720p Vs 1080p – Which Is Better [FULL Guide 2021]

720p Vs 1080p - Which Is Better

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It’s been a very long time because projectors arrived around. It was in 1895 when Woodville Lathan, together with sons Otway and Gray, devised the very first projector. After that, this priceless invention further grew. Even to this very day, people use projectors in universities and schools, gaming, as well as house theaters.

You’re probably one of many individuals thinking of purchasing a projector. The problem is that you are confused about what to expect. In the end, there are distinct settlements for you to pick from, together with 720p and 1080p being the hottest. On this note, let us attempt to compare the projector 1080p vs. 720p and determine which is a much better alternative.

What’s 720P And 1080P?


720p signifies a “screen resolution” of 1280×720. What’s “display resolution”?

The LCD of your computer, Notebook, Mobile, or HDTV, consists of countless small dots or ‘pixels.’ The picture is produced with these dots. The screen resolution refers to the number of pixels or dots on display. A decision of 1280×720 signifies the screen has 1280 horizontal dots in each row and 720 vertical dots. That means the show has 9,21,600 pixels!

About 1080p?

At this time, you can understand what’s 1080p. The display of your 1080p HDTV has a resolution of 1920×1080. In English, it means 1920 horizontal and 1080 vertical rows of pixels or dots. That means this display has 2,0736,00 dots.

720p vs 1080p Projectors: Main Differences

720p vs 1080p Projectors - Main Differences

Would you like a projector that casts good pictures?

Would you enjoy bigger projector displays?

Would you rather have to watch movies together with your projector over playing video games?

Your answers to those questions will choose which resolution is best for you.

Before leaping into the particulars, we will need to concentrate on the resolution between 720p and 1080p to determine which is better.

So, how are 720p and 1080p distinct?

The initial HD resolution available, 720p, also known as 1280×720, has 720 horizontal lines of 1280 pixels, which stinks to 921,600 pixels.

Although 720p is not as readily available as before now that 1080p is considerably more accessible, it’s more affordable than 1080p and outputs a gorgeous picture. However, 720p lacks the picture quality and sharpness that 1080p has.

The hottest HD resolution, 1080p, otherwise called Total HD or 1920×1080, has 2,073,600 pixels out of the 1080 horizontal lines of 1920 pixels.

Even though 1080p projectors produce amazing, sharp pictures, they’re better on displays larger than 50″ in the seating space of fewer than 10 ft, the best being 6.5ft.

Although 1080p projectors produce better pictures, 720p may be equally as great in some specific conditions. However, if 1080p is exactly what you aim for, then you need to check our listing of this finest 1080p projectors.


There’s no question for this attribute, 1080p resolution produces the brighter, sharper, more comprehensive, and much better quality picture than 720p.

However, based on your display size and seating space, you might not see the gap between 1080p and 720p.

Display Dimensions and Seating Distance

If your display is significantly less than 50″ and you sit 10ft, or away from the display, you won’t observe a difference between 720p and 1080p. This is only because what affects your display from such projectors is not the number of pixels, but also the pixels per inch.

The bigger your display, the bigger the pixels. This makes your seats distance impact how you find the display. In case you’ve got a bigger screen and sit 10ft away, you are likely to need 1080p. If you do not, then it will not matter which resolution you become.

HDTV, DVDs, and Blu-Ray

Based on the way you are feeling about such topics, you might prefer 720p over 1080p.

HDTV and Streaming

Many cable/satellite providers and HDTV broadcasters, whether superior or not, utilize 720p or 1080i, even though some use 1080p. On the other hand, streaming providers can send many resolutions, including 720p and 1080p, although the more excellent resolution prices are more.

There’s a possibility that you observe the reduction in resolution as soon as your 1080p projector inputs 720p or 1080i resolutions. However, while 720p will climb the 1080i and 1080p inputs to its own fantastic pixel density, 1080i is sharper in 1080p.

Nevertheless, this sharpness might not even be detected, and maybe it does not matter which resolution you become. If money is a problem, get the 720p since the distinction is minimal.

It would help if you also looked at our listing of the most excellent projector TVs, in case you’re searching for an update for your home theater.


This is the same with DVDs. HD DVDs utilize 720p, and routine DVDs only use 480p, which can be then scaled to 720p or 1080p, based upon your projector. While the picture will look better in your 1080p projector, the gap might be hardly noticeable.


The tide turns at Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray is nearly always in 1080p and will consequently perform well with 1080p projectors, providing a much better and far better image than 720p can outputs.

Additionally, You should check our Blu-Ray vs. DVD comparison guide, if You Would like to know better the gap between these two.


Not merely is 1080p the hottest gambling resolution, but besides, it allows for excellent in-game functionality. With 720p directly available on elderly gen systems, you’re likely to want to have a 1080p projector when planning to project your matches because 1080p projectors are considered the very best projectors for gambling.


In General Usage

Now that you see how both disagree, you might still be wondering what’s best for you.

Which is better 1080p or 720p?

If you’re still debating – 1080p vs. 720p projectors- the former is the better option for gaming and home theatre. But in the event that you simply require a projector to get the work done and you get a small budget, then the 720p is great enough.

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