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Alison Botha

Some cases are hard to believe; one is Alison Botha’s Case. She is a woman whose story of determination and courage still inspires many people worldwide. Alison Botha was raped and stabbed 30 times in the stomach, got her throat slit with a knife, and still lived. So what happened to Alison Botha? We will tell you the whole case in detail. We will start with her early life.

Alison Botha Early Life

Alison Botha was born on 22 September, 1967, in Port Elizabeth. When she was just ten years old, her parents, Brian and Claire, divorced, and their mother raised her and her brother Neale. Alison attended a collegiate high school in her hometown, where she served as the institution’s head girl. She took some time off after finishing her degree to travel the world. After coming back from traveling, she took a job as an insurance broker, which she enjoyed doing. Until that horrible incident happened in her life, and everything changed.

Alison Botha Case: How did It happen?

On the night of 18 December 1994, Alison arrived near her apartment. As she was going to her house, two culprits came with a car and told her to get inside, or they would kill her. She had no other choice; she got in the car. After that, they took her out of town. They were talking about what they would do with her. After getting out of town, they stopped at bushes, raped her, cut her throat with a knife, stabbed her 30 times in the stomach, and left her to die. 

They thought that she was dead, but she wasn’t. After that, both got away in a car. First, she wrote their names on the sand, so everyone knew who did it, and also wrote I love you, mom. She saw some lights and realized she had a chance to live and she took this chance and somehow he grabbed her neck and her intestine and tried to go to the roadside. She fell so many times but didn’t lose hope, and finally, he managed to arrive at the roadside. 

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Alison Botha
Image credits: The Teal Mango

After some time, Tiaan Eilerd came with his car, and he saw her lying on the road. Tiaan put Alison’s thyroid back in her body and called an emergency. After some time, an emergency arrived, and they took her to the hospital. Doctors were in shock when they saw her in this situation. They said they hadn’t seen something like this in their life. Doctors were not sure that they could save her, but finally, after the operation, she was saved. 

In the hospital, she also identified her rapists with the help of the police. At that time, both the rapist Frans du Toit and Theuns Kruger were known for this type of crime. Police immediately arrested both and put them in jail.

Sentenced to Jail:

At that time, both criminals were famous for doing such types of crimes, and it wasn’t difficult to prove them guilty. In the court, both the rapists were found guilty, and they got their whole life in prison as punishment in August 1995. Well, this is what you get when you do this type of horrific crime. They got what they deserved.

After the Incident:

Later, Botha started giving motivational speeches all around the world. In addition, famous writer Marianne Thamm came to Alison to write a book about her incident and share her fight to survive with the public. She wrote the book I Have Life in 1998. For her courage, She also received the 1995 Rotarian Paul Harris Award for “Courage Beyond the Norm,” the Femina magazine title of “Woman of Courage,” and the title of “Citizen of the Year” in Port Elizabeth. She was selected as an Executive Board Member at Hawaii Pacific Health in January 2020. In 2016, a film called Alison was released based on her story. It is available on amazon prime video if you want to see it. It is an excellent motivational film.

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Alison Botha Net Worth:

She has an estimated net worth of 1 million dollars; she mostly makes money as a motivational speaker. At this time, she doesn’t care about the money. She just wants to motivate women and give them confidence by telling her story. This type of people we need in this world.

Husband and Family:

Tienie Botha is her husband currently. The two met at a friend’s home a year after her attack, and they both liked each other. Finally, they both is married now. Her hubby has always supported her in everything she does. The couple has two sons, Daniel Botha in 2003 and Matthew Botha in 2006. Alison has been able to heal and have a beautiful life with her family despite suffering through a horrific incident. Right now, her kids are her first priority, she said.

Alison and Tienie Botha
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Did Alison Botha have kids?

The rapist tried to damage her reproductive organs, but look at god’s grace, Alison gave birth to her first child in 2003 and also had a second child in 2006. It is just like a miracle happening. So Answer is yes, she has kids.

Who found Alison Botha?

When Alison arrived at the roadside, after some time, Tiaan Eilered came with his car and took her to the hospital. You can say that he saved her life that day.


From her life, there is so much to learn. How she got raped by two culprits, stabbed in the stomach 30 times, and got her throat slit. But somehow, she managed to live with her bravery. And finally did justice to the rapists and sentenced them to lifetime jail, and now Alison Botha is working as a motivational speaker and sharing her story to inspire people. This case is a prime example of why girls should be brave and fight these criminals. For men, we should also learn how to control our sexual urges and control them. Finally, this type of case is horrific, but at the same time, you can get so much from it.          

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