Adblock Vs Adblock Plus Comparison: Which Is Better?

Adblock Vs Adblock Plus Comparison

Those annoying popups are now manageable through the recently invented extensions AdBlock Vs Adblock plus. These extensions provide a rich user experience and set you free of those pesky pitches.

Adblock Plus vs Adblock are recognized by some well-known e-commerce giants like Google, fiscal times, Microsoft, and Amazon.

Both the extensions are obstructing the advertisements, then what is the distinction, why are two extensions?? Thus, in this guide, Colorfy is going to reveal the gap between the Adblock and Adblock plus.

Why do you want an Adblocker?

While most are very much apparent about why they want an ad blocker, some individuals aren’t aware of how blockers can improve their online browsing experience.

People who are a bit tech-savvy need to have researched bypassing those showy, thoughts deflecting, and annoying advertisements that you’re made to see before proceeding to the main articles.

Why do you want an Adblocker

Many others that aren’t much tech-savvy think they need to have to endure these advertisements if they would like to browse sites online.


When it’s your computer, you will choose which ads you would like to see or if you would like to find an advertisement whatsoever and you can certainly do this with advertising blockers.

It takes a couple of moments to get Adblock extension for different browsers, save preferences, and block them.

Round-up of the Pros and Cons of The Adblock or Adblock Plus

Like just about everything, you will find pros and cons. Here I will show up what I consider the pros and cons of Adblock or Adblock Plus.



  • First, I Would like to start with the pros of Adblock.
  • Fantastic ad filters;
  • The expansion icon is Very Helpful in offering Lots of information;
  • Among the most Well-known options of ad-blockers;
  • Has a right-click menu enabling visitors to block any component on any webpage;
  • Great for obstructing pop-ups, pop-unders, and malware;
  • Blocks YouTube and Facebook advertisements.


  • Here’s what I don’t enjoy about Adblock.
  • While It’s open-source, the programmer Doesn’t state this on the site?
  • There have been privacy issues;
  • Getting More commercial;
  • Alternatives can confuse folks;
  • Advanced options Aren’t so successful;
  • Non-intrusive ads are displayed by default.

Adblock Plus


  • Now, on the pros of Adblock Plus.
  • It’s open-source;
  • Simple to understand choices;
  • Sounds great;
  • Whitelisting Is Quite easy to use;
  • Malware, popups, and pop-unders are obstructed;
  • Facebook and YouTube advertisements are blocked.


  • Things I Don’t like about Adblock Plus contain.
  • The innovative features are hidden and hard to locate;
  • Enabling or disabling features must be performed manually;
  • At times the right-click menu Doesn’t work correctly;
  • Occasionally to block Certain components I needed to utilize the expansion ;
  • Show advertisements that aren’t searchable by default option.

With AdBlock, it is possible to block banner ads, text ads, popups, pop-under, intrusive ads, video ads around YouTube, and Facebook, which you’re made to see before proceeding to real video content.

Our AdBlock vs. AdBlock Plus comparison will cause you to realize how AdBlock will block advertisements, and that is better from these two.

What Is The Difference Between AdBlock And AdBlock plus?

Adblock Vs Adblock Plus


Once more, the two AdBlock for both Chrome and Adblock Plus for Chrome presents similar features so much as fundamental features (malware protection, reveals the number of ads blocked, blacklisting, whitelisting) and alternatives (acceptable advertisements, right-click menu) are worried.

Both use the very same filters too, and they’re calling it that the EasyList (made by Adblock Plus). It essentially means that if Adblock Plus is obstructing an advertisement, it’ll be blocked by AdBlock too, or vice versa.

That is not all! There is an ugly similarity also. The two Adblock Plus and Adblock let what they call “non-intrusive advertising.” It usually means they don’t block advertisements that are considered Fair Ads, and therefore, they’ve whitelisted few advertisers.

If reports such as this and this is accurate, then Google and other big advertisers have paid Adblock Plus not to block their advertisements. And Adblock Plus itself has revealed that essential things are paying them a licensing fee for whitelisting their ads.

If it comes to “Options,” I feel enjoy Adblock Plus is a much better option for non-techies because their plugin choices are incredibly straightforward and easy to comprehend. They don’t have a lot of customization choices, and it is simple to disable all advertisements (such as the “non-intrusive advertising”) with only one-click. In other words, by unchecking “Let some non-intrusive advertising” on expansion choices.


The two AdBlock and ABP are equally powerful in blocking banner advertisements, videos playing noises, and YouTube advertisements. On the other hand, the content creators detect that real quickly, and you’ll be invited to whitelist their website if you would like uninterrupted browsing. My expertise with CNN is that both browser extensions felt slower than usual, although I really could read the material without advertisement interruptions.

Additionally, both advertising blockers were equally compelling, no matter browsers. However, the regular reminders to whitelist can influence the entire browsing experience. I do not use ad blockers since there are lots of features of those websites which become unusable.

But in case you’ve got a whitelist of acceptable sites, you are not going to have a problem seeing others in which you do not need to look at ads. This may look after popups, annoying music, and unrelated videos.

Performance-wise, both ABP and AdBlock are equally powerful in blocking advertisements. We’ll consider this around a tie.

Benefits of Installing Adblock and Adblock Plus

The two Adblock and Adblock Plus are simple to download and set up.

They’re offered for a variety of internet browsers, as stated above. I opted to put in them to check them out on Firefox.

Installing Adblock

A click on the install now buttons the extension in Firefox. I was then using a web page telling me about the honor system. This was I could cover as much as I desired to utilize the program. This meant I could decide to include a one-off cost or be ample and choose to pay monthly. Since I was testing the applications, I clicked from the box and lasted.

An icon then appears in the top right-hand of the browser bar.

Installing Adblock Plus

Again, the expansion was installed quickly in Firefox. When it downloaded one instant, a dialog box came up asking if I needed to proceed and put in it.

I clicked to let I trusted the writer and proceeded to click install now.

After setup, an icon has been shown in the upper right-hand of the internet browser.

Usability Comparison

Among the principal factors that I consider when comparing applications to discover which comes out beforehand, is how simple it’s to use.

I don’t enjoy software that’s too complex to use. In cases like this, I was pleased to discover that both are simple to install and come with default choices set up. Most of all, I added, isn’t needed to go to the alternatives to change anything.

Both make it rather simple to disable and re-enable the blocker. Both make it easy to add exceptions that you don’t want to block. It’s simple to whitelist webpages and domain names together with blacklisting them.

The two Adblock and Adblock Plus have icons from the browser bar offering precise info.

Adblock Plus does seem friendlier, and it will show the advertisements blocked on the current webpage from the pub without clicking on it.

For the user interface and usability, I’d put Adblock Plus marginally ahead, but there isn’t much inside.

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The two AdBlock and Adblock Plus (ABP) are high-performing ad-blocking engines. It is possible to use either one of these to block annoying advertisements online. Considering AdBlock has significantly more complex filtering and whitelisting capabilities that give you more options, we find it a winner of the competition.

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