Aircall: The ultimate technical call-directory to propel your sales!

According to a recent survey of the best business phone systems that are available currently – has rated Aircall at ‘high esteem in terms of service.’ Considering that, one of this cloud-based phone system’s most notable aspects is the power dialer. For those that are new to the domain – this is an automated telephone format that immediately dials a number once a call is over. Let’s clarify – it eliminates the need for click-to-call format and directly dials the next number, saving the operator the hassle. 

As you slide down this article – you will get a clearer view of what precisely is a power dialer and its difference from other formats of calls. That’s not all – you will also get to see the importance of a cloud-based phone call system and its range of positives. Here’s putting it forth to you – 

What is a power dialer? 

An integral part of the Aircall ecosystem, a power dialer, in stark contrast to a preview dialer, is a technology system, either connected to the business phone system or with the VoIP, that automates the phone calling process. That is – this technology immediately dials the next number for the operator before they are done with the current call on the outreach list. That in no way implies that – there is a glitch in the current call. Rather, it saves time, and the automated program format picks up live business calls. 

This format of dialer is categorically beneficial when you have to increase the call volume and have a similar agenda to follow. To comprehend the areas where you can utilize this technology, let’s see the range of features it offers. 

What are the features of this Aircall phone service? 

Some of the key features of this phone service include – 

  • Allows a range of numbers to be auto-dialed 


Picking those numbers around which your enterprise operates is this technology’s biggest benefit. It functions sequentially, wherein the numbers are auto-dialed, leaving you to move from one call to another seamlessly – thereby minimizing efforts and maximizing the results. 

  • Has a number of features as call recording/call notes and tags 

This technology offers a range of benefits, such as recording calls and even noting and tagging them. Unlike any other technology of such type used before – you can use these recorded calls later to estimate the success rate of any specific project or determine the amount of received-back calls. 

That’s not all! With the support of this technology, you can also transfer the calls, comment on the same and even pick them up as evidence to support the success of call assignments. 

  • Includes international numbers as well

This technological system picks up a range of numbers from the prospective website, including international numbers. So, when you are sequencing numbers, you can do the same for international numbers as well. 

  • Allows meaningful sales conversions 

The reason propelled this service’s popularity is the rate at which it converts normal clients into meaningful customers. This conversion rate or lead transformation rate is credible and makes this one of the most-opted technical add-ons for medium to large businesses looking forth to drive up sales. 

Benefits of using the Aircall system? 

Assuming you have been reading this content well, you supposedly have clarity about Aircall’s power dialer. But before you switch tabs, here’s checking out some advantages that this technology accrues to a business – 

  1. Enhances the power of the agent 

It has been categorically noted that with this telephonic feature, the manual effort of the agent reduces, and their productivity increases by 5 times! The auto-dialing feature amplifies the connect rates and delivers a better experience for customers. 

2. Improve the management of outbound contacts

The biggest benefit that this phone technology entails is – an improvement in terms of managing outbound contacts. Since the sequence of the calling list can be set up in multiple ways, you may tune it as per your demands. Also, this reduces manual effort and can even run product campaigns in a matter of minutes! 

3. Higher conversion into sales 

This technology navigates and targets the ‘supposed’ clients, which by sequencing itself on the phone line, helps to convert clients via phone calls to patrons indulged in sales activity. 

4. Leverages the best of third-party apps 

To effectively boost your sales, this technology utilizes a host of third-party apps and gets instant access to customer details. Once that is done, the workload significantly reduces, and the process becomes seamless. 

5. Boosts lead management 

Lastly, the biggest benefit that Aircall brings forth to you is – amplified lead management. As you already know, the power dialer identifies the numbers on your prospective website and then dials them on the queue. Thus, at this rate, the sales are driven into leads, which increases exponentially. 

These are some of the most extensive range of positives that this technology has brought forth. 


FAQ you must know 

Here’s quickly noting down the queries you may have – 

  1. How to set up the power dialer? 

Once you are done with accommodating this technology into your system, you will have to configure it into your phone calling list. In action, this sequentially auto-dials the numbers. 

2. What are the costs associated with it? 

The charges are minimum when it comes to connecting and recording the calls. Quickly running through the costs – for call recordings (US$ 0.0032/minute), for monitoring calls (US$ 0.005/minute), for conference calls (US$ 0.005/minute), and for calls on SIP (US$ 0.005/minute). Once you are done with the range of free calls, the charges amount to (US$ 0.013/minute) for additional incoming calls. Overall, the billing is rounded off to the next minute in monetary terms. 

3. How many numbers can you dial? 

With the power dialer system, there is no fixed count on the numbers you can dial. Hence, simultaneously, you can dial a series of numbers. 

Last note

Intending to optimize the sales process to derive massive benefits (and definitely some bonuses from the same) – this cloud-based phone system that Aircall follows is definitely one of the critical factors to opt for. Given its range of benefits, from immediately connecting one call to another to supporting queries across multiple platforms, no phone service alternative could handle such a diverse portfolio. It is suitable for mid-level to bulk-business handling processes; assuredly, it’s time; if you already haven’t, you must switch to the Aircall facility. 

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