A perfect guide for VPS hosting

guide for VPS hosting

A VPS is also commonly known as a virtual private server network. It generally functions as a cloud hosting service provided by the companies in which there is a virtual server network that is provided to the people through an internet connection via these VPS or virtual private servers hosting services- guide for VPS hosting.

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Basically, the VPS is installed in the physical machines, which is ultimately operated by the cloud hosting services company. These types of companies host or run multiple VPSs at the same time. These multiple virtual private servers share a common hardware object but on the other hand each of them has a different as well as a separate operating system along with their separate applications. These private servers reserve their own storage over the physical machines in the form of memory.

There are two types of the hosting services that are provided by the companies, one is a single shared network and the other is a multi shared network. The term hosting was being used by the traditional techniques companies in which the hardwares and softwares of the physical machine was equally shared among the people or users. 

But, we live in the modern world now, here in this century no person or company wanted a shared network for hosting services. Therefore, so many companies, even the traditional ones, provide the hosting services of isolation in which the virtual private server is completely secure and private. This type of hosting service is a dedicated hosting service with the single tenant hardwares and softwares of the physical machines. Be it the shared multi-tenant hosting service or be it the single tenant hosting services, the end user is going to get the advantage or benefit of the hypervisor that is perfectly managed. However, there is a significant difference between VPS prices and dedicated hosting prices.

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For the traditional companies, the virtual private server or the VPS was a perfectly balanced basket through which they can offer the end customers the well structured package of services with the economical cost, proper flexibility, scalability, and also the control of the dedicated and shared virtual private server. Basically, this virtual private server or the VPS is considered to be perfect and ideal for the ecommerce platforms because over these platforms there is a bit high traffic of the customers, there is a high technology email servers attached, as well as they have to maintain proper CRM services as well. 

Come, let us now understand the concept of a dedicated virtual private server, shared virtual private server, and the virtual private server hosting services in detail with guide for VPS hosting.

  • Shared virtual private server- guide for VPS hosting

The shared hosting or the shared virtual private server is just a place where so many tenants are there but all of them live in a completely separate place except a few things are being served to them in common. Let us take an example of society in which the homes of the people are completely separate but a few things such as garden, club house, compound, etc. are common to all of them.

  • Dedicated virtual private server

Dedicated hosting or providing the dedicated virtual private network service is the single owning server type. Let me example you with a suitable example, suppose a person is living in a self owned bungalow then the garden, swimming pool, balcony, house, everything is of the person living there only. The dedicated server is also the same thing. It is dedicated to the single person only. 

  • VPS hosting 

The virtual private server hosting is neither the completely private or dedicated server nor the shared network, but in fact it lies between both of these. In this particular virtual private server hosting the server is completely separate and dedicated but the physical infrastructure or the physical machines are the same for operations. 

Host Zealot is one of the best as well as a reliable company that provides proper and high quality web hosting services to the corporate clients as well as to the private clients also. This company has been in existence since the year 2009. This company is the best in his field and it is very experienced in providing the servers for the general usage along with the online business projects. Host Zealot provides the best and trusted dedicated servers and also the proper infrastructure solutions for the businesses of the client. 

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Here are a few major benefits of getting a virtual private server from Host Zealot:

  1. Host Zealot provides the 99.9 percent of uptime to its clients

Host Zealot company assures all its clients the uptime of 99.9 percent for all its online projects and gives the constant access to its clients.

  1. Host Zealot provides the Quick configuration to all its clients

Host Zealot ensures the dedicated server configuration within half an hour of the ordering. It is considered to be a great feature of Host Zealot virtual server company. Also, it provides the best performance of the servers as well as a reliable environment.

  1. Host Zealot asks for No contracts from the clients

Here with this company there is no formality of the contracts with the clients, that means a person or the client can simply cancel the services anytime with any kind of pressure to take the services. On the other hand, if you are liking it the services can go on and o the expiry date it will automatically end and you are required to renew the same. 

  1. The virtual private servers are provided at the economical prices

All the services provided here are available at a very economical price with the modern technology and high performing equipment.

  1. The technology used in the VPS can be easily upgraded

Be it the upgrade in the server technology or be it the configuration there is no data loss at all. Plus there is no need to change the IP address of the server even. 

  1. The Host Zealot provides the Enterprise Servers 

Host Zealot company provides the modern server hardware services from Dell, HP, etc.

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