3 Ways To Keep Christmas Gifts A Surprise

Most people tend to believe that choosing a Christmas gift is one of the most difficult decisions of the season. But the truth is that the most difficult thing is to hide that special gift. While that person who will receive your gift is not expecting anything in particular (unless they have asked you directly) you want to surprise them in the best way! As you can see, in the end, buying a gift is not so complicated. 

Now, what is difficult is to hide that gift, especially if you buy it a long time in advance or if you are anxious to tell that person what you have bought him or her. Here’s the everlasting rub: keep the surprise! The fact is that the way you give a gift has a great influence on the enjoyment of the person who receives it! Whether it cost a little or a lot, how you deliver it means everything. This post gives input on what are those 3 ways you can keep your Christmas gift quiet and make it more appealing.

The absence, unlikelihood

Although Christmas is the gift-giving season, people are used to receive and give gifts also on many other occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, etc. So one way to make your Christmas gift a surprise is to try to make that special person believe that you probably already gave them something before and that this Christmas you won’t surprise them with anything. Yes, it may sound a bit mean, but it is a pretty good way to hide your gift.

Of course, this option of improbability may not be the best if you are not feeling well with that person, as the whole time leading up to the gift can be quite a difficult road to manage. If you want to become friends as soon as possible, don’t make him or her think that there will be nothing for Christmas!

Treasure hunt

The second way to keep a gift a surprise this Christmas is to have the person look for it. It is important you know how to play the game. Especially knowing how to give directions because you will be the one to set up the game. 

In the case of different age groups, think of tests in which everyone can collaborate. This option already brings all the excitement long before receiving the gift. The game is a way to make the search for the gift interesting and above all exciting. By doing this, your gift will literally become a surprise!

Fake packaging

Wrapping it with fake packaging is another way to keep the gift a secret this Christmas! Here you can deliver a custom box that looks like something important and then, surprise! It is just air. 

Another way is to put one box inside another (make several) and play a game of misdirection. Have some fun watching him or her search! The more difficult you make it, the more expectation you will create, but be careful not to make it impossible because he or she will get frustrated. Somewhere in that package you can put the real gift.

Final thoughts 

Gifts are, in a nutshell, tokens of affection. They are a way of saying thank you for all that has been accomplished this year, and also a nice way to say “thanks”. Whether you give a gift to someone, or they give a gift to you, the act of doing so already means a lot!

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