5 Things You Should Learn in Utilizing YouTube SEO for your Channel

Utilizing YouTube SEO

Nowadays, social media platforms have become both an escape and a haven for many. People capture all of their moments and upload them online. YouTube is one of the most used platforms in video viewing and entertainment and almost everyone is free to make their own creator’s account. Let’s see 5 things you should learn in utilizing YouTube SEO for your channel.

Since everyone can be a content creator, having a constant audience can be the first dilemma for newbies. And through YouTube SEO, you can now finally make your subscribers grow and have a regular audience for your seokingsclub content. Eager to learn more about this? Then, keep reading.

How does YouTube SEO work? 

Every veteran in content creating knows that gaining an audience doesn’t solely rely on having good content and graphical edits. Most of the time, content creators focus only on having good web designs. However, if you want to drive more traffic into your channel you have to utilize search engine optimization (SEO) strategies. Here are the five things that you should learn as a content creator:

  • Choose the most effective keyword

A good SEO strategy lies in choosing a good keyword. It should be something that people usually type on the search bars. How will you know if you have an effective keyword? First, you can try searching for your desired keyword to find out how many results will pop out. An ideal keyword should have a high volume of searches but doesn’t have much competition. You can use a keyword generator if you can’t think of a keyword on your own. 

  • Improve your closed captions

Many people often misunderstand closed captions as subtitles, but subtitles are different from closed captions. Subtitles are displayed on timing on what you are saying. Meanwhile, closed captions are more technical, descriptions of background audios, optimizing noises and sound effects. Professionals best make this technical part of content creating. 

  • Don’t leave the description box empty

The description box in YouTube has a limit of 5000 characters and you should utilize it well. Why? Because this generates a better YouTube SEO for your content. It can pop out as a suggested content to other related keywords. Most influencers put descriptions on products they endorse, and you can try this.

  • Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags!

Hashtags are extremely helpful if you want your content to pop out on different search engines related to your main keywords. It would be best if you utilized common hashtags related to your content. In this part, think as a user, put hashtags that you think people would generally use. 

  • Choose a great thumbnail

Nothing beats a great visual. Content creating is a huge creative battle and a great, eye-pleasing thumbnail will attract more viewers. When you are doing the layout of your thumbnail, make sure that it doesn’t obstruct logos and information about your channel. If you don’t have the money to hire a professional layout artist or don’t have the talent to do it yourself, there are several online sites that offer thumbnail frames that you can use for free. 

Be the new YouTube sensation you ought to be

Marketing and advertising are becoming a part of almost everyone’s career. And you must utilize and use it to the fullest for your advantage. 

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