10 Places to Find Content Writers for Hire


If you or your friend ever started a business, you know how important it is to advertise your services or products. Because without proper advertisement, no one will know about you, right? This is where content helps. 

Without an SEO-powered machine, Google won’t rank your site, and the users won’t click the link. And a professional who can help you advertise online is a content writer. That’s all good, but where can one find them? Check the answer in the article below. 

#1: Writing Platforms 

The first and foremost place to start if you’ve never searched for a writer. Places like TextBroker, Fiverr, and Scripted offer content writers for hire, namely, professionals who can write posts for your media, articles for your blog, and product descriptions. 

Let’s look at the three most popular content platforms you can reach out to now.


One of the most popular marketplaces, Fiverr, offers the services at the lowest prices. If you want to optimize your website and need the widest range of specialists, choose Fiverr.


This platform offers competitive prices and offers writing services in different languages. So, if your company decides to expand, you know where to seek help. 


As the company calls itself, Scripted is a ‘content studio meeting talent network and offering end-to-end writing solutions.’ Scripted is trusted by companies like L’Oreal, IBM, and LinkedIn. And if they’ve succeeded with Scripted, you can do it too.

#2: Freelance Platforms

Did you know that 48% of employers hire freelancers? With the digital revolution going on, combined with globalization, this number will grow. Meanwhile, hiring a freelance copywriter for work will reduce your costs with no need for 401(k) plans, vacations, and bonus systems, often associated with traditional hiring.

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The Mecca of freelancers, Upwork is the first platform in one’s mind. Sure, the competition is high, but so is the quality of articles Upwork freelancers produce. 

The pros of joining are transparent payments, flexible hours, and 24/7 support. 


Trusted by Business Insider and Forbes, Peopleperhour works like any other freelance platform: you just post a job and wait for the freelancers to bid. Once the bidding starts, compare their portfolios and skills, and choose the candidate that is the best fit for the job.


Yes, the name says it all. Like the name, everything is straightforward here: you post a job, wait for the bidding, and choose the candidate you like. And you pay only after you’re satisfied with the job.

#3: Social Media

There is a high chance that all these writers registered on content writing platforms are also promoting their skills on social media. So if you’re in love with browsing social media threads and using hashtags, there is a high chance you’ll find someone ready to promote your products and build an effective marketing strategy with content.

The only advice is simple: ask for a portfolio and be careful with paying forward to avoid falling victim to fraudulent activities. 

#4: Professional Associations

Contact professional associations if social media with writing and freelance platforms didn’t work. In America, these are the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the Society for Technical Communication (STC), and the Freelancers Union. 

They surely have websites, so you can contact them online without leaving the comfort of your home.

#5: Referrals

Now, this is the oldest way to hire a copywriter and be confident in cooperating with them.

Yes, there is a high chance that someone you know has already asked for the copywriter’s help. All you need to do is ask your friends (and friends of their friends) to share their experiences and contacts. 

#6: Job-Hunting Places

These are sites where companies post jobs (primarily for 9-to-5 office work) and wait for the applicants to text or call them back. A good advice is to keep your job ad as thorough as possible. Because if the requirements aren’t precise, there is a high chance your ad will go unnoticed.

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#7: Local Writing Groups

Now that’s a great way to expand your networking capabilities. Local writing groups are often clubs and organizations that unite like-minded specialists and organize workshops. The best part is that you can hire a writer in a face-to-face job interview if that’s important for you.

#8: LinkedIn

Why didn’t we put LinkedIn in the ‘social media tip #3’? Because LinkedIn has a far different function than traditional media channels. Sure, it connects people. But it has the purpose of connecting employers with the best talent. So, use it to the fullest!

Most writers on LinkedIn write their blogs, so you can check their portfolios without contacting them directly.

#9: Content Marketing Places

These companies focus solely on marketing and include writers in their huge teams. The bonus of reaching out to a marketing company is that besides content writing tips, they’ll also help you with marketing tips. Yes, writers are the savviest here regarding selling your product and assisting others in building trust with their clients.

#10: Colleges! 

The least obvious tip on the list. With the economic crisis knocking on the door, students are among the demographic groups that strive for financial stability the most. 

You can find the brightest talent in college communities and hire them online, helping the younger generation start a career.

Final Thoughts

Finding a content writer comes with many pitfalls, like the question, ‘what if they’re a fraud?’ That’s why we advise you to look for a writer in the trustworthy places mentioned in the list. Always check the writer’s portfolio before hiring them.

We’re happy to assist if you haven’t found a writing professional. Let Skillhub’s resume writing service help you create the best content! 


1. What are the best places to find a content writer for my business? 

The best places to find a content writer for your business are writing and marketing platforms, social media, freelance sites, and writing associations. 

2. Which are the best writing platforms?

The best writing platforms are Fiverr, Scripter, and Textbroker.

3. How can Skillhub help me get the best content?

Skillhub can help you get the best content by offering you the writing and editing services of certified Skillhub writers.


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