precisely that! Let Colorfy look at the differences between the two programs and discover which ones are the greater.

What Android Auto Does?

Android Auto functions a scaled-down variant of this Android OS for your car’s dashboard display. Install the program in your phone, plug it via USB or connect wirelessly, and it’ll use any compatible vehicle. This program and CarPlay were designed to let you safely use essential mobile functions while forcing. Because of this, most programs are disabled.

Popular music programs Pandora and Spotify will remain active, as will the Audible and Google Books programs. Here is the complete list of supported programs for Android Auto. Notifications will also be disabled, and your Facebook messages will probably wait quietly in the background until you reach a destination.

What Android Auto Does

Google Assistant will see any text messages you get, and you can react through speak to text. Since Android Auto works through USB, you will receive high excellent stereo sound even if your telephone does not support stereo Bluetooth. Telephone calls will still operate over Bluetooth. Therefore any steering wheel or dash telephone controllers will still work.

Several GPS programs will operate with Android Auto, but Google Maps has some excellent features. It leaves a tiny thumbnail to the bottom of your display as you’re navigating different programs or taking a phone. This helped when I had been moving to an unknown flea market and has been likewise on the telephone. An abrupt turn came, the telling popped up, and I managed to quickly get a photo of where I was supposed to proceed.

Android Auto also lets you use Google Assistant on the street. You can control all of your connected devices using voice controls as you’re on the way home. If your vehicle isn’t supported, Android Auto will still run onto your smartphone using a few restricted features.

What Apple CarPlay Does?

Apple CarPlay is a program that casts a mini iOS background to your Automobile’s dashboard. It will work when you connect your phone via USB, though some automobiles will ask you to click on a button to empower CarPlay. On some newer cars, CarPlay will operate via Bluetooth.

Much like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay simplifies many programs and alarms. The entire list of supported programs is submitted here. Most popular audio programs are encouraged, such as Audible, Pandora, Spotify, and iHeartRadio. Much like Android Auto, Apple CarPlay disables alarms from most applications.

What Apple CarPlay Does

Sound quality will differ based on if you have connected through USB or Bluetooth, and if your device supports stereo Bluetooth. The steering wheel and dash telephone controllers will still work because these join through Bluetooth regardless. Along with Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, and Baidu navigation are supported.

Apple CarPlay permits you to carry out all Siri functions. Contrary to Android Auto, voice controls work via your car rather than your mobile phone. I like blasting 80s metal in high volume, so this attribute was additional useful for obtaining Siri to hear me over the sound. This attribute also means you will not have the ability to use voice commands onto non-compatible cars.

Android Auto Vs Apple Carplay Similarities

Android Auto Vs Apple Carplay Similarities 

In various ways, the two systems reach the same destination, but how they get there’s somewhat different. The two Apple CarPlay and Android automobile project a simplified variant of a smartphone port on the in-dash displays of newer vehicles. The ports include programs that run out of the phone’s operating system and provide some amount of hands-free calls and text messaging.

Maps and audio will also be default inclusions in the two systems, although they taste every change between Apple and Google products. CarPlay supports using Google Maps and this built-in Apple Macs, however, Apple Maps will not operate on Android Auto. Both programs also help using third-party applications for both songs and other performances. Multiple music and podcast programs are encouraged by the two, such as Spotify, Stitcher, and Pandora.

Connections for the two systems operate very similarly. The most honest relationships require the smartphone to come with a direct USB connection to the Automobile, but many of the most recent vehicles encourage a wireless link. The two Apple CarPlay and Android Auto may be used with a wireless link over Bluetooth; however, you will find a limited number of vehicles that are harmonious, and just the most recent devices can connect.

Difference between android auto and apple carplay


Configuring CarPlay for initial usage in your Automobile is straight forward.

First, turn in your Automobile’s infotainment system.

Switch on Siri below settings on your own iPhone.

Connect your phone via USB for your Toilet’s USB port.

Press and hold the Home button on your own iPhone till Siri looks on the head unit’s screen.

After a successful installation, tap the CarPlay icon the next time you want to trigger it. CarPlay also chooses to revert to a Toilet’s original settings if it isn’t your teacup.

Android Auto, unless you’re running Android 10 on your telephone, you want to set up the Android automobile app from Playstore before use. Together with the Android Automobile app installed onto your phone.

Connect your phone using a USB cable into your car’s head unit.

The program will suggest significant apps; you need to download if you haven’t installed them. E.g., Google Maps, Google Play Music, or Google Search.

Once set up, a popup will ask you to give the app’s approval.

Next, you’ll be set to utilize Android Auto.

Setting these two programs is simple. But you need to check if your telephone and Automobile support the programs. To utilize CarPlay along with your iPhone, then it ought to be an iPhone 5 and operating iOS 7.1 or another version or another version. Your car also needs to be compatible with CarPlay. Watch the auto models that encourage CarPlay. To conduct Android Auto, your Android phone ought to be operating Android 5.0 or a higher version.


The difference between Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is the way they arrange their home displays. Apple CarPlay includes a more prominent scrollable screen, which appears like the iPhone’s interface with different programs available such as Maps, Music, Phone, Messages, Podcasts, Now Playing, and Audio. The design of these programs is quite straightforward and easy to use without the connections or submenus, so the users may find all its applications using a double or single tap.

Very similar to CarPlay, Android Auto has a more accessible and more intuitive to use interface in contrast to its cellular device counterpart. A set of program icons at the bottom of the home display functions as shortcuts for various purposes to permit users to avoid visiting their smartphone’s house screen for picking programs. Auto’s house screen displays a listing of alarms and information about navigation and weather. Users can also change between displays for music, maps, and calls.

Voice Control

Voice management is something we are all getting used to, but it still includes drawbacks.

Google is referred to as a winner in this stadium, as their technologies are among the most advanced on the market, or even the very innovative. With fresh voice management choices coming to Google, this is the ideal time to try the kinks.

Voice controls are rather simple using Android Auto. However, there needs to be the use of this mike choice in whatever car you are using. This makes it not completely hands-free. Employing voice command always runs the danger of being misheard. However, Google is quite good at figuring correctly.

CarPlay, on the other hand, is almost wholly predicated on voice prompting as a procedure to maintain it completely hands-free. This is fantastic in concept since it will reduce the probability of auto accidents because of phone use, but besides, it brings with it its problems.

Siri isn’t famous for her outstanding hearing to ensure this technique can cause more problems than answers.

Text and calls Messages

Making calls or sending texts while driving isn’t a fantastic idea. Together with CarPlay and Android Auto, you do not run the chance of having to work with your hands while driving.

Should you have to send a text or make a telephone that can not wait, it is simple and better to go hands-free. Android Auto is particularly innovative in that it may write documents based on dictation with hardly any mistakes.

CarPlay includes a similar system when staying hands-free, together with the choice to generate voice calls and order or be read texts you have obtained while driving.

Music and Sound

Audio or music is probably one of the vital features of an auto infotainment system. Playing sound from the comfort of your vehicle ought to be simple to take care of. For audio and music, both Android Auto and CarPlay possess their built-in music programs and support third-party programs.

Together with Apple CarPlay, aside from the default audio program, it is possible even to utilize Spotify, Google Play Music, Amazon Music, and other third-party audio programs. From the brand new iOS 13 upgrade, Siri currently works with third audio programs.

Android Auto’s default audio program is Google Play Music. Android Auto additionally supports third-party programs like Amazon Music, Spotify, and YouTube Music.

App choice

Both programs mirror the principal functions of your telephone. However, Apple Auto enables you to perform more because it functions with more multimedia and messaging programs. By way of instance, CarPlay supports WhatsApp and iMessage for messaging, even whereas Android Auto allows one to utilize Kik, ICQ, Skype, and Google Hangouts.

Things appear less lopsided for multimedia. Android Vehicle includes all the VLC Media Player, a program used to perform music and watch videos from several formats. Android Auto can be worried about your driving safety while surfing, therefore it is going to recommend you change to voice commands through Google Assistant after some time.

CarPlay supported just 17 programs until the launch of iOS 12. The number increased slightly even afterward. Android Auto supports over 120 programs, letting you personalize your infotainment driving experience to a much greater degree.

Navigation and Guidance

Perhaps, the principal attribute of any in-car helper program, a navigation program’s usage, is pretty much descriptive, clear, and straightforward. Not a lot different once more in the turn-by-turn instructions and design style advice of smart telephones; however, there are a couple of things to consider.

As an example, Apple Carplay utilizes Apple Maps to provide navigation for your car or truck. If that’s also what you are usually using about the iPhone linked to the vehicle, there isn’t much to describe it. Drag and pinch to zoom out and in, point to places for instructions, and tap menus to learn more.

Android Auto Vs Apple Carplay - Navigation and Guidance

Android Auto utilizes Google Maps naturally, and it is maybe one of the more exceptional points of this specific system. Though, as far as this sounds way more suitable, there’s also nothing much to write home about as well.

Anyone who has used Google’s universal navigation program also needs to be equally knowledgeable about its looks, feels, and controllers within Android Auto.

Additionally, it’s reasonably funny to consider that because not all infotainment programs have built-in GPS; your cellphone becomes your car’s most crucial computer the instant you install Android Vehicle or Apple Carplay inside. Though, this reality might be equally as comfortable and life-saving also.

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Could I use Apple CarPlay using Android Phone?

No. Apple CarPlay is OS-dependent and can use iPhones and iPads. To utilize CarPlay, you’ll need to purchase an iPhone. With an Android cellphone, you may utilize Android Auto as your infotainment program.

Can CarPlay work through Bluetooth?

Yes. Though many automobiles using CarPlay will ask that you plug and join your iPhone through the lightning cable, even newer versions currently support CarPlay and operate through the car’s Bluetooth connection.

Can you utilize Android Vehicle with no cable?

Yes. Much like CarPlay, the principal link to your Automobile is established utilizing a USB cable. But, you could even connect your telephone to your car using a wireless connection.

Could Apple CarPlay be inserted into older automobiles?

Apple CarPlay is only available in newer car models from several producers. If you have an old vehicle model and desire to take advantage of CarPlay there, there’s still an alternative. Some aftermarket stereo receivers encourage CarPlay.

Is there a substitute for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay?

Besides Android Auto and CarPlay, there are many choices you can still utilize as your Automobile’s infotainment system. All these are Drivemode, MirroLink, CarOS, HERE WeGo, Airbiquity, Car Dashdroid, and Dashing.


Overall, there’s technically no more significant in-car helper system between them both. Android Auto may find a few added points on the universality of its navigation system through Google Maps. However, the optimization in the ease that Apple Carplay provides remains true to the palm’s free initial intention of a well-built automobile assistant system.

Though having different designs, UI, and access procedures, Apple Carplay and Android Auto nevertheless have quite similar operational models. Both have comparable launching app designs, have similar alarms, built with comparable voice control systems, and are manufactured with the same security design protocols.

In summary, the actual competition is really between Apple Carplay versus Android Auto, rather than the competition between Apple and Google itself. The choice here will mostly be based on which smartphone the user is presently managing as a critical unit.

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