About our favorite game

Today we will briefly tell you about the best, worst, good and not so good characters of our favorite game. And for convenience, we will compile a Multiversus tier list. The list was compiled after many hours of play and is more or less objective.

It is also worth clarifying that the information is relevant only at the time of the current patch – 1.01. After the release of new updates and patches, everything can change. Enjoy reading!

Multiversus – from Best to Worst

The list was compiled as simply as possible with some arguments to instill more confidence in you. Let’s start:

  1. Top Tier. At the moment, the meta is projectiles, and characters with strong abilities of this kind are extremely strong right now. And Bugs Bunny is rightfully considered the strongest. Bugs feels comfortable in almost any situation, possesses strong and slightly extraordinary abilities, and is able to set the heat with his fingers.
  2. High tier. There are 4 extremely strong characters here – Steven Universe, Tom and Jerry, Velma, Batman. They just slightly failed to qualify for the title of “Best”. But in competent hands they can achieve this. Separately, it is worth highlighting Steven Universe – with his strong combos, the ability to place walls and platforms, and strong projectiles – he has a lot to show! However, there is a downside – he is not at all suitable for beginners.
  3. Lower High Tier. It is here that most of the game characters are located – Morty, Superman, The Iron Giant, Wonder Woman, Reindog, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog (that’s just the coincidence that they’re next to each other! ), Shaggy, Harley Quinn. They are all quite strong and capable of showing themselves well in battle. But they are also not without their shortcomings. Some characters like The Iron Giant are only suitable in only 1 game mode (1v1 or 2v2), so you have to experiment a bit to find your favorite one. 
  4. Mid tier. Lebron and Garnet occupied this “floor”. To be precise, they are not that weak. But they’re not too strong either. They may well demonstrate the same results as the characters in the tier above. However, you will have to work hard to achieve this. Much harder than those listed above. Therefore, these characters are not very suitable for beginners.
  5. Low tier. At the very bottom of the food chain at the moment is the Tasmanian Devil, aka Taz. Oh, this irony! After recent nerfs, this character has become extremely unplayable and frustrating. Taz is not recommended for beginners or people who prefer to have fun over continuously overcoming.
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Don’t forget to follow the news – mobalytics.gg is one of the best options for you! They keep a close eye on the game and the first one to update the info after new patches.  After new announcements, the situation may change, and your favorite character will suddenly become the best.

About Multiversus and games in general

Friends, dear readers! What do you think games are for? And our favorite game as well? We think they’re made for fun! That’s why we’ve had a lot of fun playing the characters on this list to make it more objective. We liked to play for those who are stronger, but those who are weaker were pleasantly surprised!

Why are we saying this? Well, in our opinion you should also enjoy the game! It is better not to chase the strongest. The meta can change with every new patch. So it’s better to just have fun. This will save you a lot of nerves in the future. We wish you good luck and many victories!

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