6 Easy Ways to Avoid Plagiarism

Submitting plagiarized academic work carries heavy penalties. For a minor case that is also the first offense, the professor might ask the student to redo the assignment or give a low score. In the worst-case scenario, a student caught plagiarizing can get the most severe form of punishment: expulsion from school.

A school expulsion results in both wastage and time, which can cost you a degree and an inability to proceed to the next academic level. As a result, students must avoid plagiarism when writing even a simple short essay. Here’s how to avoid plagiarism when writing academic papers.

Know Types of Plagiarism

There are several types of plagiarism in academia, such as mosaic and accidental. Understanding each type of plagiarism is key to avoiding it. For instance, direct plagiarism is when a student hands in assignments that have been copied word for word from another writer.

On the other hand, self-plagiarism is when you hand in work that you have already submitted and had been graded. So even if you hand in parts of an essay you wrote in your first year, and the teacher finds out, you risk facing hefty disciplinary actions. Overall, avoid submitting duplicate content.

Compose Original Content

Whether intentional or unintentional, failing to quote another author’s work properly is academic dishonesty. Students commit academic dishonesty because they can’t keep up with changing referencing guidelines. If you are unsure how to cite a specific source, buy term paper from a subject expert and ensure the content is referenced using the style you want to know about.

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That way, you can use the paper as a reference and avoid incorrectly adding citations or mentioning the source. Besides, poorly referenced academic papers are considered low quality and often receive a low grade.

Use Citation Generators

Online citation generators come in handy when you don’t know how to cite specific sources. They automatically format citations to fit a particular style. That way, the written content becomes credible and meets the academic standards. Some generators go a step further and create a reference list which saves a student a lot of time, especially when they have used numerous sources in their paper.

Credible citation generators ensure you have the correct bibliography for your academic paper. Often you can use them to generate references in any format, which also helps you to master the citation process.

While there are numerous online tools a student can use to create sources, the rule of thumb is to go for a site that uses the current style guides. If you are unsure if the tool is effective, use two or more different generators and crosscheck the sources before handing in your work.

Use a Plagiarism Checker

A student must check their work before submitting it. That way, they can be sure it is plagiarism free. Online checkers come in handy in scanning academic work and ensuring it’s not a duplicate. Others even go a step further and provide a comprehensive plagiarism report. While plagiarism checkers have several advantages, it’s best to use a tool that doesn’t store or sell a student’s academic documents.

Start Writing Early

Students from all academic levels often make the mistake of waiting until the last minute to start working on an assignment. This habit results in pressure to complete the work before a deadline, and in the process, you might end up with flawed text that fails to meet the academic standards. In an effort to beat the deadline, other students opt to copy and paste content online and pass it off as original.

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Starting writing early is an excellent strategy for preventing plagiarism. Once you make it a habit to work on homework days or even weeks before the day of submission, you will have ample time to write original content and revise it to ensure it’s free of any errors.

Add Your Own Thoughts

Another excellent strategy for ensuring your academic paper is 100% unique is to include your own insight. This plan is also a way to show your thoughts on the topic, thus adding value. It also proves to the professor that the student has a deeper understanding of the topic and has done extensive research.

So make it a habit to use course material as it will help to comprehend the subject better and get unique ideas worth writing about. If you are having trouble adding your own thoughts, read a wide variety of sources on the topic. Apart from gaining valuable information, a student can also get a specific angle on which to approach the assignment. This action will translate to a high-quality academic paper that scores an impressive grade.

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