3 Online Slot Games with a Musical Theme

3 Online Slot Games

Slot games have explored so many genres over the decades, but it wasn’t until online casinos became mainstream that digital artists and software developers came into the gambling industry. Once artistic talent and brainpower joined forces, slot games started exploring every popular genre across the entirety of pop culture. From retro and safari themes to ancient Egypt and Victorian vampires, if it was popular, then someone somewhere had developed a slot game around it. Let’s see 3 online slot games with a musical theme.

To call music a genre would be a gross understatement since music is almost always there in every slot game by default. There is music in the very themes they emulate, and in the audio that these games use to create that immersive atmosphere. However, music-themed slots are special in a different way. These are the slots that incorporate specific themes of musical genres, artists, bands, festivals, clubs, games, and more. We have a curated list of the top slot games for you next, each of which incorporates the musical theme in its unique way.

Motorhead by NetEnt

If you like hard rock and slot games, then you must have played NetEnt’s Motorhead already. Like the name itself suggests, Motorhead is a fully licensed title, named after the legendary British band. You will try to land and match symbolic horseshoes, gold stars, Lemmy Kilmister, demonic scatter signs, and more for the big jackpot, as four of the band’s greatest hits keep you in the rhythm. Below, we have the slot’s basics listed for you:

  • 5 reels with 3, 3, 4, 4 & 5 slots in them from left to right.
  • 76 paylines with minimum to maximum bets ranging in between 0.20 to 200 coins per bet.
  • RTP rate: 96.98%.
  • Mobile compatibility: yes.
  • Bonus Features: Mystery reels and Bomber
  • Highest possible multiplier: 570x the total stake (up to 11,800 coins).
  • Low variance slot with a hit frequency of 16.07%.
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Motorhead being one of the most popular online slots across all genres and not just the musical theme, you are likely to find Motorhead in many online casinos. However, this is where things get a little tricky. All online casinos are well aware of what the popular slot games are, which, unfortunately, includes the illegitimate, scam casinos as well. This leads to the question of how one is supposed to know which is which? This is true for all popular online slots, whether they are playing Motorhead, Jimi Hendrix, Rock ‘N’ Roller, or any other slot game. How do you know that you are playing on a safe, regulated and UK-registered online casino?

Earlier, that was a big problem and people have been cheated far too often, but that should not be an issue in 2021. Pay a visit to Online Casinos to find a reliable list of registered, licenced, tested, and regulated online casinos. The page reviews registered and regulated UK online casinos themselves and will not enlist any gambling establishment that isn’t completely legal and or fails to maintain their fair play standards.

Rock ‘N’ Roller by PlayTech

In case the name did not give it away yet, you should be happy to know that Rock ‘N’ Roller is themed after the movie and, of course, Elvis himself. There are adequately designed guitars, drums, vinyl discs, and more that match up perfectly with that colourful retro Las Vegas theme, but you won’t actually see Elvis or any of his band members or movie co-stars in this slot, unfortunately.

What it does have going for it, however, is the audio, which is exactly what a music-themed slot should prioritise. In fact, Rock ‘N’ Roller has some of the best integrations of background musical scores we have heard in a slot game yet. Each time you hear that famous Jailhouse Rock guitar playing, you know that you are winning money! Check the slot basics of Rock ‘N’ Roller below.

  • 5×3 classic, retro themed, musical slot.
  • 5 paylines with minimum to maximum bets ranging in between 0.05 to 25 coins per bet.
  • RTP rate: 96.84%.
  • Mobile compatibility: yes.
  • Bonus Features: None.
  • Highest possible multiplier: 700x your total stake 
  • Medium variance slot.
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It should be noted that the minimum-maximum bets may differ, depending on where you are playing from. Some versions of Rock ‘N’ Roller only offers a coin size 1 – 5 per bet. Despite its lack of complicated bonus features we have become used to Rock ‘N’ Roller is a classic slot that will appeal to anyone looking to win big in a simple game with great music.

Phantom of the Opera by Microgaming

The Phantom of the Opera is a movie, a timeless opera theatre piece, and the inspiration for several follow up musicals. In fact, now it is also a fully licensed slot game as well. As you may have guessed, it includes the prolific actors, the actresses, the red wine bottle, the sinister portrait, and the phantom mask from the movie itself! If you are confused with NetEnt’s The Phantom of the Opera slot game, that’s understandable. The only difference in their names is that the game on this list by Microgaming does not have a “the” before its name (Phantom of the Opera). Check out Phantom of the Opera’s basic slot mechanics below.

  • 5×3 classic, opera themed, musical slot.
  • 243 ways to win and no paylines.
  • Minimum to maximum bets ranging between 0.01 to 0.02 coins per bet.
  • RTP rate: 96.00%.
  • Mobile compatibility: yes.
  • Bonus Features: free spins, scatters, and wilds.
  • Highest possible win: 166,000 coins. 
  • Medium variance slot.

The list could be made much bigger, of course, but that is all we have room for in this post. Honourable mentions that were not included but you may enjoy just as much as these three include Jimi Hendrix, Guns N’ Roses, Megadeth and especially, Esqueleto Explosivo. The last one is actually based on the Mexican Day of the Dead festival, and the slot features its own in-game band of skeletons named Enrico Mortis and The Boners!

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