3 Examples of Modern Technology in the Entertainment Industry

Modern Technology

It is fair to say that advances in modern technology have had a significant impact on the entertainment industry. They have allowed the industry to progress rapidly and offer far more sophisticated entertainment options to millions of consumers around the world. The explosive growth of the internet has allowed most of the world’s population to access top-class content in the form of the latest films and music via streaming, instead of needing to buy a physical product. On-demand entertainment services can be accessed simply with a smartphone and a few screen gestures. In this article, three distinct examples of how modern technology is used extensively in the entertainment industry will be discussed in detail.

Analytics in Online Casinos 

As technology has progressed, there has been an increase in the sophistication of analytics software that can be used to gain valuable insights into customer behaviour. Today, in 2022, a large number of well-established and new casino sites are looking to harness the power of data science and analytics to understand their members better. Data is collected from a variety of sources when players gamble online. It can be used to inform casinos on what types of games to install on their sites and the types of promotions that should be run. In addition, predictive analytics can be used to help forecast future trends in the behavior of casino customers. Casinos can compile and analyse detailed player demographics data and cross reference this information with the games played by different sections of the public. This then allows casinos to adjust their mix of games in line with changes in consumer preferences and target specific groups with tailored promotions.

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Drone Technology

The use of drone technology in the entertainment industry has increased substantially in recent years. These small flying aerial vehicles have become commonplace at music concerts and festivals. A common use of them at such events is to fit high-definition cameras onto their frames. This then allows a range of ariel shots and videos to be recorded and then streamed to live broadcasts or onto big screens at the events themselves. Drones are also increasingly used at sporting events. Again, the principle of getting unique and interesting aerial shots of the action is used to provide spectators with dramatic perspectives on their favourite sport

Advanced CGI 

Computer-generated images (or CGI) have been used in the film industry for several decades. Classic films, such as the original Star Wars trilogy, used a range of CGI techniques to create dramatic space battles and alien worlds. The early technology used in CGI was far more basic than what can be found in today’s current blockbuster movies. As technology progressed, CGI was used to create fully rendered environments in films, such as Avatar, which were also designed to be viewed in full 3D. Later movies, such as the sci-fi thriller, Inception, used highly complex CGI and computer modeling to create outstanding special effects that were used in some of the film’s key action set pieces. As CGI technology continues to progress, the effects and environments that can be created an increase in complexity and realism.

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