A Beginner’s Guide to Acrylic Painting

Guide to Acrylic Painting

Painting is an art which is famous all over the world. There are too many painters and artists who make different paintings by using their thoughts. They also highlight any good and bad habits of society with the help of painting. Guide to Acrylic Painting-

To paint something is an art and not every person does that because it is God-gifted or some persons have the skills to learn it, you can paint some you need some colors, canvas brushes, and many other things.

When you start for the first time to paint something that you will need some things in which acrylic colors are one of the things, you need to know which color is best for you to paint. Acrylic colors started in the 1950s, and they were soon very popular over oil paints.

You can use acrylic colors which are best for beginners and artworks for adults.

Here is the Guideline which helps the person who starts the painting for the first time.

What is Acrylic Painting?

Acrylic colors are a good start for beginners, it is water-based colors. It is a mixture of water, pigments, and acrylic polymer. Acrylic polymer allows painting and any surface as after drying it will bind the place.  You can easily use acrylic colors on glass, wood, canvas, paper, metal, and many more things.

You can create an art piece with the help of acrylic paints. These paints are versatile and offer the painter unique properties that have been seen in their popularity. They are quick to dry and drain with the help of water, which makes them the best choice for beginners.

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History of Acrylic Paints- Guide to Acrylic Painting

First-time acrylic paint traced in the 1930s but officially a set of Acrylic paint introduced in 1950s, in start it will be used for paint houses, but it was too runny for the artists. Acrylic becomes more popular over time as it gives a safe choice and is affordable for crafts.

Acrylic Paints in the Modern era

Acrylic has become more durable since they were invented, giving them more reliability when used in art. Artists can use acrylic paints in their different crafts to make a unique look.

Painting on canvas, paint on wood, using a few ways and you can use the acrylic paint. Although in the past artists had a struggle to use acrylic paints, now there are primer and varnish to use for the long-lasting and give a unique look.

What things do you need to start an  Acrylic painting?

Following are the things that you will need to start an acrylic painting.

Acrylic Paint

When you start a painting then first you need acrylic colours as they are offered you in different rang as it starts from the student level to professional level paints, if you start for the first time you will need to choose the student level acrylic as it is economical and if you have the budget you can go with the professional level also.


After that you will need some tools to apply on the surface, for this purpose you will need some brushes, there are many kinds of paint brushes which are available in different sizes and shapes.

If you are a beginner then you will buy a brush set and you will play with all brushes and it gives you the experience of how to paint with different tools using. Once you figure out which type of brush will help you to work then you will also buy the brushes which are expensive and have high quality. 


After that, you need a thing where you paint your artwork for this purpose canvas is used. as acrylic paint easily binds with the fabric of the canvas. However, you can also paint using acrylic on wood, clay, rocks, and pots of plants.

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You will also need a palette for your paints which helps to mix the different colours. Here are the different options of palettes which you can choose.

  • Clear french style oval shape palettes
  • Small circle palettes
  • Ceramic rose palettes
  • Large 17 well palettes

Water container

When you working with paints you will need almost two water containers near you, one of the water containers used for rines out your dirty brushes and the other is used to thin your paints, these containers do have not any special quality, you can use any cup, jar and other things like this for this purpose.

Primer- Guide to Acrylic Painting

A  primer is used before painting anything to make the surface of your paint smooth, there are so many primers available on market for this purpose, as you can use primer then acrylic binds the base properly. However, if you have not used the primer then it’s ok but if you use this then it will give quality to your art piece.

Varnish- Guide to Acrylic Painting

It is a thing that will provide your painting with a long life. Varnish is used at the end and it protects your painting for the long run. Varnish makes the acrylic painting waterproof and gives them a complete finishing.

It means when you have done your work then you will not worry, use the varnish to protect your painting, it also mixes in your acrylic because it is transparent, but it gives protection to your painting.

 How do Start an Acrylic painting/

  • Prepare yourself and make an environment to make an art
  • Prepare your paints
  • If you have need then apply the primer
  • Now using Acrylic paint for painting
  • Let them dry off your paint
  • Apply the varnish
  • Your masterpiece is ready

Final Wording

When you start for the first time to make a painting then acrylic paint is the best choice for you, as it is easily available and for beginners, it will be less costly and you can buy it at an economical price.

You can use any type of surface instead of a canvas as you can use clay, wood, rocks, and any other like this for your practice, you can easily handle the acrylic paints. You can make an art piece using acrylic paints.


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