AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Vs i9-9900K: Top FULL Guide 2021

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Vs i9-9900K

Which is better between AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Vs i9-9900K? This is a popular question from our clients, Colorfy attempt to answer it in this report. Keep reading!

2019 was a fantastic season for AMD, using a brand new CPU and graphics card, which captured massive attention in the business and hardware lovers. But that is not to mention it does not have stiff competition in both camps. Its brand new Ryzen 3000 CPUs goes head to head with Intel’s finest on cost, but how can they compare on functionality?

With the new hardware hand, you will find fantastic comparisons for us to create throughout the brand new assortment of Ryzen processors. In the top end, for approximately $500, we’ve got the Corei9-9900k vs ryzen 9 3900x. Which is going to be the best processor for all of them?

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X


  • The superb price-for-performance ratio in multithreaded situations.
  • One of the first consumer CPUs to support PCI Express 4.0.
  • Comparatively low energy consumption.
  • Massive L3 cache.
  • Simple overclocking tools.
  • Contains a hot cooling fan.


Single-core functionality and 1080p gambling a bit behind on some standard tests.

No integrated graphics.

The Bottom Line

With much more cores and threads than its main like-priced Intel competition, AMD’s Ryzen 9 3900X is an excellent 12-core monster of a CPU to power a high-end gaming rig or a multimedia recording channel.

Intel Core i9-9900K


  • Two more cores than preceding high Coffee Lake CPU.
  • A flamethrower to get multithreaded software.
  • 5GHz summit one-core clocks to get single-threaded programs.
  • An unlocked multiplier.


  • Creates new, pricier cost tier over preceding Core i7 flagship CPUs.
  • Runs hot.
  • No stock cooler.

The Bottom Line

Intel’s Core i9-9900K mainstream flagship CPU is a lively performer, regardless of what you job it with. This processor is summit ion to get a new construct if you do not require the RAM bandwidth or PCI Express lanes of Intel’s Core X or AMD’s Threadripper platforms.

With the coming of the very first Ryzen 9 processors this year, AMD expanded its capacity to equal the Performance of rival processors from Intel. If you are in the market for your greatest high-performance, consumer-grade desktop CPU, then the Ryzen 9 and Core i9 are equally persuasive choices.

You will still need to select one or another. Even if you were able to swap them out of your desktop PC on the fly (and naturally, you can not; they utilize completely different sockets and so motherboards), at $500 each for its flagship variations -that the Ryzen 9 3900X and Core i9-9900K-purchasing both could be prohibitively costly. So let us look at what of those chips comes out on top, based on how you intend to utilize your PC.

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X Vs i9-9900K Specifications

AMD ryzen 9 3900x vs i9 9900k Architecture

Ryzen 9 3900X vs i9-9900K Architecture

Ryzen 9900k vs 3900x Cache

Ryzen 9 3900X vs i9-9900K Cache

Ryzen 3900x vs 9900k Cores

Ryzen 9 3900X vs i9-9900K Cores



Ryzen 9 3900X vs i9-9900K Performance

Ryzen 9 3900X vs i9-9900K Performance

Ryzen 9 3900X vs i9-9900K Physical

Ryzen 9 3900X vs i9-9900K Physical

i9 9900k vs ryzen 9 3900x gaming

Intel has held a performance advantage in gambling for at least a decade, and despite AMD’s fantastic initial – and – second-generation Ryzen CPUs, that held right. But no more.

Within our gaming tests with Fortnite, Civilization VI, and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, the 3900X beat from the 9900K – a CPU formerly hailed as the best gaming processor ever produced – on virtually all configurations, are showing a small lead. This may not be the devastating numbers that AMD fans hoped, but that is the first time a high-end AMD CPU conquer the Intel contest in gambling for at least ten decades. That is fantastic news.

Gaming Performance

Nevertheless, AMD’s 3900X is the cheaper of the two chips now at $434, although the 9900K sells for about $525. Intel’s onboard-graphics-free choice, the 9900KF, is priced as much as $480, which is still greater than AMD’s processor – at least for today. This makes AMD’s choice more value for cash, at least gaming.

It’s essential to consider the continuing problems Intel confronts CPU performance hindered by Spectre reduction. Those can persist as new bugs are present later on, in which AMD’s processors are typically stronger against such exploits.


Efficiency is not as significant on desktop computers since it is with notebooks, since there’s no battery life to consider. But heat is a significant factor, and the greater energy a CPU needs, the more heat it sparks. That is where the marginally marketing-driven TDP figure stems from.

From the numbers, Intel’s 9900K is the efficient processor, using a ranked TDP of 95 watts, although the 3900X includes a TDP of 105 watts. But that is not the complete story. Intel’s TDP ratings are inclined to link to its foundation clock, instead of its continuing rise. AMD’s are much nearer to this energy it attracts when at its most excellent clock rates.

Research into electricity requirements from Intel’s 9900K about its launching revealed it drawing a lot more energy than its TDP score. Tom’s Hardware noted that while it stayed under its TDP through gambling, when performing slowly multithreaded workloads over prolonged periods, it might demand over 200 watts. That amount could increase to 250 watts if overlocked.

We did not examine the 3900X’s power draw, but other reviewers have. Also, Anandtech discovered it pulled over 142 watts when completely loaded. This makes it a much more efficient processor compared to 9900K too. And that is AMD’s huge selling point with its Zen structure: More Performance per watt.

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Prices can vary over time. For technical reasons, they’re not updated in real-time. This is simply a mean of the outcomes on every product’s first page, whether used or new. Shipping prices have yet to be incorporated. To understand the last cost of this product, please proceed to the sort of store. If no amount is indicated, we didn’t locate any supplies throughout the final upgrade.

We can better evaluate what would be the technical differences between the two processors. The processor AMD Ryzen 9 3900X includes more cores, the turbo frequency of Intel Core i9-9900K is more significant, the thermal dissipation ability of Intel Core i9-9900K is significantly less. The AMD Ryzen 9 3900X was created before.

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Factoring in specs, functionality, cost, gaming,… leaves another in its dust when it comes to graphics and gaming performance. We will still give a small advantage to the Core i9-9900K if absolute match frame rates compel you. On the uncooked CPU-muscle aspect of things, however, for software that may hit all cores, the Ryzen 9 3900X has an edge often, which explains why it’s our current Editors’ Choice for the best high-end CPU.

With much more cores and assistance for much more addressable threads, greater memory levels, and a bigger cache, this CPU has a paper edge. It is your ideal option if it is possible to leverage those additional cores for no excess cash.

Video: Test render i9 9900k vs Ryzen 9 3900x

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