7 Best Video Editing Programs

Best Video Editing Programs

7 Best Video Editing Programs. Lots of people believe that creating quality video content requires much knowledge and editing experience. Yet, it can be as easy as betting at virtual sports https://m.22bet.com/virtualsports/. The main thing is to choose the right program that fully meets the requirements of the user and his skills. The programs below are designed both for video industry professionals and beginners. With their help, you can not only cut video but also add soundtracks and other effects.

Adobe Premiere

It’s one of the most popular utilities for non-linear editing. The products of Adobe Systems are called upon even in the production of Hollywood movies. The company regularly releases updates and provides support to users. The utility has a large number of effects and filters and supports multi-track mode. It is compatible with all PC operating systems and can import video from different sources.

Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is especially popular with web developers, TV series creators and short videos.  Updates are created regularly and installed from the official site. In addition, the user can optimally configure the program for themselves, adding new plug-ins and modules. Allows you to simultaneously work with content filmed and saved on different sources. Has an excellent performance for recording video to different media. Record high quality audio.


A great option for free video editor for amateurs and beginners. The utility has many advanced tools and easily exports videos to social networks and popular video hosting sites, as well as burns discs. Supports non-linear editing, video capture, stitching from several fragments, and can also adapt video obsolete format to modern requirements.

Pinnacle Studio

Convenient, simple and reliable program from Corel. Has several versions, each of which is complemented by new features and specifications. The program is fairly easy to use, has more than 2000 built in effects, titles, markers. Allows to work with different file formats and saving videos in high quality on media: CD, DVD, Blue-Ray.

VideoStudio Pro

Professional software for creating and converting high-quality video content that can be published on the Web or written to DVD and Blu-ray disks in popular formats.  Has a pretty large database of effects and transitions, allows you to create still images.

AVS Video Editor

It’s a popular and easy-to-use program that allows you to capture, edit, trim and mount videos, make slideshows in high quality. Like other programs contains a large base of effects, animations, transitions and filters. Allows you to quickly create splash screens and titles. Finished videos can be easily converted to mobile devices and DVDs.

DaVinci Resolve

This project is constantly being optimized, so it can be easily ranked among the top video editors. Best of all, it’s one of the first software products that supports 8K video and allows you to edit it with ease.

In DaVinci Resolve, you will be able to edit and correct the colors of the video, blend audio and add visual effects. Quick transitions between pages will allow you to create and edit videos more productively.

Another feature of the video editor is collaborative creativity. That is, several people simultaneously work on the same project and make changes in real time.

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