5 Ways mobile apps have redefined the sports betting experience in New Jersey

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5 Ways mobile apps have redefined the sports betting experience in New Jersey. The sports betting industry, especially in the country, has grown by leaps and bounds. And it’s only just demonstrating its capacity to explode further in the coming years. Although things are certainly better than they’ve ever been before, things haven’t always been this way.

Sports betting is one of those industries that have been ostracized and demonized in the past. The industry has undergone numerous challenges and jurisdictional roadblocks. So much so, that in various parts of the state, sports betting is still regarded as a criminal affair. But this should all change soon.

The pandemic has left a huge budget hole in most states’ coffers. Suddenly, states that were previously opposed to sports betting are now seriously considering legalizing the industry most quickly and efficiently possible. States such as New York, North Carolina, Arizona, and Montana, now have lawmakers proposing or pitching expansions in the sports wagering system.

Other states such as California recognize the value of sports wagering. However, they are being held back from legalizing their industries due to push back from tribal casinos and other opposed parties. Through all the huff and puff, however, legal mobile sports betting in New Jersey has stood tall above all others.

Indeed, legal mobile sports betting would not be available in the country had it not been for New Jersey’s effort to overturn PASPA or the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act in May 2018. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s repeal, New Jersey became the first state to legalize mobile sports betting in the country.

Today, it is easily the biggest and most successful sports betting market in the country. Just this January, New Jersey sportsbooks generated an impressive $82.6 million. This exceeded the state’s previous revenue record of $66.4 million, which it had set in December 2020 thus safely securing the state’s position as the largest wagering market in the country. To learn more about New Jersey’s sports betting growth, check here: https://www.njgamblingfun.com/nj/nj-sports-betting

Of the revenue generated, mobile sports wagering stood out, which is no wonder why every sports betting operator worth their salt offers mobile sports betting to its customers. It’s just the nature of the times that we are living in now; everything is mobile-first.

Ten years ago or so, it used to be that owning a smartphone was a luxury, but that is not the case anymore. Smartphones pervade every area of our lives from entertainment to banking and sports betting wasn’t going to be any different. As the technology keeps improving and more people continue to demand a mobile-first experience, sports betting operators will want to do their best to ensure that the mobile betting experience is as seamless as it can be.

So how are mobile apps changing sports betting as we know it?

Mobile apps offer gamblers easy access

Mobile sports apps have made it easier than ever for punters to wager on the go. Apps have everything that a typical bookie would have, the only difference is the convenience rendered. This means that punters can access sports news, the different markets available, the various features, as well as all the payment methods available straight from their phones.

With their preferred sports wagering app, New Jersey gamblers can wager whenever they want to, which is really the biggest selling point of mobile betting apps.

Mobile apps have exclusive features and bonuses

Punters seem drawn to mobile apps owing to the array of special features and unique bonuses available to users. Mobile sports operators want to ensure that their mobile app customers enjoy the same experience they would at a physical casino, if not better.

That’s why mobile sports apps always go the extra mile to offer customers instant offers, bonuses, and promotions. These offers can all be accessed on the app and in fact, some offers are exclusive only to the app customers.

Live betting is an option

Because the mobile betting experience is not static like a retail sportsbook experience is, part of the accessibility that comes with mobile sports betting is live betting. Live betting enables sports lovers to wager as the game unfolds, which allows punters to take advantage of an event’s live odds. Live betting first gained popularity in Europe but it has quickly grown to overtake other parts of the world.

Bettors are exposed to quick updates

Using a mobile betting app to place bets allows NJ punters to keep up with the latest news and information regarding ongoing events and games. Most mobile wagering apps supply users with up-to-date information and notifications that will affect any live or upcoming matches that the punter may be interested in.

These apps also share information on all the latest offers, bonuses, and free bets to be offered by the sportsbooks. When a mobile betting app shares information of this kind with its customers, it keeps betting fans, especially those active ones, at the fore of all the hottest actions so that they do not miss a beat.

Aside from updates and information, mobile sports apps are also known to offer tips to customers regarding a team’s chances of success, their records, best players, schedules, and more information all in one easily accessible app. If that is not expedient, what is?

The mobile betting experience will keep improving

As mentioned earlier, technology is advancing at a rapid speed, which means that the mobile wagering experience will just keep improving at every turn. Already, sports betting software developers are always looking out for fresh and innovative ways to provide the best-in-class sports wagering app experience.  As such, any lover of sports looking for a flexible, secure yet robust mobile gaming solution will be spoilt for choice by the huge array of choices available.

Final Thoughts

The mobile sports betting experience has changed sports betting as we know it for the better.  Punters these days have the option to wager through sports betting apps available on their devices or wager in-browser. Both options have blown up in popularity over the last couple of years and will likely become the most preferred way to bet in the next coming years.

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