Apple AirPods 1 Vs AirPods 2 Comparison: Should You Upgrade?

Apple AirPods 1 Vs AirPods 2 Comparison

How to decide between Apple AirPods 1 Vs AirPods 2? Colorfy‘s following post will help you choose better. Keep reading!

Apple released its brand new Apple AirPods 2 on March 20. The latest earbuds arrive nearly two decades following the launch of the first AirPods. Based on Apple, they come with various essential updates like better connector rate, long battery life, and wireless charging. So, in case you be lining up to find the brand-new AirPods 2? Let see the AirPods 1 vs 2 comparisons.

What’s AirPods 1?

AirPods 1 is the first-generation AirPods by Apple, that was established in 2016. The first-gen AirPods integrates its custom-built W1 chip that helps with battery life and provides seamless pairing with apparatus. It boasts the signature EarPod layout but with protruding stalks that stick from the ear to give an actual wireless listening experience. In 0.14 ounce, it’s exceptionally lightweight and slips easily into your own pockets. You can telephone Siri up with a comfortable double-tap either of the pods.

What’s AirPods 2?

AirPods two is the next generation of AirPods found in 2019. The newest AirPods is a game-changer resulting from this brand new proprietary and improved H1 chip, which provides unprecedented functionality in comparison to its predecessor. It’s a real upgrade in lots of ways. The latest H1 chip provides quicker connectivity, lower latency, Siri support, speedier switching between devices, and much more. It is possible to muster Siri by saying “Hey Siri,” a fantastic update over its predecessor, courtesy of the H1 chipset.

Apple AirPods 1 Vs AirPods 2 Comparison

Apple AirPods 1 Vs AirPods 2 Comparison


Let us begin with the plan. We would have liked to see new color options and a brand new ear tip layout; sadly, the AirPods 2 is almost equal to the originals. Many people today adore the design, but we loathe them. They’re uneasy in our ears and game a loose fit, which makes them prone to falling out, making them quite easy to lose. Oh, and you can forget about using them to get acute exercise! We are disappointed that Apple did not change up the layout to its AirPods 2.

But even though the plan of this brand new AirPods is almost identical to the originals, it is well worth mentioning the AirPods two’s wireless charging case is a little different than the initial charging instance. To this effect, Apple jumped the LED index from the interior of this AirPods charging instance to the exterior of this situation. This creates much more sense logically.


If it comes to features, the AirPods glow. They feature a perfect wireless connection that seldom falls outside, if ever. Battery life is satisfactory, they bill fast, along with the earphones themselves are small and light.

The second-generation models are mostly the same, just better. The W1 processor of the originals was substituted with the H1 processor, which means quicker switching and pairing between Apple apparatus, lower latency, better battery management for longer conversation time (but unchanged overall battery durability), and an utterly handsfree voice controller.

The 2019 model additionally offers Audio Sharing courtesy of iOS 13. This allows another set of AirPods to join the same iOS apparatus as the very first. Everything you do is tap on the two iPhones together, and the two pairs of AirPods receive precisely the same sound. Regrettably, this is not readily available to your first-generation AirPods.

Siri can also allow you to respond to incoming messages with just your voice. Again, this is permitted by iOS 13.

The second-gen AirPods may include a wireless charging instance, or you may purchase it separately. This works with the two generations of AirPods. Therefore, owners of this first-gen model needn’t overlook. Though remember, you’ll require a Qi-compatible wireless charging pad too.

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Possibly the most apparent difference between the first AirPods as well as the 2019 version is that the quantity: the second-gens are louder. This can be a welcome change, as with ear ideas to seal them on your ear, and they are inclined to let external noise intrude in your listening. A louder volume makes it possible to listen to more of a monitor’s detail.

The noise of the versions is generally Apple, using a natural, reasonably neutral sonic balance without an artificially-boosted bass (therefore, visit the company’s Beats array of cans). There is little to no manipulation, only a stripped-back demonstration that allows the music to do the talking.

The second-gen AirPods build on this with much more subtlety and elegance. Low-level dynamic changes are somewhat more brittle and pliable, while the gap between loud and silent is much more pronounced and striking. There is more detail about the delivery, also, and the demonstration is a bit more spacious and open. The timing can be better, meaning marginally improved organization.

These may seem like slight improvements, and they mostly are. However, they add up to a lot more significant than the sum of the components and make the 2019 AirPods seem noticeably more engaging and exciting.


The first-generation AirPods operate on the W1 chip. The “W” chipset series concentrates on Bluetooth and linking to Wi-Fi. You may frequently locate W processors in wireless cans and Apple Watches.

Meanwhile, AirPods 2 utilizes Apple’s brand new proprietary processor, the H1. The H1 is your brand new chipset devoted to Apple headphones. It is the solution Apple designed to present their cans better performance.

The H1 chip improvements include more powerful connectivity, quicker device-switching, and faster call link. If you frequently play games in your Apple apparatus, also, it provides your AirPods 30% reduced latency if gambling. Additionally, it supports voice-activated Siri, which we will talk more below.


Among the most significant upgrades and conspicuous features of this new AirPods is that the capability to summon Siri handsfree. The first AirPods ask that you double-tap the pod (either left or right) so you could speak with Siri, just with the newest AirPods, you can summon Siri from the voice simply by stating “Hey Siri,” courtesy of the H1 processor. This is a useful feature and comes in handy if your hands are occupied, and you want to create a call or correct the quantity of control the songs.

Charging Case

Probably the best thing about the new AirPods is your new wireless partitioning Case that’s a worthwhile upgrade considering you’re able to bill your AirPods precisely the same manner you bill your iPhone wirelessly merely by placing it down onto a wireless charging pad.

The new AirPods includes a wireless Charging Case, which offers you an extra $40 and the price of this AirPods. It functions equally – you need to place your AirPods back on the charging pad, and you are all set. On the other hand, the new Wireless Charging Case can be used with both the new and the first AirPods.

Apple AirPods 1 vs 2 Price

The first-generation AirPods cost just $159. However, Apple does not record first-generation AirPods on its website anymore. If you would like to purchase AirPods 1, then start looking for them out of other vendors or online.

As you may select your charging situation type with AirPods two, it’s two costs available. If you are purchasing the AirPods 2 having a routine charging instance, it costs $159. If you’d like the wireless charging situation for your 2nd production AirPods, you need to purchase it for $199.

Let’s say you are already pleased with your own AirPods 1. If you merely need a wireless charging situation for these, you can purchase it for $79. But, do not forget you could get more affordable wireless charging instances from different makers.

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AirPods 1 vs 2 Conclusion

Thus, should you upgrade to the AirPods 2?

The reality is, if you’re presently utilizing the first AirPods 1, then there’s probably no need to change into the AirPods 2. The principal improvement on the AirPods 2 might be the wireless charging instance. And, since we all know, we can find the brand new case individually and use it together with the elderly version.

In terms of the update in the brand new earbuds themselves, we have not managed to see some significant improvements that would warrant getting the AirPods 2 if You have already spent in the AirPods.

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