7 Smart Tools You Can Use To Train Your Dog

Tools You Can Use To Train Your Dog

Training your dog can be difficult, especially if you haven’t had a dog in the past. Luckily, you can find various tools to help you train your dog, making the process easier for yourself. We have seven smart tools you can check out to help your dog behave, so you can live together without unnecessary problems.

Make sure to go through these seven tools to see which ones will help you train your dog.

Voice Recording Buttons

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You can purchase buttons designed to record your voice, allowing you to create commands with those buttons. For example, some owners will program words like walk, food and water with these buttons, letting their pets inform the owners about their needs. This gives the owner and dog an extra layer of communication to ensure the owner cares for his or her furry friend.

If you get these buttons, you can record your voice and teach your dog different words. From there, your dog will know he or she can communicate with you through those buttons. If you plan to make communication easier for your dog, so you can know what he or she wants, you should get this smart tool for your home.

Dog Nail Trimmers

In the past, many owners would use nail clippers on their dogs. However, if you trim the nail too low, you can make your dog bleed while also causing pain. Due to this, you should get nail trimmers instead as an excellent way to keep your dog’s nails short without causing unnecessary discomfort.

Nail trimmers allow you to grind the nail away slowly, ensuring you won’t cut too low. After all, if you start trimming too low, your dog will pull away, letting you know you need to stop trimming that nail. You can then safely cut his or her nails without taking your dog to a pet groomer on a regular basis.

Indoor Potty Training Tools

Some owners want their dogs to use the bathroom indoors rather than outside. This makes indoor potty training pads great for dogs. For example, the pad in the link above will detect when your dog uses the bathroom and dispense treats as a way to encourage your dog to keep using the bathroom on it.

This works well since you can let the training pad do the training for you. Keep in mind you should still watch your dog and encourage him or her to use the bathroom on the pad, but the positive reinforcement will help your dog learn faster. This makes the pad a key tool for owners who don’t have the time to rigorously train their dogs.

Treat Launchers With Cameras

Sometimes, you want a way to train your dog when you can’t be at your house. These devices will give you a camera to see your dog, though some of them will have two-way cameras. Once you have this camera up, you can communicate with your dog and encourage him or her to do tricks.

After you see your dog perform a trick, you can press a button on your phone to dispense a treat. That way, your dog will learn to listen to you and perform tricks whenever he or she hears you. This makes the device a great way to train your dog to be obedient while giving you the option to train him or her when you can’t be in the house.

Dog Puzzles

You may want to give your dog a smart toy to encourage your furry friend to stimulate his or her mind. These dog puzzle toys have treats inside of them, which work as an incentive for your dog to solve the puzzle. Once your dog finishes it, he or she can enjoy whatever treats you put inside of them.

These toys are great since you can get your dog to stimulate his or her mind in a simple and fun way. This trains your dog to pay attention and solve problems. On top of that, these devices serve as excellent distractions for your dog, giving you a simple way to protect your dog from dangerous items in your home.

Training Collars

Many owners like to use training collars on their dogs, which gives you a simple way to correct behavior. These training collars usually come with different settings, such as vibrations, shocks and noise. Each of these will create a sensation that will grab your dog’s attention without hurting him or her, making them great for training.

In short, if your dog starts to run off or not listen to you, then you can activate the collar to stop the behavior. Dogs can get distracted or focused on different things, so you sometimes need to regain your dog’s attention. Many of these collars come with remotes, so you can activate them as needed to safely train your dog.

Dog Clickers

If you want a straightforward way to get your dog to stop acting up, you can purchase a dog clicker to help you with the training process. Dog clickers make a clicking noise that gets your dog’s attention. Most dogs won’t like this noise, so you can use it to get your dog to stop misbehaving.

For example, if your dog starts to chew on furniture, you can use the dog clicker whenever he or she does that. Doing so makes your dog realize the clicker will activate whenever he or she chews on furniture. Since dogs don’t want to deal with that noise, they will learn to avoid the actions you don’t want them to do.

If you want to make dog training easier on yourself, you can take advantage of these smart tools. Each one can help you with the training process by offering different ways to show your dog how you want him or her to act. As you do so, you can help your dog behave while also ensuring he or she feels loved as you go through the training process.

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